Sinead O’Connor : Autopsy To Determine Cause Of Death!

It is unknown HOW or WHEN Sinead O’Connor died suddenly, and her cause of death will be investigated in an autopsy.

Here is what you need to know about the autopsy that will determine Sinead O’Connor’s official cause of death!


Sinead O’Connor : Was Vaccine Or Suicide Her Cause Of Death?!

Right after news broke that Sinead O’Connor died unexpectedly at just 56 years old, people are claiming that Sinead O’Connor died from the COVID-19 vaccine, while others pointed out that she most likely died from a suicide.

Carl E. Miller : Another fully vaccinated celebrity SINEAD O’CONNOR does [dies] at 56 years old. Of course the vaccine may not be the cause, but it may be the cause too. At least worth noting that she took several doses of an experimental vaccine. Seems reasonable to point that out.

FreedomRises : BREAKING: Irish Musician Sinéad O’Connor has committed suicide at the age of 56

She was most famous for calling out the Roman Catholic Church’s Abuse

Solar Melt : At least double vaxxed, Irish music legend, Sinead O’Connor dead at 56. I guess nothing compares to the vax.
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Sinead O’Connor : Autopsy To Determine Cause Of Death!

For a more details examination of whether Sinead O’Connor died from the COVID-19 vaccine, or committed suicide, please read our article – Did Sinead O’Connor Die Suddenly From Vaccine / Suicide?!

In this article, I will give you the latest updates on how Sinead O’Connor died, and the autopsy that will determine her official cause of death.

Until that autopsy is completed, the truth is – none of us, not the coroner, not even her family, actually knows how Sinead O’Connor died. In fact, we don’t even know when she died! Read on, and you will see what I mean…

Sinead O’Connor Was Found Dead In Her Home

On Wednesday, 26 July 2023, her family announced that Sinead O’Connor died at the age of 56, in a statement to The Irish Times:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Sinéad.

Her family and friends are devastated and have requested privacy at this very difficult time.

Her family did not announce Sinead O’Connor’s cause of death. Neither has it been reported by any legitimate media outlet at that time. However, more details have since emerged.

We now know that Sinead O’Connor was found unresponsive in her flat in Herne Hill, South London at around 11 PM on Wednesday, 26 July 2023. Police officers were called to her home, and pronounced her dead at the scene.

Police were called at 11:18hrs on Wednesday, 26 July to reports of an unresponsive woman at a residential address in the SE24 area. Officers attended. A 56-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Her Death Is Not Being Treated As Suspicious

According to the police statement, it does not appear that she was found by her family, who were informed after the fact. The Metropolitan Police later said that her death was “not being treated as suspicious“.

Next of kin have been notified. The death is not being treated as suspicious. A file will be prepared for the Coroner.

Her Date Of Death Is Unknown

Even though Sinead O’Connor was discovered “unresponsive” and pronounced dead on 26 July 2023, she may have died much earlier.

On Friday, 28 July 2023, the coroner said that the “date of death is unknown“, and UK authorities are trying to establish a timeline leading to the discovery of her body.

A spokesperson for the London Inner South Coroner’s Court said that the Metropolitan Police referred the case to the coroner, and that the “Date of death is unknown“.

That suggests that Sinead O’Connor had likely for some time before her body was discovered on the night of July 26, 2023.

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Coroner Order An Autopsy For Sinead O’Connor

The London Inner South Coroner’s Court said that her cause of death has not been determined, and that an autopsy will be conducted on Sinead O’Connor to determine her official cause of death.

No medical cause of death was given. The coroner therefore directed an autopsy to be conducted. The results of this may not [be] available for several weeks.

In other words – NO ONE, not even the coroner or Sinead O’Connor’s family, knows how Sinead O’Connor died. So anyone who claims that she died from this or that cause is likely lying to you.

An Inquest To Be Determined Later

The London Inner South Coroner’s Court also said that the need for an inquest will be determined after the autopsy results are known, and submissions have been heard from the family.


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