Why You Cannot Check-Out Anymore In MySejahtera!

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Find out why you cannot Check-Out anymore in MySejahtera, and what you should do about that!


No More Check-Out Function In MySejahtera!

At the end of December 2021, MySejahtera introduced a new version with MySJ Trace. They also removed the Check-Out function at the same time.

I pointed this out in three of my MySJ Trace articles, but people continued to ask me why they can no longer check out.

So let me say it again – MySejahtera REMOVED the Check-Out function, and REPLACED it with MySJ Trace.

No More Check-Out Function In MySejahtera!

Once you install MySejahtera version 1.1.3 or newer, it will no longer have the Check-Out function. So you really only have two options :

  1. Enable MySJ Trace for accurate contact tracing
  2. Keep MySJ Trace disabled, and forget about the Check-Out function.

MySJ Trace is currently optional, and you can continue to use MySejahtera to check into locations, without using MySJ Trace. You just cannot check out anymore.

If you opt to keep MySJ Trace disabled, please note that you run the risk of being wrongly identified as a Casual Contact or a Close Contact. To avoid that, I strongly advise you to enable MySJ Trace.

Don’t worry about power consumption – it uses Bluetooth Low Energy, and uses very little power.

Don’t worry about the government tracking you – your proximity data is only submitted with your consent.

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What Went Wrong With MySejahtera Check-Out Function

MySejahtera introduced a Check-Out function in September 2021, allowing you to check-out from locations to improve contact tracing.

Using this Check-Out function lets contact tracers eliminate you as a casual or close contact, by determining when you left a certain location where a COVID-19 positive person was present.

However, it was a tedious manual process, because checking in and out of locations do not happen in a linear fashion. So many people ended up not checking out sometimes, or not at all.

This led some people to be wrongly identified as a Casual Contact, or even a Close Contact, of a COVID-19 positive person.

To avoid that problem, and to improve contact tracing, we need a better solution. And that solution is MySJ Trace, which uses Bluetooth technology to determine your close contacts, how close they were and how long you were in close contact.

So please enable MySJ Trace, and keep it running, at least while you are out in public. It will accurately monitor and record your close contacts, so you can help KKM trace them if you get infected with COVID-19.

It will also prevent you from being misidentified as a casual or close contact of a COVID-19 positive person.

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