MeeTime : Free Voice + Video Calls On HUAWEI Devices!

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Apple has FaceTime, and now, HUAWEI has MeeTime, offering FREE video and voice calls.

Find out what features HUAWEI MeeTime offers over its competitors!


HUAWEI MeeTime : What Is It?

Like Apple FaceTime, HUAWEI MeeTime is a proprietary video and voice service that FREE video and voice calls, albeit only on their respective devices.

HUAWEI MeeTime : Free Video Calls + More!

HUAWEI introduced MeeTime in EMUI 10.1, and it currently works with HUAWEI devices like :

But unlike claims of free Internet and calls through BeiDou, MeeTime actually delivers free voice and video calls.


HUAWEI MeeTime : Key Features

Of course, you can already make free voice and video calls on other apps, like WhatsApp and Telegram. So let’s find out what features HUAWEI MeeTime offers over their competitors :

Feature #1 : Full HD Quality

HUAWEI MeeTime supports video calling at resolutions of up to 1080p (Full HD) – 1920 x 1080 pixels.

And thanks to built-in optimisations (see below), it can maintain that video resolution even with weak cellular or Wi-Fi reception.

Feature #2 : Screen Sharing

HUAWEI MeeTime has a two-way Screen Sharing function that lets users share their screens while chatting, which can be extremely useful.

For instance, you can use it to share what flights you just found with your partner, without sending it as a separate message, or interrupting the chat.

HUAWEI MeeTime 01

Feature #3 : Third Party Support

While HUAWEI MeeTime is a proprietary technology limited to HUAWEI devices, they are encouraging third party vendors to integrate their devices. For example :

  • Kandao Meeting 360° : You can connect your HUAWEI device to this Kandao teleconferencing camera to take advantage of its pro-grade features.
  • Drift Ghost Action Cameras : You can connect your HUAWEI smartphone to a Drift Ghost camera strapped to your vehicle to livestream your adventures.

Feature #4 : Network Adaptation

In poor network conditions, HUAWEI MeeTime dynamically adapts to changes in bandwidth, and uses super resolution technology to compensate for the loss of video quality, in real time.

In addition, it uses the Link Turbo technology to dynamically switch between Wi-Fi and LTE to deliver the best possible speeds, without interruption.

Feature #5 : Low Light Adaptation

HUAWEI MeeTime adapts dynamically to low light conditions, using facial recognition technology and other optimisations.

HUAWEI MeeTime 02

Feature #6 : End-to-End Encryption

In addition to working only on HUAWEI devices, HUAWEI MeeTime requires you to sign-in with a HUAWEI ID.

To assuage concerns of privacy, all calls are encrypted end-to-end by default. This guarantees that no one else can listen into your conversations.


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