Why You Should Only Buy Genuine Dr Clo Disinfectant Sticks!

Find out why you should only use genuine Dr Clo disinfectant sticks, and how to identify the real deal!

And don’t forget to WARN your family and friends about counterfeit disinfectant sticks!


Why You Should Only Buy Genuine Dr Clo Disinfectant Sticks!

There are many chlorine dioxide products in the market, but Dr Clo disinfectant sticks have superseded them to become the market leader.

Unfortunately, that has led to a proliferation of counterfeit disinfectant sticks that could put your life at risk, so Dr Clo Malaysia reached out to us for help to warn you all.

Here are some reasons why you should only buy genuine Dr Clo disinfectant sticks :

Reason #1 : Guaranteed Safe ClO2 Concentration

Dr Clo disinfectant sticks have been designed to emit chlorine dioxide at just 0.01-0.02 ppm, which is 10X below the ClO2 exposure limits set by NIOSH and OSHA in the United States.

They are able to do this by emitting chlorine dioxide through their special porous body, instead of a single hole like counterfeit products.

Dr Clo even shared with us a document on their internal measurement of chlorine dioxide, showing ClO2 readings of 0.01 ppm and 0.02 ppm.

Counterfeit disinfectant sticks cannot deliver this safe rate of chlorine dioxide emission, because they have a regular plastic body with a large hole to emit the chlorine dioxide.

Not only do they not provide even emission of ClO2, they have to emit much larger concentration from their single exit hole to achieve the same coverage.

Reason #2 : Long Lifespan

Dr Clo disinfectant sticks are filled with enough chlorine dioxide to deliver up to 50 days of non-stop coverage (without exposure to direct sunlight or high temperature).

Even in direct sunlight or in high temperature conditions, they will last at least 30-40 days.

In a perfect environment – like a fridge where it is enclosed and cool with no exposure to sunlight – they can even last up to 3 months!

Counterfeit disinfectant sticks certainly do not last as long. In fact, there’s no way to know how long they actually last!

Reason #3 : Built-In Indicator

Dr Clo disinfectant sticks have a built-in indicator that tells you when they empty.

Once activated, the indicator will gradually turn yellowish to show that it’s actively emitting ClO2. Once it becomes transparent again, this indicates that it is starting to run low.

You can replace it immediately, but the stick will still emit ClO2 for another 7-10 days, giving you time to purchase replacements.

Counterfeit disinfectant sticks lack this indicator, so it is virtually impossible to know when they run out!

Reason #4 : Korean Quality

Dr Clo disinfectant sticks are all manufactured in South Korea, and subject to stringent quality controls by the NON Corporation.

Counterfeit disinfectant sticks may look like the real deal, but do you really know what they contain?

Reason #5 : Product Liability Insurance

Dr Clo disinfectant sticks are all covered by a Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance product liability insurance (82013139323) worth KRW 500,000,000 – about US$432 thousand or RM 1.8 million!

Counterfeits and copies are, of course, not covered by such liability insurance – yet another reason to stay far away from them!

Now that you know WHY you must only buy genuine Dr Clo disinfectant sticks, find out HOW to identify the real deal!


How To Identify Genuine Dr Clo Disinfectant Sticks!

If you purchase Dr Clo disinfectant sticks online, make sure you check the box. Every genuine Dr Clo disinfectant stick sold online will have a unique QR code sticker.

If you don’t see this QR code sticker, then this is a counterfeit disinfectant stick.

But please note that Dr Clo disinfectant sticks sold at big chain retailers and pharmacies like Watson’s may lack these QR codes, but are all genuine.

Make sure you check the QR code using any QR code scanner. If it is a genuine Dr Clo disinfectant stick, you will be directed to a page that confirms it’s a genuine product :

Dr Clo disinfectant sticks are also ALL made in Korea by NON, and will usually have its US FDA registration and international patent number printed on the box.

If you come across a disinfectant stick that’s made by a different manufacturer, or a different country – that’s a sure sign that it’s a counterfeit or a copy.

Finally, only genuine Dr Clo disinfectant sticks will come with a built-in indicator. This is not only important to let you know when it runs out, it is a sure sign you have a genuine disinfectant stick.

Counterfeit or copies of the Dr Clo disinfectant sticks do NOT have this indicator. Make sure you steer clear of them!

Now that you know HOW to identify genuine Dr Clo disinfectant sticks, find out WHERE to buy the real deal!


Where To Buy Genuine Dr Clo Disinfectant Sticks!

Here in Malaysia, you can buy genuine Dr Clo disinfectant sticks from these authorised retailers :


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