When Can You Get Vaccinated After COVID-19 Infection?

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WHEN should you get vaccinated, after recovering from a COVID-19 infection?

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Should You Get Vaccinated After COVID-19 Infection?

Those who recover from a COVID-19 infection usually gain significant protection from further infections, but that protection isn’t foolproof or long-lasting.

Hence, it is recommended that those who recover from COVID-19 should still get vaccinated, to ensure lasting protection.

But WHEN exactly can you get vaccinated against COVID-19?

COVID-19 why vaccinate after recovery


When Can You Get Vaccinated After COVID-19 Infection?

You would be surprised about when you can actually get vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19 infection.

Completed Recovered From COVID-19 Infection

The truth is you can get vaccinated as soon as you have completely recovered from an COVID-19 infection!

According to the US CDC, you have to wait until you have recovered from COVID-19 and no longer need to be isolated, before getting your COVID-19 vaccine.

This guidance also applies to those who got infected with COVID-19 before getting their second dose of the vaccine.

COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibodies / Convalescent Plasma

There is only one exception – people who received monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma as part of their COVID-19 treatment.

They should only get vaccinated after at least 90 days, to prevent those passive antibodies from interfering with the vaccine-induced immune response.

Non-COVID-19 Antibody Therapies

People who received antibody therapies that are NOT specific to COVID-19 – intravenous immunoglobulin, RhoGAM, etc. – can get vaccinated as soon as they have fully recovered from their COVID-19 infection.

Antiviral Therapies

People who received antiviral drugs like Remdesivir during the treatment of COVID-19 can get vaccinated as soon as they have fully recovered from their COVID-19 infection.

When Can You Get Vaccinated After COVID-19 Infection?


Why Do Some Countries Recommend Waiting 90 Days?

Some countries recommend waiting 90 days, or even longer, before you get vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19.

This is partly done out of an abundance of caution, because the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in people who fully recovered from COVID-19 have not been fully investigated.

This is also partly because supply of vaccines are extremely limited in those countries, and should be prioritised to protect people who have not been infected yet.

Dr. Kate O’Brien (Director of WHO Immunisation, Vaccines and Biologicals) explains that in this short video.

It makes sense to delay vaccination for those who have recovered from COVID-19, as they would have significant protective antibodies for the next 6 months.

Even so, natural immunity from a COVID-19 infection will wane over time, and people who recovered from COVID-19 can get reinfected.

So it is still important to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Please register for your COVID-19 vaccination. It may be delayed, but you will get it eventually.


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