Why Grayson Murray Did Not Die From COVID-19 Vaccine!

Find out why two-time PGA Tour winner Grayson Murray did not die suddenly from the COVID-19 vaccine at just 30 years of age, and what was his true cause of death!


Claim : Grayson Murray Died Suddenly From COVID-19 Vaccine!

Right after news broke that Grayson Murray died unexpectedly, some people immediately suggested or claimed that the two-time PGA Tour winner died suddenly from the COVID-19 vaccine!

Concerned Citizen :  PGA Tour Winner Grayson Murray dies suddenly age 30. RIP.

Reminder that this is absolutely not fucking normal.

Health officials need to conduct a full investigation into why young fit healthy people keep dying suddenly.

Although you already know why.

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Truth : Grayson Murray Did Not Die Suddenly From COVID-19 Vaccine!

This is yet another example of fake news circulating on X (formerly Twitter), and here are the reasons why!

Fact #1 : Grayson Murray Committed Suicide!

Let me start by pointing out that Grayson Murray did not die suddenly from the COVID-19 vaccine, because he committed suicide!

After social media users speculated that the two-time PGA Tour winner might have succumbed to the COVID-19 vaccine, his parents – Eric and Terry Murray, issued a statement through PGA Tour on 26 May 2024, stating clearly that their son, Garyson Murray, committed suicide.

Life wasn’t always easy for Grayson, and although he took his own life, we know he rests peacefully now.

It is sad that Grayson Murray’s parents have to publicly reveal his cause of death to stem speculation that their son died from COVID-19 vaccination, when there is absolutely no evidence that the vaccines (which have been proven safe and effective) were involved in their son’s death.

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Fact #2 : Grayson Murray Was Anti-Vaccine!

Ironically, Grayson Murray was outspoken about being anti-vaccine himself, and had not been vaccinated against COVID-19!

As the PGA Tour did not require players to get vaccinated, it appears he simply refused to do so. So it is quite amazing for anti-vaccine activists to claim that Grayson Murray died from the COVID-19 vaccine…

Personally I’m not into the scare of the whole thing. That’s my take on it. Now that the vaccine is out, people are going to get it. If they choose not to get it, that’s fine.

I think eventually the tour is going to going to put it on us to go get our own (COVID-19) test and pay for our own test, which would be a pain. That’s their way of saying you’ll have to go get yours (vaccine). I don’t want to but I have family members who have.

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When asked why he was opposed to getting the COVID-19 vaccine, this was what Grayson Murray said:

Technically it’s not FDA approved. Last time I checked it wasn’t. I don’t know what people’s complications from it will be years from now. I’ll do it when it’s FDA approved.

I’ve already had (COVID-19 in July 2020). I’m not going to die from it. If it makes my life easier out here I’m pretty much forced to do it. That’s pretty much what the tour’s doing, which I don’t agree with. … If 60 or 70 percent of the guys out here are vaccinated I don’t think there’s any issue. …

To be clear – the FDA had already approved the COVID-19 vaccine, before it was authorised to be administered to people, and it had continuously updated people on the known side effects of the approved vaccines, which were mostly mild and transient.

This would not be the first time anti-vaccine activists have thrown one of their own under the “Died Suddenly” bus. Grayson Murray now joins the list of unvaccinated people whose deaths / health problems were falsely blamed on the COVID-19 vaccine, like Kris Jordan, Aaron Carter, Kirstie Alley, Stephan Bonnar, Shane Macaulay, David Wayne Burleson, and Kaden Clymer.

Will these anti-vaccination activists apologise for lying to you? Nope! They will just move on to the next sudden death or injury…

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