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Flash Plus 2 Metal Case Launched

May 18, 2016 – As an all-new smart phone with metal case designed for the high- and medium-end market, Flash Plus 2 sees product launch in market today. While retaining and upgrading the excellent photographing DNA of the Flash series, it offers an enriched experience of intelligent life for South East Asian consumers.

The new smart phone features pioneering innovative functions such as fingerprint recognition, Hi-Fi sound effect, and fast battery charging in responding to users’ concerns including user convenience, sound effect, and battery usage.

Meanwhile, as an Internet smartphone brand, Flash has formally announced its independence. “The independence of the Flash brand means we have entered a complete new stage of development. What remains unchanged is that we will consistently follow the mission of Flash at its birth and stay connected with the young Internet consumers who enjoy sharing and pursue quality. We will get to know their specific needs through continuous interaction to create high quality smart hardware that is fun and enjoyable, offering the users a lifestyle of seeking our true selves,” said Albert Wong, General Manager, Flash 3C Limited.

For more information, read our review of the Flash Plus 2!


A Craft of Quality Workmanship

In order to create better feel of texture for appearance, Flash Plus 2 adopts a metal framework for the phone that allows it to possess the unique glow and touch of metal through quality workmanship while retaining richness and aesthetics. Regarding the forge and grinding of the back of phone case, Flash Plus 2 comes through an array of complex processes, ranging from horizontal wire-drawing, high-speed side sand-blasting, ultralight rim diamond cutting, and twice anodization till at last it offers users a sense of warmth and vigor for the cold, hard metal work.

We believe fine workmanship in details is the most exquisite design of Flash Plus 2. In complying with the ethos of tending to detail, the all-new smart phone adopts diamond cutting and twice anodic oxidation technologies for the 0.4mm rim of the Home key, for the 0.15mm sound volume key, and for the 0.4mm rim of flash lamp and speaker – each bit of this contributing to the aesthetics of smart phone body.


A Device of Efficiency and Convenience

Based on study of smart phone users’ habits, Flash Plus 2 carries a frontal fingerprint recognition function that combines the dual criteria of external aesthetics and practical convenience. The fingerprint use experience allows Flash Plus 2 to be a perfect assistant of life and office efficiency, ranging from accurate fast unlocking to file encryption to one-stroke APP launch.

The fingerprint recognition of Flash Plus 2 is unique in that it not only offers 0.5s unlocking under “switch off” screen status and all-round accurate recognition, but also allows for personalized APP launch options corresponding to users’ five fingerprints. For instance, users can conveniently unlock camera App through touching the fingerprint module with their forefingers, without going through any troublesome procedure. Besides, regarding concerns with important document theft and privacy leak, Flash Plus 2 provides a function of documents protection cabinet where privacy information is stored and encrypted with fingerprint, leaving users rest assured.

Another big edge that highlights the efficiency of Flash Plus 2 is its fast charging capability that best relieve users of battery capacity concerns. In order to ensure faster charging efficiency while maintaining safety, Flash Plus 2 carries a 3,000mAh battery group and adopts TI BQ25896 fast-charging chip and 9V/1.67A fast-charging technologies provided by Texas Instruments of the United States, which can charge battery to 50% in 30 minutes for up to a 10-hour uninterrupted call. The charging efficiency is raised by 35% compared with 5V/1A phones while it takes only 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged – the time of watching a movie or finishing a meal before the power status of your phones is fully restored.


A Fun and Excitement Camera Phone

Following the ultimate pursuit of photographing function of Flash brand, Flash Plus 2 has launched comprehensive upgrading of the two aspects of photo-taking capabilities in light of fast focal adjustment and dark light shooting. The users can capture sweet moments in a faster, better fashion in the case of fleeting occasions or wonderful night scenes.

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When a flapping swallow flies past or a skateboarding boy rushing by, with one-stroke fingerprint launch of camera the wonderful snapshot becomes an eternity in your smart phone – without only 0.1s instant accurate focal adjustment through blending of PDAF automatic focus technology and contrast focus effects.

Flash Plus 2 is fully aware that light is the soul of photographing. In order to ensure high quality image effect even under dim light conditions, Flash Plus 2 carries a 13,000 pixel rear lens with the warm double-color flash lamp RealTone that copes with nighttime or dim indoor luminous intensity. It frees users of the restraints of dim light conditions to see a perfect whole world as well. The five million pixel front lens adopts LED flash lamp with CRI up to 80 while red spectrum is intelligently enhanced for selfie or video chatting conditions. With ruddy facial effect and glow, Flash Plus 2 offers an over 100% real-time facial enhancement function, allowing users to capture moments of beauty and beyond.

Also, Flash Plus provides a series of creative functions and fun, making it possible for everybody to approach photography for pleasure. For example, the 84.40 ultra broad view that it carries allows users to do a selfie during family or friends gatherings. The “Picture-in-Picture” Mode allows front and rear lenses to work simultaneously to accomplish a creative photo-in-photo experience. Besides, Flash Plus 2 has designed a Child Mode for parents to record precious moments of their kids’ childhood – with noise of sheep or car horn or kitten to catch the child’s attention as the photo is being taken.


A Wonderful Experience of Enjoying Music

Catering to young people for their music needs, Flash Plus 2 offers high-fidelity quality-retaining earphone acoustics, high sound volume effects, and MIX music production function, launching a high quality smart phone for enjoying music and related options of creativity.

For merely single-person enjoyment, Flash Plus 2 provides independent AKM4375 audio decoding chip coupled with state-of-the-art IRD sound digital filter, with value-retaining signal output measuring up to high-fidelity acoustic effects. While the speaker is being used for playing music, the NXP980 power amplification chip and built-in DSP algorithm drives speaker power to reach 3.6W – eight times greater than volume of average smart phones. The greater volume allows bicycling enthusiasts to better indulge in the vibrant music beats en route.


More Cutting-edge Features of Hardware and Software

In addition, Flash Plus 2 features high-definition screen, powerful performance, Android M system, and dual channel turbo download, among other functions. The 5.5’ FHD multiple point touchscreen adopts OGS full cohesion technology, with ultra clear scenes within reach of a finger touch. Meanwhile, it carries Miravision 2.0 FHD display that enables smart eye protection in too strong or weak luminous situations, providing a wonderful visual experience of perfect clearness and comfort.

The Helio P10 processor ensures strong performance and low energy consumption in providing smooth, free “cut back” through multitasking operation of surfing the Internet, playing games, and watching videos. As a new member of Flash brand, Flash Plus 2 continues the original Android system support while the all-new upgraded Android M operational system offers APP access control, web browsing, APP relevance, and smart energy-saving function, among others. For global Android lovers and tech geeks, it offers a streamlined, personalized user experience.


Flash Plus 2 Color Options

Flash Plus 2 comes in two color options – Luna Silver and Venus Gold, providing a high-end customized choice appealing to refined taste.


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A New Flash On The Horizon?

When Flash kicked off their “Life with Metal” competition last month, the theme was curiously about metal. It seemed incongruent with the fact that the Flash 2 smartphone did not have a metal build.

Interestingly, the contest prize was listed simply as “the latest Flash smartphone“, instead of the Flash 2 smartphone, which is currently the latest Flash smartphone…

A New Flash Is On The Horizon

That got us thinking… and remembering what we heard at the exclusive Flash briefing back in January. At the event, they hinted that the next Flash smartphone (which we will imaginatively call Flash 3!) will have a metal chassis.

You don’t need us to help you put two and two together. It was obvious that Alcatel, or as they are now known – Flash, left two Easter eggs in that contest :

  • that the new Flash 3 smartphone is going to have a metal body,
  • and it is going to be revealed VERY SOON!

After all, the contest is over, and it’s time to reward the winners with “the latest Flash smartphone”!

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When Is The Flash 3 Coming?

The contest details only hints that the Flash 3 is coming soon. It doesn’t really tell us when. But we can draw a clue from past Flash launch cycles.

The original Flash smartphone was launched in September 2014, followed by the Flash Plus in May 2015. The Flash 2 was released in September 2015.

If we follow their 8 month + 4 month trend, it looks like they will likely release the Flash 3 in May 2016. But hey, don’t quote us on that! 😀

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Alcatel Flash 2 Giveaway Contest (Results)

As our review of the Alcatel Flash 2 noted, it is a hidden gem that offers a great deal of features and capabilities. Designed around the Alcatel mobigraphy concept, the Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) has a great main camera with a dual-tone flash, as well as a high-resolution selfie camera with its own flash. That’s why we know this would make a great prize for our first giveaway contest of 2016 – the Alcatel Flash 2 Giveaway Contest!


What’s At Stake?

The prize is our Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) review sample. This is a full retail set that includes the Alcatel Flash 2 flip case and screen protector, as well as a pair of hands-free earphones.

Find out more about the Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon)  and what’s included in the package in our Alcatel Flash 2 Smartphone Review!


How Do I Win It?

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You may participate as many times as you wish, using either or both methods. But make sure you read and follow the instructions.

The Alcatel Flash 2 Giveaway Contest ends at midnight, the 31st of January 2015 (GMT+8), so make sure you complete either (or both) methods before then to qualify!

At the end of the contest, we will collate all of the results (both Facebook and email methods) and randomly select one winner from the combined pool.


Flash 2 Giveaway Contest Terms & Conditions

  • Contestants are allowed to participate using either (or both) the Facebook and email methods as many times as they wish, but repetitions will not be counted.
  • Facebook users must use their personal Facebook account. Corporate and contest gaming accounts will be automatically disqualified.[adrotate banner=”4″]
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  • Tech ARP reserves the right to amend or delay or even cancel the contest due to any unexpected circumstances.


Flash 2 Giveaway Contest Privacy Policy

Any personal information that you submit will only be used by Tech ARP for promotional and communications purposes only.

Any personal information that you submit will not be sold or used or shared with a third-party, without your prior consent.


Contest Results!

We are very excited to announce the Alcatel Flash 2 contest results! This time, a total of 442 contestants participated. Thank you for making it such a success!

We have not only selected the winner of the Alcatel Flash 2, we have also pre-selected a backup winner, in case the first winner does not get back to us on time. Let’s see who won!

The winner must PM or email us with your details within 7 days of this announcement, or the prize will go to the backup winner, and so on.

  1. Full Name
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If you did not win this time, don’t worry – our sister website has a contest running right now! Check out the EXMobile iCute Plus Giveaway Contest!


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Alcatel Flash 2 Discounted For Chinese New Year!

We have been quite effusive about the Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone‘s performance and value for money. Our review of the Flash 2 pointed out why we called it a “hidden gem” in the sub-RM 700 (US$150) segment. To top it off, Alcatel isn’t resting on their laurels, recently announcing a slew of hardware and software upgrades for the Flash 2.

If that’s not enough, Alcatel just announced a joint promotion with Lazada Malaysia to offer the Flash 2 at just RM 499 (~US$ 119)! Check out the details.


No Excuse To Miss Flash 2 Promotion

During the Chinese New Year of 2016, Flash 2 will join hands with Lazada, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, to launch a promotion event under the theme of “No Excuse to Miss Flash 2”, which offers to buyers at only RM499!

“Through this attractive price promotion, we want to express thanks to our customers and hope that Flash 2 will help them capture and share wonderful moments they spend with their dearest ones during the Chinese New Year,” said Yogi Babria, E-commerce Operations Director, Mobile Internet Group, TCL Communication. “Meanwhile, in order to meet consumers’ need to color up their phones, we will soon release two covers, one in Rose Gold and the other in Mica White, for Flash 2 to bring new joy to users.”

Flash 2 has become a hot-selling star product in Southeast Asia markets by virtue of its powerful camera features, much loved stock Android UI, and superior cost performance which cherished by local consumers, and has set a number of sales records. The first batch of Flash 2 was sold out in ten minutes after launch.

It became the bestselling smartphone at the USD150 price level in the entire Southeast Asia. In the just-ended Double 12 shopping festival at Lazada, Flash 2 became the bestselling smartphone at the USD150 price level and ranked second among products in all categories in terms of sales volume. “I believe that this big promotion for the Chinese New Year will push the popularity of Flash 2 to a new height in Southeast Asia,” added Yogi Babria.

[adrotate banner=”4″]Flash 2 is the third product of the Flash series, with the other two being Flash and Flash Plus. So far, the three products have shipped nearly 200,000 units in combined sales. Flash entered the Southeast Asia markets in 2013 and built a considerable user base within a short time. For a time in 2014, Flash Plus made a phenomenal success in the e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, setting the record of selling 1,000 units in one minute for four consecutive times in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Flash 2, launched less than half a year ago, has become one of the most popular smartphones in Southeast Asia. Recently TCL Communication announced that it sold 83.55 million mobile phones and other products in 2015, noting that 90% of the sales were contributed by overseas markets. And among the overseas sales, the strong sales performance of the Flash series in the Southeast Asia markets was one of the major drivers of TCL Communication’s overseas expansion.

How has Flash made its rise in the Southeast Asia in a short two years and became one of the most popular brands? In addition to its advantages in mobile photography and performance, one important reason is that Flash has successfully capitalized on the golden age of smartphones in Southeast Asia. According to statistics, since smartphones in Southeast Asia have already outnumbered the local population with many people owning more than one phone, there is a significant demand for smartphones.


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Alcatel Banks On Stock Android Operating System

At a recent media event, Alcatel revealed that their popular Flash 2 smartphone (Amazon) will be upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow in March. This relatively quick update is thanks in a large part to their use of stock Android 5.1 Lollipop in their Flash 2 smartphone (Amazon).

They appear to be very pleased with the results of their strategy of using stock Android and focusing their efforts on the hardware instead. Take a look their new blog post on why they believe other smartphone manufacturers will start adopting their strategy of using stock Android.


Flash 2 User Interface : Gone With the Era of Thorough Customization

Thanks to its unique openness and customizability, the Android system has been undergoing a press of reconstruction by various vendors right from the date of its birth, calling it by a good name of “thorough customization”.

Though it is eye-pleasing and easy to use, the customized UIs developed on the basis of the stock Android system have nevertheless also resulted in bloated operating system, which cause endless user complainants against “buffering” and “poor compatibility”, since it has been pre-loaded a lot of Apps which take up a large amount of ROM space. To get a simplified, more fluent operating experience, some users even tend to reset vendors’ customized UIs back to the stock Android system directly after purchasing a new phone.

More and more vendors now have opted to return to the stock Android OS for an authentic Android operating experience. On top of its purer and simpler user experience for ordinary users, the stock Android system also provides the festive tech geeks worldwide with a broader platform where they can maximize their imagination.


Persisting on simplicity and purity, Nexus and Flash fully embrace the stock Android

Being the most representative among stock Android mobile phones, and as Google’s own product, every Nexus series handset is equipped with the current year version of the stock Android system and becomes the ‘barometer” of Android phones worldwide with the mission of setting both the benchmark and the trend in the industry.

Launched in September 2015, the Nexus 6P well carries every hallmark of a flagship Google phone. Thanks to its outstanding performance, it was named by foreign media one of the best Android phones of 2015, well on a par with the Samsung S6 and Note5. In addition, the Nexus 6P has achieved good sales performance in the market. It is reported that consumers in Canada and other regions have to wait to get a Nexus 6P due to sellout and supply shortages.

Besides Nexus, Flash is also an extremely typical fan of the stock Android OS. As an emerging brand highly popular in Southeast and South Asia, Flash introduced in September 2015 its Flash 2 (Amazon) mobile phone, which is equipped with the stock Android L OS. Android L is a brand new OS, unveiled by Google at its 2014 Global Developers Congress. At the time, Android L could well be said to feature the largest improvement and breakthrough in the Android system since the system came into being. It has made revolutionary changes and improvement in both user experience and system performance. Its smoother and purer UI experience has won Flash 2 (Amazon) the popularity among Android fans and tech geeks.


With the breakthrough improvements made by Android L, will stock Android mobile phones become a “general trend”?

Firstly, Android L adopts a completely new Material Design interface design solution and can support new animation, 3D view, real time shadow and other functions and provide more flattened interfaces, smoother and softer edge corners and more fluent interface switchover effects. Such outstanding touch screen interface interactive design is well known in the industry as running head to head with iOS.

Material Design features highly imaginative creativity in the texture, layers and logical relationship of the interface switchover experience. For example, when users open the interface, the new page will not just pop up, but instead , it will unfold from a center point and utilize the projection of the former page on the bottom to create a sense of 3D space, thus providing a visual, ease-to-understand operating experience.

[adrotate banner=”4″]Secondly, Android L features considerable optimization of user experience, including the unprecedented most powerful search functions, featuring automatic recording of users’ search results by Google. While users are using other applications to process their search results, they can still easily come back.

In addition, the Android L system possesses a more fancy notification function with messages opening up like a card in the notice center. Users can directly call out the messages even on the screen locking interface and remove the notices by sliding the screen. Meanwhile, these messages will also be smartly sorted and ranked with priority so as to prevent users from missing the important ones.

Android L also greatly improves system performance and can provide a more fluent, smoother operating experience. Adopting ART as the default operating environment,  the App can run 4 times faster than what the previous negation system can deliver and give Flash 2 (Amazon) higher efficiency in running complicated Apps with complex visual effects. In addition, users can enable Android L’s battery saver mode to gain an extra 90min of running time.

While “thorough customization” is still in vogue, it is only nature for the Nexus and Flash series to return to stock Android. This is the right choice to adapt to user demand.

“We noticed that most consumers do not like to see their mobile phones crammed with a lot of software. For true Android fans, the customized interfaces of many smartphones result in not only system buffering but also unnecessary stock system interface modifications. That is why Flash 2 (Amazon) is equipped with the stock Android L OS to provide simplified but not simple, fashionable but not superfluous user experience.” Michael Chen, Deputy General Manager, Mobile Internet Group, TCL Communication, once noted.

He also disclosed that Flash 2 (Amazon) will soon be updated to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version to bring users new functions such as mobile payment and RAM optimization management, as well as more powerful computing and power-saving functions. It is believed that with the continuous optimization of the Android system, Nexus, Flash and other stock Android mobile phones will win more consumers.


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Alcatel Flash 2 Upgrades Announced

Yesterday, we were invited to an Alcatel media briefing on the future roadmap of the Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone we reviewed earlier. If you recall, we pegged it as a hidden gem that delivers a whole lot of features and capabilities at a highly affordable price. Well, Alcatel just announced a bunch of Flash 2 upgrades!

In this video, Yogi Babria, the Flash E-Commerce Operations Director, revealed the new Alcatel Flash 2 upgrades in both hardware and software. Check it out!


Hardware Flash 2 Upgrades

Alcatel will offer two new back covers – a semi-translucent Mica White back cover, and a Rose Gold back cover. These back covers will be sold offline in stores, and will offer users the ability to change the look of their Alcatel Flash 2 smartphones.

Alcatel will also extend the Flash 2‘s mobile photography capabilities with the introduction of two lens upgrades.

The Flash 2 lens kit will consist of a fisheye lens and a macro lens, offering greater creative opportunities with the Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone.

The new lenses require the installation of a new back cover with a new lens cap. The lens cap not only ensures that the lenses are firmly attached, it also ensures maximum image quality using the two lenses.


Software Flash 2 Upgrades

[adrotate banner=”4″]On the software front, the biggest news is Alcatel’s announcement of an Android Marshmallow upgrade for the Flash 2 smartphone. They expect the Marshmallow update to be ready by March. This rather early upgrade is thanks to the fact that the Alcatel Flash 2 uses pure Android, instead of a customised Android operating system.

You don’t have to wait until March for a software upgrade though. Coming up next week is a major firmware upgrade that will greatly improve the Flash 2‘s photographic capabilities. It will improve the autofocus accuracy in selfies, as well as its macro performance. So watch out for the upgrade next week!

The winner of our Alcatel Flash 2 Giveaway Contest won’t have to worry though. We will upgrade it to Android Marshmallow before we ship it out! 😀

If you have no idea what the fuss is about, read our Alcatel Flash 2 Smartphone Review. Find out why we called it a hidden gem!


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Alcatel Flash 2 Smartphone Review

In the highly-competitive smartphone market, Alcatel aims to differentiate themselves by focusing on mobile photography. Today, we are going to take an in-depth look at their latest effort, the Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone. Alcatel promised that it will deliver the ultimate mobile photographic experience, which they call mobigraphy. Let’s take a look!


Alcatel Flash 2 Specifications

SpecificationsAlcatel Flash 2
Display5.0" IPS display
- 720 x 1280
- 294 ppi
Operating SystemAndroid 5.1 Lollipop
System ChipMediaTek MT6753
CPU1.3 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 (octa-core)
Internal Storage16 GB flash memory
External StoragemicroSD slot, up to 128 GB
Front Camera5 MP sensor
- 1.4μ pixel size
- f/2.2 lens
- LED flash
Rear gSight Camera13 MP ISOCELL sensor
- f/2.0 lens
- phase detection autofocus
- dual-tone flash
Connectivity- 4G LTE / HSPA / GSM
- Dual SIM, Dual Standby capability
- 802.11b/g/n WiFi
- Bluetooth v4.0, A2DP
GPSYes, with A-GPS
SensorsAccelerometer, proximity
Battery3,000 mAh lithium-ion battery (non-removable)
Available ColoursVolcanic Grey, Mica White


Unboxing The Alcatel Flash 2

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) comes in a large 2-piece cardboard box. This is a generic box, so be sure to check the side label for the correct colour. This is the Volcanic Grey model. A Mica White version is also available. Unlike some smartphone manufacturers, Alcatel has no qualms pointing out that they use MediaTek chips in their smartphones.

Once you remove the white outer sleeve, you will need to cut a single security seal on the green box to gain access inside. The box is big because Alcatel provides a complete set of accessories, including a flip case!

You can take a look at our unboxing video here :

[adrotate banner=”4″]Once you remove everything, you will find the following items :
  • One Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) smartphone
  • One Alcatel 5W travel charger
  • One USB cable
  • One set of earphones
  • One Alcatel Flash 2 flip case
  • One screen protector
  • One Alcatel Flash 2 Quick User Guide
  • One Alcatel Flash 2 Warranty Guide

The Alcatel Flash 2 Smartphone

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) smartphone has a 5″ IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 720. It is powered by the MediaTek MT6753 SoC that features a 1.3 GHz octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor and the ARM Mali-T720MP4 GPU.

Its main features are its front and rear cameras. The front camera boasts not just a larger 1/4″ sensor and autofocus capability, it even comes with an LED flash. The main gSight camera at the back has a 13 MP Samsung ISOCELL sensor with a f/2.0 lens and a dual-tone LED flash.

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) only has buttons on the right side – a Power button at the top, with a Volume rocker switch below it, and a dedicated camera shutter button all the way at the bottom. Although this may seem like a weird position, it actually works great if you are taking photos horizontally. If you are taking pictures virtually though, it works better for left-handed users.

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) is a dual-SIM, dual-standby smartphone. This is a pretty nice feature to have at this price point. The dual-SIM, dual-standby capability means you can install and use two SIM cards. The only difference from dual-active smartphones is that all calls and messages to the other SIM card will be temporarily ignored when you receive a call from one SIM card.

Finally, the Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) comes with 2 GB of LPDDR3 SDRAM to run the pure Android 5.1 operating system and apps. It also comes with 16 GB of internal flash storage. That’s expandable to 128 GB via a microSD card.


Flip Case & Screen Protector

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) comes with a free flip case and screen protector. They are both necessary as it will be quite hard, if not impossible, to find compatible cases and screen protectors. The flip case is made from PVC with a faux leather feel and a clear plastic window.

Take a look at this video to see how the back cover is removed to access the SIM and microSD card slots. It will also show you how to install this flip case. The flip case actually replaces the original back cover, so once installed, it becomes one with the Flash 2 smartphone.

Unfortunately, the cover of this flip case feels thin and flimsy. It also doesn’t magnetically lock to the Flash 2 when you close it. Still, it is a free flip case, so we can’t really complain…


The Other Accessories

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) comes with a 5W travel adaptor, which can be used with any power outlet worldwide. The microUSB cable they provided, however, is rather dodgy-looking.

The hands-free earphones are also of rather poor quality. They will do in a pinch (hey, they’re free!), but if you want quality audio, you need to switch to a better pair of earbuds.

Camera Performance – Photos

The Alcatel Flash 2’s emphasis on mobile photography is really obvious. Its main gSight camera uses a 13 megapixel Samsung ISOCELL sensor with a fast f/2.0 lens. That allows it to take high-resolution photos (4096 x 2304) in relatively poor lighting.

Despite their best efforts, the Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) is not going to be a replacement for a dedicated DSLR or a higher-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6 (for example). The Samsung ISOCELL sensor is relatively noisy. If you blow up the picture on a desktop, you can see consistent noise (speckling and artifacts). However, they are only of real concern if you are going to make large prints of these photos.

The sensor also produced rather unsaturated photos. We would have liked them to be more vivid. That said, the gSight main camera takes very good pictures for a smartphone at this price point. In fact, you will probably only find the same photographic capability in smartphones that cost twice as much.


Camera Performance – Video Recording

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) can record full HD (1080p) videos – a real feat for a smartphone at this price point. You won’t get any optical image stabilisation, but it supports EIS (electronic image stabilisation). Here is a sample video we recorded of a piano performance by Mr. Yang I-Deun.

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) did a reasonably good job of controlling the exposure of the scene, although the bright areas were overexposed. Overall, it was rather exceptional performance for a smartphone at this price point.

Work Performance – PCMark

We tested the Alcatel Flash 2’s performance using PCMark, which simulates work applications like web browing, playing video, writing text and editing photos.

Alcatel Flash 2 ASUS
ZenFone 2 Laser
Galaxy S6
Work Performance Score
3816 3539 5078
Web Browsing 4623 3829


Video Playback 2905 3835 3091
Writing 4151 4085 5918
Photo Editing 3804 2614 5357

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) may be powered by a MediaTek chip, but it is a powerful 8-core MT6753 chip. It beat the ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser with its quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor in all aspects but video playback.


Battery Performance – PCMark

We then tested the Alcatel Flash 2’s battery performance using PCMark. It basically ran the PCMark work tests until its battery capacity dropped to 20%.

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) lasted just over 8 hours on the PCMark stress test. This is a stress test that simulates the worst possible workload using work apps. In our real world experience, we had no problem using it for 12-14 hours with light loads, although its battery life dropped to about 6 hours while playing games.


Battery Recharging Performance

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) has a large 3,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, but it does not have Fast Charging capability. Even so, it was able to recharge its battery really quickly.

Our tests showed that the Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) will recharge from 17% to 100% in just 165 minutes (2 hours 45 minutes).

Overall Performance – AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu is a nice benchmark for testing various performance aspects of Android devices.

Alcatel Flash 2
ZenFone 2 Laser
Galaxy S6
TOTAL SCORE 36345 23644 68885
Multitask 4306 4162 9298
Runtime 2535 2395 4250
CPU Integer 5651 2913 10596
CPU Float-Point 4266 2327 6307
Single-Thread Integer 1253 1218 2537
Single-Thread Float-Point 1026 981 2223
RAM Operation 2109 1148 3259
RAM Speed 2039 1724 4316
2D Graphics 1615 1022 1631
3D Graphics 8994 3656 21162
Storage I/O 1861 1433 2571
Database I/O 690 665 735

Although MediaTek chips are not as powerful or efficient as Qualcomm chips, Alcatel made up for that by using the 8-core MediaTek MT6753. The result? It beat the more expensive ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser by 53.7%!


Gaming Performance – 3DMark

We tested the Alcatel Flash 2’s gaming performance using 3DMark, using the Ice Storm Extreme test.

Alcatel Flash 2 ASUS
ZenFone 2 Laser
Galaxy S6
Gaming Score 4549 2686 Maxed out!
Graphics 3966 2240 Maxed out!
Physics 9365 8876 Maxed out!
Graphics Test 1 22.3 fps 12.6 fps 59.6 fps
Graphics Test 2 14.0 fps 7.9 fps 49.6 fps<
Physics 29.7 fps 28.2 fps 39.6 fps

Despite its modest price, the Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) did surprisingly well in this test. It was almost 70% faster than the ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser!

Our Verdict On The Alcatel Flash 2

We are very impressed with the Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone. At first, we doubted they could really achieve the level of performance they promised, but it looks like they really pulled it off.

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) delivers much better camera performance than we have seen in other smartphones with the same price point. It can take 13 MP pictures with dual-tone flash, with a 5 MP selfie camera that even has its own flash! On top of that, its main camera can record full HD videos, something that many similar smartphones cannot do.

Alcatel didn’t skimp in the performance department either, opting for an 8-core MediaTek processor. That made it much faster than more expensive smartphones out there. The Alcatel Flash 2 also has a generous 2 GB of RAM, with 16 GB of internal storage. Since it runs on pure Android 5.1 Lollipop, that is more than adequate for most users.

[adrotate banner=”4″]The downside though is a shorter battery life, because the 8-core processor does sap more battery than a quad-core processor. It should last a good 8 hours though. The good news is, even though it doesn’t support Fast Charging, you can fully charge it in less than 3 hours.

Although it comes with a complete set of accessories, their quality leaves much to be desired. Probably the most useful is the screen protector. Still, we are glad that they spent the real money on the Flash 2’s hardware, instead of those accessories.

The Alcatel Flash 2 (Lazada / Amazon) is a hidden gem. It delivers a whole lot of features and capabilities at the highly affordable price of just RM 549 (Lazada) / ~US$ 129 (Amazon). If you are on a budget but want a smartphone that can double as a good camera, the Alcatel Flash 2 is definitely worth your serious consideration.


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