Yes, Yahoo Mail Is Still Alive… And They Have A New App!

Even though many of us have long ditched Yahoo Mail for Gmail, it still commands a significant number of users. And today, they announced a new Yahoo Mail app to break through Gmail’s dominance.


Yes, Yahoo Mail Is Still Alive

Yahoo Mail has been so out of sight, we could be forgiven for thinking that they went extinct or absorbed by another entity, like the once-famous Hotmail.

Yet, Yahoo Mail remains popular amongst the older generation that grew up with it, in spite of Gmail’s dominance.


The New Yahoo Mail App

Today on 24 September 2019, Yahoo launched a new version of their Mail app, that they promise will “redefine the way people use their inboxes in an era of Internet and Inbox overload“.

The new Yahoo Mail app will organise the email clutter for you, and empower you to personalise and control your inboxes, so you can focus on what matters most.

The new app will automatically group your messages into Views, such as Travel and Attachments. It will also let you control email overload by introducing an easy, one-tap unsubscribe tool.

Design refresh and deeper customisation

  • It will have a revamped interface that is built with today’s taller mobile screens in mind allows for intuitive one-hand usage with the new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • The layout will be cleaner, colourful, easier to use, and customisable.
  • Users can also personalise their push notifications to highlight which type of mail they wish to be alerted to (personal vs. promotional) and tailor their inbox with custom colour themes and sounds.
  • There is also a drag and drop interface with fun animations.

Photos and files in one place

  • Now there’s one View that allows easy access and navigation of all mail attachments, including important files, travel documents, event tickets, and photos. The information users need is always at hand.

Industry-leading management of email subscriptions

  • With a View for subscriptions, users can browse the emails they’re subscribed to and unsubscribe from any newsletter with a single tap without leaving the app.

In addition, you can add and use your Gmail and Outlook accounts, making the Yahoo Mail app a multi-purpose inbox for all of your emails.


New Yahoo Mail App Availability

The new Yahoo Mail app will start rolling out progressively starting 24 September 2019, on both Android and iOS.


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