US Intel : Xi Jinping Won’t Accept Western Vaccines!

According to US intelligence, Chinese President Xi Jinping is still unwilling to accept Western vaccines to fight recent surges in COVID-19 infections!


US Intel : Xi Jinping Won’t Accept Western Vaccines!

Speaking at the annual Reagan National Defense Forum in California, US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said that Chinese President Xi Jinping is unwilling to accept Western vaccines despite the recent surges in COVID-19 infections.

[Xi Jinping] is unwilling to take a better vaccine from the West, and is instead relying on a vaccine in China that’s just not nearly as effective against Omicron.

Seeing protests and the response to it is countering the narrative that he likes to put forward, which is that China is so much more effective at government.

It’s, again, not something we see as being a threat to stability at this moment, or regime change or anything like that. How it develops will be important to Xi’s standing.

Avril Haines’ comments corroborate what US officials have said earlier. The White House said earlier in the week that China had not asked the United States for vaccines.

One US official also told Reuters there was “no expectation at present” that China would approve western vaccines.

It seems fairly far-fetched that China would greenlight western vaccines at this point. It’s a matter of national pride, and they’d have to swallow quite a bit of it if they went this route.

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China Relaxes Zero COVID, But Western Vaccines Are Critical!

The Chinese government recently relaxed some of its Zero COVID policies, lifting some lockdown measures and restrictions in major cities.

Chinese Vice Premiere Sun Chunlan also told health officials to take a “human-centred approach”, and called for China to enhance its “diagnosis, testing, treatment and quarantine” measures, while boosting vaccination rates especially for its senior citizens”.

However, if US intelligence is correct that President Xi Jinping refuses to accept Western vaccines, it will be difficult for China to open up without a significant number of its citizens being hospitalised or dying from COVID-19.

China has, so far, refused to approve any foreign COVID-19 vaccines, relying exclusively on its domestic vaccines, which have been far less efficacious from the start.

They are now even less effective against the highly-contagious Omicron variant, which would likely mean in many more cases of breakthrough infections.

Even worse – with so few infections in the past three years, there is less opportunity to boost immunity for Chinese citizens vaccinated with less efficacious vaccines from Sinovac and Sinopharm.

While many countries around the world have started opening up after achieving a reasonable amount of vaccinations coupled with infections, it will be very difficult (if not impossible) for China to do the same without introducing booster doses using more efficacious Western vaccines.

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