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Fact Check : AirAsia Banned Wheeled Cabin Luggage?

Fact Check : AirAsia Banned Wheeled Cabin Luggage?

People are outraged that AirAsia has apparently banned wheeled cabin luggage to facilitate social distancing during embarkation and disembarkation.

Find out what is this AirAsia cabin luggage ban all about, and what the facts really are…


Claim : AirAsia Temporarily Bans Wheeled Cabin Luggage!

Quite a few websites are sharing what they claimed are a new AirAsia cabin baggage policy, which temporarily bans wheeled luggage to ensure social distancing during embarkation and disembarkation.

All guests (except infants) are allowed to carry on board ONLY 1 piece of cabin baggage which can be either:

One (1) Laptop bag or one (1) handbag or one (1) small bag:

  • MUST NOT exceed the dimensions of 40cm (H) X 30cm (W) X 10cm (L).
  • MUST FIT under the seat in front of you.
  • MUST NOT weigh more than 7kg.

If your cabin baggage cannot fit under the seat in front of you:

  • You will be given a complimentary check in for the cabin bag that weighs less than 7kg. Please check-in your baggage at the counter.
  • If the bag weighs more than 7kg, extra airport charges apply for each kg of weight.
  • The 7kg complimentary check-in baggage should be treated separately from the standard check-in baggage.

People also shared the news on social media. Here is one example :

This new policy sure is shocking because it would mean that AirAsia travellers will have to cough up for checked luggage, or worse – end up paying A LOT MORE at the airport.

But wait… is this even true? Let’s find out…


AirAsia Banned Wheeled Cabin Luggage : Yes, But No Longer…

This temporary AirAsia cabin luggage policy which got everyone riled up is true, but is no longer in effect… starting tomorrow! Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : AirAsia Did Temporarily Ban Wheeled Cabin Luggage

First of all, we have to point out that this isn’t exactly fake news. It is just OLD NEWS.

The restricted cabin luggage policy was part of preventive measures against COVID-19, when AirAsia was permitted to restart domestic flights in:

  • Malaysia (29 April 2020),
  • Thailand (1 May 2020),
  • the Philippines (1 June 2020),
  • India (4 May 2020), and
  • Indonesia (7 May 2020).

Here is the relevant section on their FAQ on precautionary measures while flying with AirAsia during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was posted on 29 April 2020 :

7. What are my cabin baggage limits?

To facilitate social distancing and minimise physical contact when boarding and disembarkation, only ONE piece of cabin baggage is allowed for each guest. More details are available here. All other baggage aside from handbags or laptop bags will need to be checked-in. Please proceed to the check-in counter if you have any enquiry.

Fact #2 : That Restricted Cabin Luggage Policy Ends 6 July 2020

AirAsia actually updated the cabin luggage policy page today, to state that the old policy will be reinstated effective 7 July 2020.

In other words, the restricted cabin luggage policy they introduced on 29 April 2020, ends today.

You are allowed to bring onboard two (2) pieces of bag as part of your cabin baggage allowance with the total weight of both items not exceeding 7kg.

One (1) piece of cabin bag must not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm including the handles, wheels and side pockets. This bag must be able to fit in the overhead compartment in the aircraft cabin.

You may also carry one (1) piece of laptop bag, handbag, backpack or any other small bag which must not exceed 40cm x 30cm x 10cm. This item must be able to fit under the seat in front of you.

Fact #3 : Infants < 2 Years Old Never Had Cabin Baggage Allowance

At least one website claimed that infants under the age of 2 no longer have any cabin luggage allowance, under the new policy.

However, that was always the case even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Only children 2 years and older have cabin luggage allowances – 7 kg, the same as adults.

The only exception is on AirAsia India flights – starting 10 July 2020, infants below 2 years of age will be allocated 7 kg of hand baggage.

Fact #4 : Baby Strollers / Buggies / Prams Are Carried FOC

At least one website claimed that baby strollers must meet cabin baggage allowable dimensions, or you must purchase a checked baggage allowance.

That is not true.

Baby strollers / buggies / prams are carried free of charge on AirAsia flights as checked baggage, provided they are being used by a child or infant.

Those who wish to carry their strollers into the cabin must make sure it can be folded to fit the cabin baggage allowances.


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ACM Adopts SAP S/4HANA To Support Regional Expansion

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 18 May 2016 – SAP has concluded the rollout of SAP S/4HANA Finance on the SAP HANA platform for Alliance Contract Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (ACM) through systems integrator, Brightree Solutions Sdn Bhd.

These solutions will be integrated into ACM’s existing organisational environment for visibility into operations, enabling integration between business areas throughout the company’s value chain and a flexible, scalable system to quickly accommodate change.



ACM is a manufacturer of precision machined components, motors, electromechanical assemblies, sheet metals and welded frames, which provides turnkey manufacturing solutions for commercial and industrial equipment.

A longstanding SAP customer since 2002, ACM was facing challenges in securing integrated and real-time information between different business areas and across business information challenges.

To achieve their growth plan and to reach their business aim of establishing a niche in the global outsourcing arena, ACM turned to SAP to help them upgrade their current capabilities, to prepare the organisation for planned expansion.

“It is part of ACM’s strategy to build our business on a world-class ICT solution, with built-in best practices, extensive and global support structure, highly scalable with continuous innovations. We felt that as an industry leader, SAP would fit the bill,” said ACM Senior Manager (Head of IT) Erik Looi.

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Superior capabilities in end-to-end solution handling across entire value chain

Due to their decade long business collaboration, ACM decided on SAP and Brightree Solutions Sdn Bhd as the vendor of choice to meet their needs.

ACM chose SAP as they offered superior capabilities in end-to-end solution handling across the entire value chain, expertise in systems for real-time information for decision-making and offered globally proven solutions, said Looi.

In keeping with the strengths of SAP HANA deployments, the SAP HANA database implementation was completed within three months, with SAP S/4HANA Finance taking an additional three months. The solutions implemented so far have positively impacted all business functions throughout the value chain for ACM.

“Although we have only just completed this implementation, we are excited to expect a 20% increase in procurement savings in the future, be provided with the ability to maintain a 30% reduced inventory levels and as a result, reduce uncollectable accounts receivable by up to 50%,” said Looi. “Facing a challenging business environment, these achievements are significant and enable us to compete much more effectively, across the board,” Looi added.

With the new solutions, ACM now has the flexibility to cater to various business scenarios and to fulfil their own customer requirements for faster delivery.  There is greater control through the new highly scalable system that can quickly integrate their subsidiaries and provide easy data access and visibility to the business. Such changes will allow for more frequent reporting, fewer latency periods and faster operations, leading to better informed decisions.

Based on the outstanding results of the SAP implementation, ACM will seek to further create value for its customers this year by implementing SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management at their overseas plants in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, Brightree Solutions managing partner Phuah Ewe Cheng said: “We are extremely pleased that ACM can now reimagine finance in today’s era of the digital economy, through optimising processes, as well as run on-the-fly analysis, amongst many other innovative business benefits.”

At SAP’s end, managing director Terrence Yong said that through SAP S/4HANA Finance, ACM can now drive massive process and technology simplification with a system that removes data replications, reconciliations, and redundancies.

“To partake of these business benefits, ACM have accelerated their financial transformation, so as to realise greater productivity and efficiencies to support ACM’s planned expansion,” said Yong.

He continued, “SAP is committed to helping enterprises achieve unprecedented business value with innovative use cases in core areas such as finance, to take full advantage of a simplified data architecture and a responsive user experience. With SAP S/4HANA, SAP is helping our customers to evolve in the digital economy with a solution that provides the most value through digitizing end-to-end operations” he added.

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