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AMD Athlon Gold 3150C + Athlon Silver 3050C Revealed!

AMD just introduced the Athlon Gold 3150C and Athlon Silver 3050C mobile processors with Radeon Graphics!

Here is what you need to know about the new AMD Athlon 3000 C-Series mobile APUs!


Athlon Gold 3150C + Athlon Silver 3050C : Zen Comes To Chromebooks!

The two new AMD Athlon 3000 C-Series mobile processors come with integrated Radeon Graphics cores. That makes them APUs, instead of pure processors.

Built on the older Zen architecture and fabricated on the 14 nm process technology, they are designed to power Chromebooks.

At launch, AMD is introducing these two Athlon 3000 C-Series processors, both with a 15 W TDP :

  • AMD Athlon Gold 3150C : 2C/4T | up to 3.3 GHz | 5 MB cache | 3 graphics cores
  • AMD Athlon Silver 3050C : 2C/2T | up to 3.2 GHz | 5 MB cache | 2 graphics cores

These Athlon 3000 C-Series processors will be used in mid-level Chromebooks, offering better performance than the old AMD A-Series APUs, but less than the AMD Ryzen 3000 C-Series processors.

The AMD A-Series APUs, with a 6 W TDP, will continue to ship in entry-level Chromebooks.

Although they are not part of these processors, Chromebooks based on the AMD Athlon 3000 C-Series will feature Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 connectivity.


Athlon Gold 3150C + Athlon Silver 3050C : Specifications

Specifications Athlon Gold
Athlon Silver
Architecture Zen
Process 14 nm
Cores / Threads 2 / 4 2 / 2
Base Clock 2.4 GHz 2.3 GHz
Boost Clock 3.3 GHz 3.2 GHz
L1 Cache 128 KB
L2 Cache 1 MB
L3 Cache 4 MB
Graphics Cores 3 2
Graphics Clock 1.1 GHz
TDP 15 W


Athlon Gold 3150C + Athlon Silver 3050C : Availability

AMD will only say that their partners – HP, ASUS and Lenovo – will introduce six Chromebook laptops in 2020, powered by the new Ryzen and Athlon 3000 C-Series APUs.

No specifics about the models and choice of processor yet. We will keep you updated when we learn more.


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