Did Gal Gadot Return To Israel To Fight Hamas?!

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Did Gal Gadot just return to Israel to join the fight against Hamas?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!

Updated @ 2023-11-11 : Added video, and some additional details.
Originally posted @ 2023-11-10


Claim : Gal Gadot Returned To Israel To Fight Hamas!

People are sharing a photo on WhatsApp, Telegram and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which claims / suggests that Gal Gadot just returned to Israel to join the fight against Hamas!

James J. Marlow : Israeli actress Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman in the Hollywood movie turns up at for army service.

The Geopolitical Index : BREAKING: Israeli actress Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman in the Hollywood movie turns up at for army service.

Boiled Anda : Famous Israeli heroine & supper model Gal Gadot, back home to do military service 🤘💪🇮🇱this is called PATRIOTISM ❤️🇮🇱

Raziel conta oficial… : Gal Gadot a mulher maravilha apresentando se ao serviço militar em Israel
Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman, reporting for military service in Israel

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Truth : Gal Gadot Did Not Return To Israel To Fight Hamas!

This is yet another of FAKE NEWS circulating on WhatsApp, Telegram, and social media platforms, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Gal Gadot Just Hosted Hamas Attack Screening

First, I should point out that Gal Gadot has not returned to Israel. She is still in the United States. In fact, she just hosted a controversial short film screening in Los Angeles, on Wednesday night, 8 November 2023.

The short film, which is titled “Bearing Witness to the October 7 Massacre”, was a 43-minute compilation of “extremely graphic and violent” videos that documented “the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th, 2023”.

The private screening was held at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, with some 200 people attending, including an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) official, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, and Hollywood executives.

Despite a heavy police presence, two opposing groups of people ended up clashing outside the event. But Gal Gadot was reportedly not in attendance at that time.

To be clear – Gal Gadot has not returned to Israel for military duty, and is currently still in the United States.

Fact #2 : Gal Gadot Photos Are 18 Years Old!

I should also point out that these photos are very old. They were definitely not taken recently.

Some fact checkers have stated that the photos were taken when Gal Gadot was called up for military service at 18 years old. That’s actually incorrect. The photos of Gal Gadot serving in the Israeli military are about 18 years old.

According to her publicist, Melissa Raubvogel, those photos were taken when Gal Gadot was 20 years old. That would mean they were taken sometime in 2005, not 2023.

Gal was 20 years old.

According to The Washington Post, Gal Gadot participated in the 2006 Lebanon War, which took place between Israel and Hezbollah from 12 July to 14 August 2006. That would confirm that the viral Gal Gadot military service photos were taken in 2005-2006, not in 2003 or 2023.

Fun fact : The viral photo of was taken by photographer Shaul Golan, as confirmed by Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot in 2017.

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Did Gal Gadot Return To Israel To Fight Against Hamas?!

Fact #3 : Gal Gadot Only Served 2 Years In IDF

Like other Israeli citizens, Gal Gadot (born Gal Gadot-Varsano on 30 April 1985) was required to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Military service is compulsory in Israel, with women required to serve for at least 24 months (men serve at least 32 months).

As part of her military service, Gal Gadot would have to learn basic military skills like how to use a gun, which would explain the photo of her posing with an Uzi submachine gun.

But she primarily served as a combat fitness instructor during her mandatory IDF service between 2005 and 2007, attaining the rank of Samal (Sergeant).

After her compulsory military service, she began studying at IDC Herzliya (now Reichman University), while working as a model and actress.

Fact #4 : IDF + Publicist Confirmed She Did Not Rejoin IDF

Just in case you still need convincing, her publicist, Melissa Raubvogel, confirmed that Gal Gadot really, truly did not rejoin the IDF.

She has not joined the Army in 2023.

A spokesperson for the IDF also said that Gal Gadot has not rejoined the Israeli army, and that the photo is “outdated”.

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