macOS Catalina – Don’t Upgrade Until You Do This First!

macOS Catalina (or macOS version 10.15) is coming in October 2019, bringing with it a slew of really nice improvements and new features.

However, unlike earlier macOS releases – you need to prepare for macOS Catalina, or you could run into trouble right after the upgrade!


macOS Catalina Requirements

Before we start, make sure you have one of these systems – macOS Catalina will only run on these Mac computers.

  • iMac Pro : All models
  • iMac : Late 2012 or newer
  • Mac Pro : Late 2013 or newer
  • Mac mini : Late 2012 or newer
  • MacBook Pro : Mid 2012 or newer
  • MacBook : Early 2015 or newer
  • MacBook Air : Mid 2012 or newer


macOS Catalina – Don’t Upgrade Until You Do This First!

Unlike earlier versions of macOS, Catalina drops support for 32-bit apps. Therefore, you must check if you are still using any 32-bit apps before you upgrade.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check for 32-bit apps in macOS :

  1. Click on the Apple icon on the top left of the task bar.
  2. Select About This Mac from the pull-down list.

  1. In the Overview screen, click on the System Report… button.

  1. When System Report loads, select Software > Applications from the column on the left.
  2. It will now take a minute or two to scan all of your apps.
  3. Once it loads, you can scroll through all of your apps to look for any that have their 64-Bit (Intel) status marked No.

  1. However, an EASIER method is to locate the 64-Bit (Intel) column, and click on it to list all those marked No at the top.As you can see, quite a number of applications, including those used to setup the actual apps, are still 32-bit apps.

  1. Now, you need to uninstall all those 32-bit apps and replace them with 64-bit versions. Otherwise, they will all fail to work once you upgrade to Catalina!


Why Do You Need To Run This Check Again?

You need to find out what 32-bit apps you are still running, because they will NOT work after you install macOS Catalina.

You will need to upgrade these 32-bit apps with newer 64-bit versions, BEFORE you upgrade to macOS Catalina.


Can’t I Upgrade My Apps After I Upgrade To macOS Catalina?

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It is possible to remove your 32-bit apps and install their 64-bit versions after upgrading to macOS Catalina.

However, you may have trouble removing all of the older components, if the old 32-bit app used an installer.

So we highly recommend that you uninstall all 32-bit apps, and install their 64-bit versions… BEFORE you upgrade to macOS Catalina.


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