What Aaron Carter’s Last Texts To Sonya Cruz Reveal!

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Take a look at the last text messages between Aaron Carter and Sonya Cruz, and find out what they reveal!


Aaron Carter Texted Sonya Cruz Before He Died

The last time anyone saw Aaron Carter alive was 2 AM on Friday, November 4, 2022 – just one day before he was found dead.

At that time, the police came to conduct a welfare check. His housekeeper – a formerly homeless Ghanaian woman known only as Betty, opened the door, but Aaron told them to leave and asked his housekeeper not to bother him.

The housekeeper did not see Aaron Carter all day Friday, but on Saturday morning, she went to his bedroom door to see if he wanted coffee.

That’s when she heard his dog inside the bedroom going crazy. When she opened the door, she found Aaron’s body in the tub, with the water jets still running.

She called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at around 11 AM on Saturday, November 5, to report that she found him drowned in his tub.

But what we didn’t know earlier was that swimsuit model, Sonya Cruz, was the last person to communicate with Aaron Carter, just hours before he died.

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What Aaron Carter's Last Texts To Sonya Cruz Reveal!


What Aaron Carter’s Last Texts To Sonya Cruz Reveal!

On Monday, 14 November 2022, Sonya Cruz revealed that Aaron Carter texted her in the hours leading to his death, asking her to go over. He even offered to pay for her Uber and drive her back later.

His Instagram messages to her were quite revealing – he sounded intoxicated, literally “slurring” in his texts.

You shouodnsee me soon


Like tomorrow

My placeee

Ok sweetheart

Or you could just coke now


I’ll Uber you and drive you back whatever.

The 24 year-old swimsuit model replied that they would “talk tomorrow after you get up“, and signed off with “xox“.

That would never happen because he would be found dead next morning, surrounded by compressed air cans used for huffing.

His PR aide, Holly Davidson, later revealed that Aaron Carter had been huffing computer duster spray.

What Aaron Carter's Last Texts To Sonya Cruz Reveal!

The odd syntax and typos in his messages strongly suggest that Aaron Carter was intoxicated on inhalants from the compressed air cans while he was typing them to Sonya Cruz.

Sonya did not seem to realise that Aaron was high on inhalants, or perhaps, she was just used to it. She has only known Carter for a few months, but told DailyMail that she regretted “not spending more time when he would ask to“.

I do regret not spending more time when he would ask to. I just had no idea something like this would happen and and did think he would always be in my life.

He was a complete angel and very kind. May he rest in peace.

The messages also suggest that while Aaron Carter may have his mental health issues, he was not suicidal. If nothing else, he was looking forward to meeting up with Sonya Cruz the next day.

Until his deferred autopsy results are revealed, all evidence so far points to an accidental overdose of inhalant as Aaron Carter’s cause of death. Certainly not the COVID-19 vaccine as many antivaxxers are claiming.

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