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MySejahtera Digital Certificate Problem With VMS Blockchain?

VMS Blockchain Error With MySejahtera Vaccine Certificate?

Are you getting a VMS Blockchain error when you try to obtain your digital or PDF versions of the MySejahtera vaccine certificate?

Find out what’s going on, and what you can do about it…


VMS Blockchain Error With MySejahtera Vaccine Certificate?

Quite a few people have reported one of these VMS Blockchain errors, while trying to obtain their digital or PDF versions of the MySejahtera vaccine certificate.

Unable to connect to VMS Blockchain system, please try again after some time.

Vaccination record doesn’t exist in VMS blockchain system.

Those who receive one of these error messages will NOT be able to access their digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate in MySejahtera, or generate and download the PDF certificate.


VMS Blockchain Error In MySejahtera : What’s Going On?

The VMS blockchain error only happens to people who were vaccinated against COVID-19 overseas, and submitted their vaccination records to MySejahtera.

VMS is short for the Vaccine Management System, which uses blockchain technology for better certification and traceability.

Unfortunately, MySejahtera (currently) does not support foreign COVID-19 vaccinations.

Those who register their overseas COVID-19 vaccinations will receive a Fully Vaccinated status in MySejahtera, but will not be able to :

  • generate a PDF vaccine certificate, or
  • display a QR code on the digital vaccine certificate.

Here is the official response by the MySejahtera team on this issue :

Please be informed that MySJ application will only show the PDF or QR Code on the Digital certificate for locally taken vaccinations.

You can refer to your own Vaccine card or certificate from the country that you took the vaccine.

For entry into public places in Malaysia, you can rely on the digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate (without QR code) in Mysejahtera.

But if you need to travel overseas, you will need to rely on the vaccination card or certificate that you obtain from the country you received your COVID-19 vaccinations.

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New Adobe Sign Features + Office 365 Integration Revealed!

June 19, 2018 Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced new Adobe Sign features and new PDF integrations across Microsoft Office 365. Adobe Sign is now more deeply integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing real-time access to customer details from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and more automated sales processes.

Adobe Sign is now also the first Cloud Service Provider in the industry to receive FedRAMP Tailored authorization that meets the government’s rigorous security standards, so Adobe Document Cloud can be quickly deployed across U.S. Federal agencies.

And with new PDF integrations, all Office 365 users with a subscription to Adobe Acrobat DC for teams or enterprise will now have the ability to create, manipulate, and view high-quality, secure PDFs right from the ribbon in online versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint.


New Adobe Sign Features

Last September, Adobe Sign became Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution for Office 365, and is deeply integrated across Microsoft’s portfolio, including Microsoft Dynamics 365. Industry response to the partnership has been strong, and Adobe Sign now enables over half of the Fortune 100 with fast and secure signatures, contributing to the more than 8 billion electronic signature transactions that were processed through Document Cloud in the past year alone.

In the coming weeks, Adobe Sign will be live on Azure in the U.S., with expansion to additional regions expected soon. The new Adobe Sign features introduced today include:

  • Deeper integration with Dynamics 365. Adobe Sign and Microsoft D ynamics are already used by hundreds of joint customers. Now they can leverage a new UI for quick navigation, real-time access to customer details from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to reduce contracting errors and automated sales processes by embedding Adobe Sign into multistep Dynamics 365 workflows.
  • FedRAMP Tailored authorized. Adobe Sign has been granted authorization by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and is now officially listed as FedRAMP Tailored authorized in the FedRAMP Marketplace.


Adobe PDF Integration Into Office 365

e-Signatures are one piece of an organization’s digital transformation, but the best digital document experiences rely on so much more. Now the 135 million monthly commercial active users of Office 365 have access to the best in e-signatures with Adobe Sign, and the best PDF services from Adobe. With new PDF services integrations for Office 365, customers can:

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  • Access Adobe PDF services directly from the ribbon in online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to convert documents into high-quality Adobe PDF files that preserve fonts, formatting and layouts and can be password protected.
  • Access Adobe PDF services within SharePoint and OneDrive to create and view high-quality Adobe PDFs that preserve fonts, formatting and layouts and can be password protected. Combine multiple file types into a single PDF that you can use for archiving or distribution, and convert PDFs into editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint or RTF files from your mobile device or online.



New PDF services integrations with Office 365, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and SharePoint, are available with Adobe Acrobat DC for teams and enterprise today. Adobe Sign for Dynamics 365 is available with Adobe Sign for Enterprise.

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