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HUAWEI Watch Fit Smartwatch Review

HUAWEI Watch Fit Smartwatch Review

HUAWEI just launched their Watch Fit smartwatch – their answer to the Apple Watch SE.

Take a closer look at the HUAWEI Watch Fit in our review, and find out if this is the smartwatch for you!


HUAWEI Watch Fit : Price + Availability

The HUAWEI Watch Fit is available in four colour options, with matching straps :

  • Mint Green
  • Sakura Pink
  • Cantaloupe Orange
  • Graphite Black

Here are its recommended retail prices :

  • Malaysia : RM499
  • United Kingdom : £119.99
  • Australia : A$249

And here are online purchase options :


HUAWEI Watch Fit : Specifications

Specifications HUAWEI Watch Fit
Model TIA-B09
Display 1.64-inch AMOLED
280 x 456 pixels (326 ppi)
Protection 5 ATM Water Resistance
Watch Case Polymer Fiber
Watch Strap Silicone Strap
Operating System HUAWEI Lite OS
Platform DK3.5+ST
Memory NA
Storage 4 GB eMMC
External Storage None
Controls Full screen touch screen
+ Side button
Sensors 6-axis IMU sensor (Accelerator + Gyroscope)
Optical heart rate sensor
Capacitive sensor
Ambient light sensor
Connectivity Bluetooth : BT 5.0 BLE
GPS Support Yes
Battery 180 mAh battery
(without strap)
30 mm wide
46 mm tall
10.7 mm thick
(without strap)
21 g


HUAWEI Watch Fit : Unboxing

The HUAWEI Watch Fit comes in a nice white retail box, which we unboxed in this video.

Inside, you will find the following items :

  • HUAWEI Watch Fit smartwatch
  • Charging Cable + Dock
  • Quick Start Guide


HUAWEI Watch Fit : Hands-On Experience!

The HUAWEI Watch Fit seems designed to take on the new Apple Watch SE, offering a more rectangular design, at a fraction of the cost.

Its 1.64-inch AMOLED display is slightly smaller than the Apple Watch SE, with a slightly lower resolution of 280 x 456 pixels. But it has the same pixel density of 326 ppi as the Apple Watch SE.

HUAWEI does not state what protection they offer the display, only that it has a 2.5D curved glass cover. It also features a polymer fibre body, instead of an aluminium chassis.

But like the Watch SE, the Watch Fit is 5 ATM-rated (ISO 22810) for water-resistance. That means you can take it swimming, or a run in the rain.

Instead of a digital crown, it uses a single button on the right side. But it is mainly controlled by tapping and swiping on its touch display.

In addition to recording your daily steps, active hours and the intensity of your activities, the HUAWEI Watch Fit offers 24/7 real-time monitoring of your heart rate and stress levels.

It also offers the capability to measure your SpO2 blood oxygen saturation levels, as well as recording and tracking your sleep state for sleep quality analysis.

The HUAWEI Watch Fit is powered by the DK3.5+ST chipset, with a 180 mAh battery that delivers up to 10 days of battery life. That is significantly longer than the Apple Watch SE.

It offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, with built-in GPS. However, it does not support LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity or wireless charging, relying on a magnetic charging thimble design instead.

Now, you cannot answer calls on the Watch Fit, but it will provide you with notifications about incoming calls, messages, and calendar events.

It can also offers the ability to control your phone’s music player and trigger its camera shutter, or locate your phone.


HUAWEI Watch Fit : Our Verdict

The HUAWEI Watch Fit is no Apple Watch SE, that’s for sure. Even on paper, it is superior in many ways. But the question is – do you really need all those extra features?

The Watch Fit is really for those with the “good enough” philosophy. It does away with nice-to-have, but not necessary features, like Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, call and walkie-talkie capabilities, or NFC for mobile payments.

Instead, it just offers core features like fitness and health monitoring, 5 ATM water-resistance and a long battery life.

Now, we only got 5.5 days of battery life (continuous use) with Bluetooth connected, but that’s 7X longer than the Apple Watch SE’s paltry 18 hours.

That means sleep analysis and around-the-clock health monitoring is really possible with the Watch Fit. Not just something to check off the feature list.

One problem we encountered – try as we might, we can’t replace its default watch face with some pretty nice watch faces HUAWEI offers for free. Hope they fix that soon!

But overall, the value is pretty unbeatable – it costs less than half of the Apple Watch SE.

If you are not an Apple fan boy, and you don’t need those extra features the Watch SE offers, it’s worth considering the Watch Fit.


HUAWEI Watch Fit : Where To Buy?

Here are some online purchase options :


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New Spotify for Apple Watch App Announced!

Spotify is introducing a new app for the Apple Watch, giving you the ability to access and control your music and podcasts right on your Apple Watch. Here are the full details!


New Spotify for Apple Watch App Announced!

Spotify just announced a new Spotify for Apple Watch app. With this new app, users can enjoy an improved experience with better control and the ability to seamlessly connect to speakers or devices. This is a work in progress, with Spotify planning to add the ability to listen to your music and podcasts offline.

More activities – more control

Smartwatches let us access the world with a flick of our wrists. Ready to start your run? Hit play from your Apple Watch without having to wrangle your phone out of its running case.

Running into a friend as you head into the grocery store? Tap pause to grab a cart and a chat.

Not feeling a slow song during your birthday party? Skipping to the track that matches your mood and activity is now as easy as checking your notifications.

Or, while listening to your favorite podcast, easily rewind 15 seconds to catch that detail you missed. It’s all right there on the watch face.

Speaking of parties, easily connect your speakers or devices via Spotify Connect to effortlessly DJ from your watch.


Easier access – easier discovery

This new integration with Apple Watch makes it easy to access recently played songs, no matter where your phone is. And if you discover a new favorite track, all you need to do is tap the ♡ icon on your watch screen to save it. You can then stream it over and over again.

This new experience will be released to Apple Watch users in the upcoming week. Be sure to install the latest version (v.8.4.79) of Spotify. Alternatively you can download it on the App Store. Look out for more updates soon.


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The 12/12 Machines Sale – What Deals Can You Expect?

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 DECEMBER 2017 – Machines Sdn Bhd (Machines) today announced that it will be holding the first 12/12 Machines sale – its first ever sale held completely on its online store. We share with you the Apple devices and products that will be offered at great discounts starting tomorrow!


The 12/12 Machines Sale

For 12 days, from 12 December 2017 until 24 December 2017, Machines will be offering great savings on the Apple Watch (priced from RM999), iPad Pro (priced from RM1,599), MacBook Air (priced from RM2,999), MacBook (priced from RM3,999), Macbook Pro (priced from RM6,999), and other items with discounts of up to 80% off retail prices.

“As the countdown to Christmas nears, we want to give our customers an opportunity to find the perfect gift for their loved ones – or for themselves,” said Andrew Cheng, Director of Machines. “We chose to hold the sale online to give our customers the best deals without having to brave the holiday crowds”.

All purchases from the Machines online store come with free delivery to customers in Peninsular and East Malaysia. Customers have the option of home delivery or can opt to collect their purchases from selected Machines stores. Payment can be made via online transfer or locally issued credit cards (terms and conditions apply)

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All products are in their original packaging and come with a one (1) year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. In addition, smartwatches purchased during the sale are also eligible for the Machines Protection Plan – a two-year extended warranty that protects products against accidental damage.

While the sale prices will only be applicable starting from 12 December 2017, customers are currently able to browse the available products on the Machines online store.

When you are ready to purchase, visit https://machines.com.my/collections/1212.

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The Machines Protection Plan Explained!

Machines Sdn Bhd (Machines) just launched a device protection plan for customers in Malaysia. Known as the Machines Protection Plan (MPP), this plan provides protection from accidental damage such as cracked screens and water damage for as low as 42 sen per day.


The Machines Protection Plan

The Machines Protection Plan (MPP) allows customers to enjoy one (1) screen replacement or one (1) full device replacement during the two (2) year coverage period. The MPP price ranges from RM 299 – RM 899 (~US$ 73-219), depending on the model of the protected device, and can be obtained at local Machines stores upon purchase of a new device.

The Machines Protection Plan (MPP) provides coverage for parts and labour cost. For a full device replacement claim, a service fee will be charged on top of the price for the MPP. For example, for an iPhone SE full device replacement, customers will need to pay a service fee of RM299 on top of the iPhone SE MPP cost of RM299.

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A survey by Otterbox Inc. in 2015 stated that 29% of Malaysians accidentally damage their smartphones within the first three months of purchase. The same study also revealed that 75% of Malaysian smartphone users have damaged their devices almost 3 times in the past 5 years.

Machines has selected Aon Insurance Brokers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Aon Malaysia) as its insurance broker to offer this device protection plan, underwritten by AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad.

Machines is also working to extend the Machines Protection Plan to include new devices purchased from third parties, including telcos.


The Machines Protection Plan Price List

Device MPP Price (inc. of GST)
Apple Watch RM 299 / ~US$ 73
iPhone SE / 6 RM 299 / ~US$ 73
iPhone 6s / 6s Plus RM 599 / ~US$ 146
iPhone 7 / 7 Plus RM 599 / ~US$ 146
iPhone 8 / 8 Plus RM 599 / ~US$ 146
iPhone X RM 899 / ~US$ 219


Service Fee Table For Full Device Replacement

This “service fee” is an additional fee that must be paid for a full device replacement, as opposed to a repair or part replacement.

Device Full Device Replacement Service Fee
(inc. GST)
Apple Watch RM 249 / ~US$ 61
iPhone SE / 6 RM 299 / ~US$ 73
iPhone 6s / 6s Plus RM 299 / ~US$ 73
iPhone 7 / 7 Plus RM 299 / ~US$ 73
iPhone 8 / 8 Plus RM 299 / ~US$ 73
iPhone X RM 499 / ~US$ 122
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How Much Will You Save?

If you have butter fingers and keep dropping your expensive iPhone, you will stand to save a lot of money.

Device Regular Price for Screen Replacement
(inc. of GST)
Price for Screen Replacement under MPP
(inc. of GST)
iPhone SE / 6 RM 699 / ~US$ 170 No Charge
iPhone 6s / 7 / 8 RM 799 / ~US$ 195 No Charge
iPhone 6s Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus RM 899 / ~US$ 219 No Charge
iPhone X RM 1799 / ~US$ 439 No Charge

If you plan to hang onto your iPhone for many, many years, you will also save on the battery replacement cost.

Device Regular Price for Battery Replacement
(inc. of GST)
Price for Battery Replacement under MPP
(inc. of GST)
iPhone SE RM 399 / ~US$ 97 RM 49 / ~US$ 12
iPhone 6 RM 499 / ~US$ 122 RM 49 / ~US$ 12
iPhone 6s / 6s Plus RM 399 / ~US$ 97 RM 49 / ~US$ 12
iPhone 7 / 7 Plus RM 399 / ~US$ 97 RM 49 / ~US$ 12
iPhone 8 / 8 Plus RM 399 / ~US$ 97 RM 49 / ~US$ 12
iPhone X TBC RM 49 / ~US$ 12

Please note that they will only replace your battery when it cannot be charged beyond 50% of its original capacity. In addition, you’re only allowed one battery repair or replacement, and that’s subject to the service fee above.

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