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ADVA Ensemble Now Available On Dell EMC VEP!

Dell EMC just announced the availability of ADVA Ensemble on their Virtual Edge Platform (VEP), which adds more than 50 virtual network functions! Here are the full details!


ADVA Ensemble Now Available On Dell EMC VEP!

Dell EMC announced that they certified ADVA Ensemble, and will offer Ensemble on their VEP multi-function network device.

This gives Dell EMC VEP users a choice of more than 50 new virtual network functions like a virtual firewall, WAN optimisation, IoT, virtual test, voice, wireless and more!

These new capabilities by ADVA Ensemble will further elevate the universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) above and beyond the traditional and expensive fixed-function access hardware.

uCPE solutions like Dell EMC VEP use software-defined architecture, open networking and virtualisation to improve network access at a lower cost, and with much greater flexibility.

This allows servicer providers to leverage the benefits of the cloud, and accelerate their digital transformation, while taking advantage of new market opportunities more quickly.


ADVA Ensemble Connector on Dell EMC VEP

The Dell-ADVA agreement gives customer access to the ADVA Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem. This multi-vendor environment lets customers avoid vendor lock-in with access to a wider number of vendors and solutions.

With ADVA Ensemble Connector running on the Dell EMC VEP family, service providers and other enterprises will have the freedom to try out product offerings and create “try before you buy” programs.

ADVA Ensemble will be available on Dell EMC VEP worldwide by the end of June 2019.


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