WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video + Pictorial Guide!

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The WTCKL vaccination centre was just tripled to serve 8,100 people per day, but it can be chaotic because of the crowd!

Here is a video and pictorial guide on what to expect, and what to do, at the WTCKL vaccination centre.

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WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video Guide!

The AstraZeneca vaccination centre at WTCKL originally only had the capacity to serve 2,400 people per day.

That vaccination capacity has been more than tripled to 8,100 people, starting Saturday, 15 May 2021.

To cater for the expanded capacity, they introduced a new process, so please follow this video guide so you know how to get around in the WTCKL vaccination centre!


Check MySejahtera For Your Station At WTCKL!

There are THREE (3) stations (think of them as processing lines) at WTCKL. The video used Station 1 as an example.

The video does not mention this, but your Station number is already assigned in your MySejahtera vaccination appointment.

Please follow the station number that is assigned to you in MySejahtera. If you are assigned Station 1, then enter through Station 1.

MySejahtera Vaccination Station


New WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Pictorial Guide

The WTCKL vaccination centre will begin operation at 9 AM, and administer the last shot by 8:30 PM.

It is very well-managed inside, but it can be really chaotic outside, because it looks like they fail to cater to possibility that people would come early and crowd outside!

So here is a pictorial guide on what to expect when you get there.

Before You Leave

Before you leave, please bring any medication you may want to ask the doctor about, as well as a pen and if possible, something stiff to write on.

It can be really hot and humid in the afternoon, so please bring some water too in case you need to queue up.

And obviously, please wear a FACE MASK! 😀

Getting There + Parking!

If you are getting there, you can look for WTCKL or PWTC in Google Maps or Waze. Some of the signboards have not been updated, and will still show PWTC.

There is ample parking at the WTCKL, but you will find people parking along the road, so slow down because there are people walking on the road, or they may just open their doors…

WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video + Pictorial Guide!

If you are concerned about the parking costs, it’s RM 4 for the first hour, and RM 2 per hour subsequently. If your appointment is after 5 PM, then you only pay a flat rate of RM 5.

Some find this parking rate expensive, but seriously – the vaccination is FREE, and it’s the monsoon season, so I recommend that you park indoors!

WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video + Pictorial Guide!

They sealed the staircases and elevators, so you have to walk out of the parking lot to head to the main entrance.

I’m sure there is at least one lift for the disabled, but I didn’t locate it.

WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video + Pictorial Guide!

Where To Go?

When you reach the main entrance of WTCKL, you could see a huge crowd of people just waiting around.

DO NOT WAIT there with them!

Senior citizens and adults with disabilities should head straight for the entrance, or the contingent of police and RELA officers, to get priority entry.

WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video + Pictorial Guide!

WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video + Pictorial Guide!

Everyone else should head to the RIGHT of the main entrance and QUEUE UP.

Unfortunately, there are no signs or lane dividers. Counterintuitively, the Station (processing lane) queues are in reverse order!

This was the order on the first day, which could change, so please ask the police or RELA officer there.

They will also tell you which time slot is now queueing up. If you are NOT in the time slot, then you cannot queue up yet.

WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video + Pictorial Guide!

Once your Station and time slot is called, your line will move forward to the main entrance.

Here, volunteers will check to make sure you have the right vaccination appointment – the right station and time slot, and check your temperature.

Inside, you will be corralled into an air-conditioned holding area in the hall just inside.

This appears to be the original queue area that they planned for, with proper physical distancing markers.

Volunteers will tell you when it’s your turn to move out of this area and queue up to be let in.

This time, the stations are arranged from left to right – Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3.

Once your station is called, you will be led to another holding area to sit for a short while.

This is where you have to use MySejahtera to scan the QR code to check-in.

After going up two flights of escalators, you will arrive at Dewan Merdeka.

Just outside, you will be asked to scan your forehead temperature again, and you can use the hand sanitiser under the scanner if you wish.

Inside Dewan Merdeka, you will line up according to your Station for your turn to receive three copies of your queue number and your consent forms.

After your queue number is called, you will be seated in this area, where you will have some time to fill in the consent forms.

Please DO NOT SIGN them yet. You will only sign them after the doctor has explained the risks and benefits, and you have the opportunity to ask your questions.

There is no table and the volunteers do not have many pens to pass out, so if possible, bring your own pen and something to write on.

The volunteers will call for each row to stand up and head to the next hall. Just follow the line until you reach the end.

Here, a volunteer will let small groups of people in to seat in this waiting area, before you are individually assigned a station to register for your vaccination.

At the registration counter, you will use MySejahtera to scan the QR code to ascertain that you are now registering for your COVID-19 vaccination.

The volunteer will also check your MyKad / passport and key it into the system.

WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video + Pictorial Guide!

You will be assigned to a station with a doctor, who will explain to your group the risks and benefits of the COVID-19 vaccination.

This is where you can ask him/her any questions about the vaccine, your health or any medication you may be taking.

The doctor will also point out that you can continue with your daily life without any restrictions after your vaccination, and that you can report any symptoms you may experience in the MySejahtera app.

After all your doubts are cleared, you may sign your consent forms, and he will stamp and sign them too.

You will then be seated in this adjoining area to wait for your vaccination.

The volunteers will call up your queue number, and assign you to a vaccination room.

Each vaccination room has two vaccination stations. They may look intimidating in their PPE, but they are very friendly, so don’t be shy and say hi!

If you wish, you can ask to take a look at the vial to make sure you are getting the right vaccine. Heck, take a photo while you are at it!

To be frank, I didn’t even feel the needle! That’s because it’s a very small intramuscular needle.

Here is a tip if you are afraid of the pain, or anxious. Try to take pictures or selfies during the process. You won’t even notice the needle going in! 😀

It’s over before you know it, and on leaving the vaccination room, you will be asked to use MySejahtera to scan the QR code just outside to confirm that you just received your vaccination.

Then head for the exit which will bring you to this observation area below.

Hand over your consent forms to the volunteers there, and have a seat!

After about 15 minutes, they will call your queue number, and give you one copy of your consent form, with your physical vaccination card stapled to it.

You will then be asked to listen to a recorded message informing you that your next dose will be given 8-12 weeks later.

After that, you are free to leave! But don’t forget to take a photo just outside and share it with your family and friends!

WTCKL Vaccination Centre : A Video + Pictorial Guide!

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