How To Get PDF Of Vaccine Certificate In MySejahtera!

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Find out how to generate a PDF of your COVID-19 vaccine certificate in MySejahtera, to download and print!

You can also do it for your vaccine dependents!


COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate : Now Available In PDF!

On 8 October 2021, the Malaysia Ministry of Health released a new version of MySejahtera which adds the ability to generate a PDF version of the digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

This PDF copy of the digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate has TWO QR codes for verification purposes, and is thus DIFFERENT from taking a screenshot (which can be edited).

It is also downloadable, which allows you to print copies for work or travel purposes.

In this video, we will show you how to generate a PDF copy of your digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate, including those of your vaccine dependents!


How To Get PDF Of Vaccine Certificate In MySejahtera!

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine certificate in PDF format, so you can print it!

Step 1 : Make sure you update MySejahtera to version 1.0.48 (or later), which offers these updates :

– PDF download feature for digital vaccination certificate
– Minor bug fixes

Note : Version 1.0.48 was made available for iOS on 8 October 2021, and was finally made available for Android devices on 18 October 2021.

Step 2 : Open MySejahtera, and tap Close on the default check-in screen.

Step 3 : In the main MySejahtera screen, tap on the Profile option at the bottom right corner.

COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate : How To Get PDF + Print!

Step 4 : In your Profile page, scroll down until you see your digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate. You should now see a new Generate PDF icon.

Step 5 : Tap on the Generate PDF icon to generate the PDF file. This message will appear :

Your certificate is being generated. You can download it shortly

COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate : How To Get PDF + Print!

Step 6 : The Generate PDF icon will change to say “Download”. Tap on it to view the PDF copy of your digital vaccine certificate.

Step 7 : You can now tap the Share button to share or print it wirelessly. Alternatively, you can connect your phone to your computer, and download the file, which is stored in the MySejahtera folder.

If you need to look for it, the filename will be “vaccination_yourMyKadnumber“.

COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate : How To Get PDF + Print!

You can also generate the same PDF for your Vaccine Dependents.

  1. Under your Profile page, just keep scrolling until you see the list of Dependents.
  2. Tap on them, and scroll down to locate their digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate.
  3. Then use the same method above to generate a PDF copy of their digital vaccine certificate, which you can then download or print.

Please remember that these PDF versions of the vaccine certificates are VERIFIABLE using their QR codes, unlike screenshots that you may have been using .


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