Did Sushmita Sen Get Heart Attack From Vaccine?!

Did Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen almost die from a heart attack caused by the COVID-19 vaccine?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Sushmita Sen Suffered Heart Attack From COVID-19 Vaccine!

After Sushmita Sen revealed that she almost died from a heart attack, people immediately claimed that the Bollywood actress suffered from a COVID-19 vaccine injury!

Steve Kirsch : She’s vaccine injured. Big heart is telltale sign.

Wishing the lovely Sushmita Sen well.
But is she vaxed? Is there a link to the Covid vax and this alarming high rate of young ppl suffering attacks?
A few yrs back it was Puneeth Rajkumar!

And ohso…………………..”suddenly” 💔😪 *Bollywood*
Sushmita Sen reveals she suffered heart attack a few days ago, underwent angioplasty

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Truth : Sushmita Sen Did Not Get Heart Attack From Vaccine!

It’s now tradition for anti-vaccination activists to immediately blame all celebrity deaths or illnesses on the COVID-19 vaccine.

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and propagated by anti-vaccination activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Sushmita Sen Survived Her Heart Attack

Sushmita Sen (born 19 November 1975) is an Indian actress and model who rose to fame after she won the Miss Universe 1994. She then went on to star in many movies as an actress, winning awards along the way.

On 2 March, 2023, Sushmita Sen revealed on Instagram and Facebook that she suffered a heart attack a few days earlier, and survived.

She had angioplasty done, and a stent inserted. She also suggested that her cardiologist confirmed that she had an enlarged heart – cardiomegaly.

“Keep your heart happy & courageous, and it’ll stand by you when you need it the most Shona” 🤗👏❤️ (Wise words by my father @sensubir ) 😍

I suffered a heart attack a couple of days back…Angioplasty done…stent in place…and most importantly, my cardiologist reconfirmed ‘I do have a big heart’ 😉😄❤️

Lots of people to thank for their timely aid & constructive action…will do so in another post! 🤗❤️🙏

This post is just to keep you (my well wishers & loved ones) informed of the good news …that all is well & I am ready for some life again!!! 😇😁🤗❤️🎶💋

I love you guys beyond!!!! #godisgreat #duggadugga 🤗❤️🙏

In a live chat session later, Sushmita Sen told her fans that she is fine after her angioplasty, but shared that 95% of one of her main coronary arteries was blocked“.

She also thanked everyone around her for their quick and prompt action that saved her life when she suffered her heart attack, naming most of them individually. She said she wrote down their names to ensure she did not miss any of them.

She also addressed social media comments about whether physical exercise actually helped people with their health at all.

I know a lot of you will stop going to the gym and say, ‘see, going to the gym did not help her.’ But that is not good. It did help me. I survived a very, very big heart attack.

It was a massive heart attack, with 95 % blockage in one of my main artery. I survived because I kept an active lifestyle. I am very lucky to be on the other side. It doesn’t put fear in me, instead, I now have a feeling of promise to look forward to something.

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Fact #2 : Sushmita Sen Has Long History Of Smoking

While Sushmita Sen is a fitness icon, she also has a long history of smoking. In fact, she is often seen smoking in public.

Smoking and vaping are one of the biggest risk factors in developing heart disease, as Dr Mohit Tandon, Consultant Non Invasive Cardiologist at the Fortis Escorts Hospital in New Delhi explained:

Smoking and vaping have emerged as one of the strongest risk factors in increasing the incidence of heart attacks in the younger demographic, be it men and women.

If you smoke one pack of cigarettes per day, it can more than double the risk of you having a heart attack. And if you think vaping is less harmful, you will be astonished to know that vaping can increase the risk of heart attacks by 34 per cent. E cigarettes contain nicotine which increases heart rate and BP.

Then there is substance abuse which increases the risk of heart-related deaths in the young due to decreased blood supply to the heart or arrhythmias. These continue to be stressors even if you have a regulated fitness routine.

Fact #3 : Sushmita Sen Has Addison’s Disease

Sushmita Sen was diagnosed with Addison’s disease in 2014, an autoimmune disease where the adrenal glands cannot produce enough of the hormones cortisol and aldosterone. She has been dependent on steroids ever since.

Patients with Addison disease have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, especially if they are women. A Swedish study published in June 2019 showed that women with Addison’s disease had significantly higher risk of developing ischaemic heart disease (IHD), but not men. The risk of cardiovascular disease increased with greater steroid doses used to treat Addison’s disease.

The risk of IHD but not CeVD is increased in AAD, especially in women. The risk of CVD independently correlated with greater glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid replacement doses in women. Our data suggest that close monitoring and early treatment of risk factors for CVD, among women in particular, might be warranted.

Although relatively rare, patients with Addison’s disease can also develop dilated cardiomyopathy, causing the heart to enlarge (cardiomegaly).

Fact #4 : Unknown If Sushmita Sen Was Vaccinated Against COVID-19

It is currently unknown if Sushmita Sen was vaccinated against COVID-19, as she never publicly mentioned her vaccination status.

She may not even be vaccinated, as the COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory in India.

Until and unless she reveals her COVID-19 vaccination status, anyone who claims that Sushmita Sen was vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine is likely lying to you.

Fact #5 : COVID-19 Vaccines Cannot Cause Heart Attacks

Just in case there is any doubt, COVID-19 vaccines cannot cause a heart attack. But neither can COVID-19 vaccines prevent people from getting heart attacks, or dying from them.

An acute myocardial infarction (AMI), or a heart attack, occurs when blood supply to the heart muscle is abruptly cut off, usually due to a blockage of one or more coronary arteries.

That’s why Sushmita Sen underwent angioplasty and had a stent inserted – because at least one of her coronary artery was 95% blocked by atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis not only takes years to develop, there is no evidence COVID-19 vaccines can possibly cause arteriosclerosis.

Heart attacks are also very common. People have had heart attacks long before COVID-19 vaccines were invented.

Fact #6 : Claims Of Celebrities Injured By COVID-19 Vaccine Proven False

So far, claims of sudden deaths / injuries due to the COVID-19 vaccine have been proven false at every instance. Here is the latest dozen of other false sudden death claims!

Will these anti-vaccination activists apologise for lying to you? Nope! They will just move on to the next celebrity tragedy…

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