NVIDIA TensorRT 7 with Real-Time Conversational AI!

NVIDIA just launched TensorRT 7, introducing the capability for Real-Time Conversational AI!

Here is a primer on the NVIDIA TensorRT 7, and the new real-time conversational AI capability!


NVIDIA TensorRT 7 with Real-Time Conversational AI

NVIDIA TensorRT 7 is their seventh-generation inference software development kit. It introduces the capability for real-time conversational AI, opening the door for human-to-AI interactions.

TensorRT 7 features a new deep learning compiler designed to automatically optimise and accelerate the increasingly complex recurrent and transformer-based neural networks needed for AI speech applications.

This boosts the performance of conversational AI components by more than 10X, compared to running them on CPUs. This drives down the latency below the 300 millisecond (0.3 second) threshold considered necessary for real-time interactions.


TensorRT 7 Targets Recurrent Neural Networks

TensorRT 7 is designed to speed up AI models that are used to make predictions on time-series, sequence-data scenarios that use recurrent loop structures (RNNs).

RNNs are used not only for conversational AI speed networks, they also help with arrival time planning for cars and satellites, predictions of events in electronic medical records, financial asset forecasting and fraud detection.

The use of RNN has hitherto been limited to a few companies with the talent and manpower to hand-optimise the code to meet real-time performance requirements.

With TensorRT 7’s new deep learning compiler, developers now have the ability to automatically optimise these neural networks to deliver the best possible performance and lowest latencies.

The new compiler also optimises transformer-based models like BERT for natural language processing.


TensorRT 7 Availability

NVIDIA TensorRT 7 will be made available in the coming days for development and deployment for free to members of the NVIDIA Developer program.

The latest versions of plug-ins, parsers and samples are also available as open source from the TensorRT GitHub repository.


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