Victoria Cardiac Arrest Surge Linked To COVID Vaccines?!

Are the “unprecedented surges” in cardiac arrest cases in Victoria linked to COVID-19 vaccines?

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Cardiac Arrest Surge In Victoria Linked To COVID Vaccines!

Anti-vaccine activists are sharing an article by The Epoch Times, as evidence that the “unprecedented surges” in cardiac arrest cases in Victoria is somehow linked to COVID-19 vaccines!

Here is an excerpt from that article by The Epoch Times:

Unprecedented Surges in Cardiac Arrest Cases in Victoria, Australia: Exploring the Potential Vaccine Link

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Cardiac Arrest Surge In Victoria Not Linked To COVID Vaccines!

Let’s take a look at the surges in cardiac arrest cases in Victoria, and find out why they are not linked to COVID-19 vaccines!

Fact #1 : Myocarditis Is Not Cardiac Arrest

First, I should point out that myocarditis is not the same thing as a cardiac arrest. Both conditions affect the heart, but they are completely different heart problems.

Myocarditis is the inflammation of the heart muscle, and is a side effect of COVID-19 infections, and a rare side effect of mRNA vaccines. People with myocarditis may not have any symptoms, or may present with chest pain, shortness of breath, and/or palpitations.

Cardiac arrest, on the other hand, is an electrical problem that causes the heart to stop beating completely. People who suffer a cardiac arrest will collapse immediately and lose consciousness, as we have seen with many young athletes like Christian Eriksen, as well as children like Jackson Mohr.

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Fact #2 : Victoria Report Does Not Link Vaccines To Cardiac Arrest

The Epoch Times article is based on the Victorian Ambulance Cardiac Arrest Registry 2020-2021 Annual Report (PDF).

If you look at the report, you will realise that it does not link COVID-19 vaccines to the increase in cardiac arrest. In fact, the word “vaccine” does not appear to feature in the report at all. In fact, the reported data does not even include COVID-19 vaccination status.

So I’m not sure why anyone would link this report on sudden cardiac arrest cases in Victoria, Australia, to COVID-19 vaccines. Nothing in the report would suggest such a link.

Fact #3 : Cardiac Arrest Cases Rising Over Past Decade

The report also pointed out that the incidence of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) cases has been steadily rising over the past decade.

This clearly shows that the increase has nothing to do with COVID-19 vaccination, which only began in February 2021 in Australia.

This chart also shows that there was no “spike” in the incidence of cardiac arrest cases in Victoria. There is just an increasing trend over the past 10 years.

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Fact #4 : Not All Cases Were Cardiac-Related

On top of that, almost ⅓ of the adult cardiac arrest cases were not cardiac-related. They were caused by trauma (car crashes, falls, shooting / stabbing), respiratory, overdose/poisoning, terminal illness, or hanging and other causes.

In children, only 14% were cardiac-related. The vast majority – 86% of cardiac arrest cases – were caused by respiratory arrests, drowning and trauma.

So how is it possible for anyone to conclude or even suggest that these cardiac arrest cases were somehow linked to COVID-19 vaccines?

Fact #5 : Vaccines Not Linked To Cardiac Arrest

It is odd that the article would suggest in its title that there might be a link between the surge in cardiac arrest cases in Victoria, with the COVID-19 vaccines.

I should point out that there is no evidence that any COVID-19 vaccine causes cardiac arrest.  In fact, an August 2023 study that was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed “no evidence for an increase in sudden cardiac arrest or an increase in myocarditis in athletes after COVID-19 vaccination“:

We analyzed all of the studies we could find. Including one from Australia that included more than four million people. There researchers found that neither the rates of sudden cardiac arrest nor the rates of myocarditis as cause for cardiac arrest increased after vaccination. Myocarditis occurs most often in young people, especially in men

Fact #6 : COVID-19 Infections Linked To Myocarditis

What the article may not tell you is that COVID-19 infections are known to cause myocarditis. A September 2021 report by the CDC pointed out that COVID-19 patients have nearly 16X the risk of developing myocarditis:

During March 2020–January 2021, patients with COVID-19 had nearly 16 times the risk for myocarditis compared with patients who did not have COVID-19, and risk varied by sex and age.

The findings in this report underscore the importance of implementing evidence-based COVID-19 prevention strategies, including vaccination, to reduce the public health impact of COVID-19 and its associated complications.

Fact #7 : Myocarditis Is Not Common Cause Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

It is also odd that the article lede would be about the “causal relationship between vaccines and myocarditis”, followed by the claim that myocarditis is a common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young individuals.

For one thing – myocarditis is not a common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young individuals. An August 2019 study published in the Forensic Sciences Research journal detailed how autopsies revealed that myocarditis was present only in 6% of people who died from sudden cardiac death.

The most common cause of sudden cardiac death is actually coronary artery disease, which accounts for up to 80% of all deaths. Cardiomyopathies due to obesity, alcoholism, and fibrosis, as well as genetic channelopathies account for most of the remaining causes.

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