WhatsApp Limits Forwarding To ONE CHAT At A Time!

WhatsApp just announced that they will now limit forwarding of messages to ONE chat at a time!


WhatsApp Earlier Limited Forwarding To 5 Chats At A Time

Back in January 2019, WhatsApp started limiting forwarding of messages to 5 chats at a time to limit the spread of fake news.

They did this after a 6-month test in India, “where people forward more messages, photos, and videos than any other country in the world“.

This 5-chat limit reduced the total of forwarded messages globally by 25%.

They also labelled forwarded messages with double arrows  to indicate they did not originate from a close contact.


WhatsApp Now Limits Forwarding To ONE CHAT At A Time!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive surge in forwarded messages, especially fake information and advice that can endanger people’s lives.

So WhatsApp will now limit the forwarding of messages to just ONE CHAT at a time, a severe drop from the 5 chat limit earlier.

We have no idea when they will start doing this though, because our tests on the desktop app, WhatsApp Web and the WhatsApp Android app showed that it is still possible to forward messages to more than one person or group at a time.


Fact Check Before You Forward!

The new WhatsApp limit on forwarding messages can only go so far. It cannot prevent people from forwarding fake news. It can only slow them down.

Do your part by fact checking before you share a message, because it could endanger the lives of people you forward the message to.

Look at how US President Donald Trump indirectly killed one person, and harmed several people, after he falsely claimed that the US FDA had already approved chloroquine to cure / prevent COVID-19.

On our part here in Tech ARP, we will continue to tackle and debunk fake claims or news about COVID-19. Here are some of our articles you can read and forward :


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