Aaron Carter : New Sudden Death Details Revealed!

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Shocking new details have been revealed, offering new clues on how Aaron Carter possibly died in his bathtub!


Aaron Carter : Events Leading To His Death

The last time anyone saw Aaron Carter alive was 2 AM on Friday, November 4, 2022 – just one day before he was found dead.

The police were called to conduct a welfare check, although it was unclear who asked them to so.

His housekeeper – a formerly homeless Ghanaian woman known only as Betty, opened the door, but Aaron told them to leave and asked his housekeeper not to bother him.

The housekeeper did not see Aaron Carter all day Friday, but on Saturday morning, she went to his bedroom door to see if he wanted coffee.

That’s when she heard his dog inside the bedroom going crazy. When she opened the door, she found Aaron’s body in the tub, with the water jets still running.

She called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at around 11 AM on Saturday, November 5, to report that she found him drowned in his tub.

Two neighbours who went to assist her, heard screaming, “He’s dead, he’s dead”

I have a police scanner for work and heard the call come in that there was an unresponsive male in the bathtub.

My wife is a nurse and we headed over and banged on the door, she had her AED [automated external defibrillator] with her.

A woman answered the door and was screaming, ‘He’s dead, he’s dead,’ but wouldn’t let us in because she’d already called the cops.

– Tony Cheval, a local photojournalist

Homicide detectives were dispatched to his house at 4200 LA Vista Drive in Lancaster, California, where they found him dead in his bathtub.

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Aaron Carter : Autopsy + Cause of Death Deferred!


Aaron Carter Was Likely Huffing Before His Death

Law enforcement officers believe that Aaron died in the bathtub for a long time, as there was a smell of decomposition, and the water had turned an unnatural colour.

Police officers said that there was no evidence of foul play at this time. However, they found multiple cans of compressed air in Aaron Carter’s bathroom and bedroom, as well as bottles of prescription pills.

Aaron Carter’s PR aide, Holly Davidson, later told DailyMail that he was huffing computer duster spray.

This form of inhalant abuse can cause permanent brain damage, as well as seizures, coma and even sudden cardiac arrest. It can also cause asphyxiation by displacing oxygen in the lungs, with the inhalant.

Aaron Carter admitted on a 2019 episode of The Doctors that he was addicted to huffing compressed air. He even claimed that his late sister, Leslie Carter, introduced him to the habit, before fatally overdosing in January 2012, at the age of 25.

In September, some of his fans actually called the police to conduct a welfare check on him, after they suspected he was doing drugs. Halfway through a livestream, he turned off the camera but his fans could hear “spraying and inhaling going on in the background”.

It seems quite likely that Aaron Carter may have accidentally overdosed or asphyxiated while huffing on compressed air. Although he had mental health issues, no suicide note was found.

4.5 months after his autopsy was conducted, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner released his final autopsy results, certifying that he died from drowning after being incapacitated by alprazolam and difluoroethane gas. Needless to say, the COVID-19 vaccine did not kill Aaron Carter.

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Aaron Carter : New Sudden Death Details Revealed!


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