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AOC Unveils AGON Gaming Brand

27 May 2016, TaipeiAOC is announcing its new gaming brand: “AGON”. All future AOC gaming product releases will be under the AGON name. AGON will also encompass AOC’s future gaming-related activities and social media voice. Some of AOC’s existing gaming displays, previously grouped together with other products, will be rebranded under AGON

The name AGON represents AOC’s commitment to the PC gaming segment and the spirit of competitive gaming. AGON is an ancient Greek word (ἀγών), which refers to “a struggle or contest”. The name is also intended to be an acrostic that represents AOC’s vision for AGON.

  • AOC to lead the way in gaming monitor development
  • Gaming enhanced by the latest technology
  • Outstanding performance for a competitive edge
  • New standard of gaming for users to enjoy


AOC’s Commitment to Gaming

AOC has always focused on product development, but has also played an active role in the growing eSports industry through strategic partnerships withteams and event organizers.

Most notably among AOC’s various partnered teams is Eastern European eSports club NatusVincere (Na’Vi), who have won countless international tournaments across six majoreSports games, including the popular Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In 2015 tournaments alone, the team has reported over US$ 970,000 in total prize earnings.

AOC hasalso partnered with European ESL tournament organizers, as well as been the main organizer of two Southeast Asian AOC Masters Championship (AMC) Dota 2 tournaments. Part of AOC’s partnerships involve directly supplying monitors, including the Na’Vi-endorsed AOC G2460PQU 144Hz gaming monitor, for gamers to use in professional competition.


The AGON Design Vision

On the product end, AGON displays will put the competitive gamer’s vision at heart with a focus on high performance and convenient design. The mission is to bring beginner and professional gamers alike closer to their champion aspirations.AGON will also have its own social media presence, and create a platform for AOC and fellow gamers to interact, connect, and share gaming-related content.

AGON displays, some of which will be in QHD or 4K resolution, will be packed with the latest in high-performance gaming technology. Features include Adaptive-Sync or G-Sync for smooth visuals and 144Hz refresh for faster hardware performance.There will also be unique gaming optimization features such as AOC Game Mode for users to choose between game modes (e.g. FPS, RTS, etc.). Users will be able to conveniently shift through these game modes at the comfort of their seat via an AOC-developed remote control. Other optimization options include Shadow Control, DialPoint, Low Input Lag, and more.

AGON displays will be designed with user comfort in mind. AOC Flicker Free and Low Blue Light will be included for added eye protection. The displays will also have a new, custom-designed AOC Ergo Enhance setup. The setup includes a brand new height and angle-adjustable stand, a built-in headset hanger, and more. The adjustable stand gives gamers the freedom to play at their preferred angles and positions, and even track the precise angles and measurements for future use. The built-in headset hanger also allows gamers to hang headsets on the display, which results in time and storage space saved. A sleek and slim design will contribute to a spacious and clean desk area, while also having an attractive and recognizable aesthetic.


AGON Launch and Availability

AGON will be holding a launch event for the AG271QX/ AG271QG / AG322FCX/ G2460PFG and 2460VQ6 variety of professional gaming monitors. The event will see renowned live broadcaster from all over the world, and Taiwan attending. This includes broadcaster of Hearthstone-YeBai, broadcaster of LoL- Big God, famous broadcaster – AsSen, sex broadcaster – Tsuki; and host of gaming show- Sandy, must be bustling with activity.

AGON product series displays are expected to be available in the Asia Pacific region soon through AOC partners.

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