Apple Finally Kills iTunes… Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish!

Apple FINALLY kills off iTunes, and the world is a better place for it!

Find out what killing off iTunes means for Apple users, and why we should celebrate its death with champagne and loud cheers!


iTunes Lifeline Finally Cut!

Well, not right away though. That junk software will continue to soldier on until you upgrade to macOS Catalina (macOS 10.15) – their next-generation operating system.

After you upgrade to macOS Catalina, iTunes will no longer exist. Only then you can safely toast its demise with champagne.


iTunes Was A Bloated Piece Of Shit

Honestly, why are some Apple fans so crazy about iTunes, literally crying virtual tears over its impending demise?

That piece of shit should have been canned years ago. Cast in concrete and dropped into the deepest ocean humanity can find.

You guys do know that you can be an Apple fanboy without pretending to love iTunes, right? RIGHT?


Apple Just Cut It Into Three Pieces

I’m ecstatic Apple finally pulled the plug on that bloated, unwieldy junk software, instead of forcing a new version down our throats every year.

I’m just a little sad that they chose to split iTunes into three smaller apps – Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcasts.

Sure, this would finally align macOS devices with their iOS cousins, which already have those apps. But now, you have to use three separate apps to manage your media, instead of just one.

There is also the tendency for those apps to bloat, as Apple adds more features with each iteration.


Wasted Opportunity?

IMHO, Apple could have used this opportunity to reinvent (and revolutionise?) how we manage and use media.

Instead of killing iTunes, perhaps they should have created a completely new unified app, with a different concept and UI… and a new name.

Not only is the iTunes name now irrevocably associated with user frustration, it is also incongruous with what iTunes has become.


The BEST Part About Killing iTunes

The BEST part about Apple killing iTunes is something many people somehow missed – you can now backup, update and sync your iOS devices through Finder!

This feature alone is worth upgrading to macOS Catalina at the earliest opportunity, even if Apple did not kill iTunes.

No longer will you have to use iTunes to backup, update and manage files in your iOS devices.

No longer will you be forced to use specific folders to sync your media files with your iOS devices.

No longer will you wonder why iTunes stubbornly refuses to sync certain photos and videos, while syncing all other photos and videos.

Yes, no longer will you have to put up with the piece of shit software called Apple iTunes to use your iOS devices!

If it actually works as advertised, this feature alone will finally see me purchase my first iPad since I sold off my first-generation iPad many years ago.


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