COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Turbo Skin Cancer – Melanoma?!

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Does the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine cause turbo skin cancer called melanoma?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Turbo Skin Cancer – Melanoma!

Anti-vaccine activists are sharing and/or promoting an X (formerly Twitter) post, which claimed / suggested that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine causes turbo skin cancer called melanoma!

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COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Turbo Skin Cancer - Melanoma?!


No Evidence COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Turbo Cancer / Melanoma

Let’s take a closer look at the claims, and find out what the facts really are!

Fact #1 : Photos Were From Years Before COVID-19

First, I should point out that the three shocking photos used in the X post were taken years before the COVID-19 pandemic, and long before the mRNA vaccines were invented.

  • Left photo : Stock photo from 2011 (link)
  • Upper right photo : Malignant Melanoma chapter of the 2014 edition of Clinical Atlas of Skin Tumours (link)
  • Lower right photo : 2011 paper on malignant melanoma metastases (link)

Many thanks to Dr. Eric Burnett, MD and BrainbellJangler for quickly identifying the photos.

Fact #2 : Photos Unrelated To mRNA Vaccine

To be clear – none of the three photos shown show melanoma caused by any vaccine, including the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Left photo : Metastatic melanoma in a white male patient. The caption even states that the “main cause of melanoma is exposure to ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.
  • Upper right photo : Cutaneous metastases of melanoma. The number of lesions here may be in the hundreds and some lesions may be grouped as seen here, and the surface of some lesions may be eroded or ulcerated. (link)
  • Lower right photo : Clinical features of local recurrences that are defined as the reappearance of
    melanoma in or contiguous with an excision scar or graft and bearing an in situ component.

Ultimately – those are old photos of metastatic secondaries from malignant melanoma that were not caused by any COVID-19 vaccine, whether using mRNA technology or otherwise.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Turbo Skin Cancer - Melanoma?!

Fact #3 : No Evidence Those People Were Vaccinated

There is no evidence that any of those people listed in the X post were vaccinated. The creator certainly offered no evidence to back up the claim / suggestion that those people received COVID-19 vaccines, never mind COVID-19 vaccines of the mRNA kind.

If the creator has no evidence that those people who developed melanoma even received an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in the first place, how does he know that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine caused their melanoma?

Fact #4 : No Increase In Melanoma Deaths

Anyone who checks the CDC Wonder system will quickly discover that there is no increase in melanoma deaths for young people.

I ran the check myself for deaths caused by malignant melanoma, for people who were 20 to 34 years old, and here were the results:

Year Melanoma Deaths
(20-34 years old)
Crude Rate
Per 100K
2018 141 0.2
2019 138 0.2
2020 123 0.2
2021 112 0.2
2022 128 0.2

As you can see, about 130 young people between 20 and 34 years in age die every year in the United States from malignant melanoma. That’s a crude rate of 0.2 per 100,000 people.

The total number of young people dying from malignant melanoma actually DROPPED in 2021 and 2022 – after the COVID-19 vaccines were introduced. Does that mean that the COVID-19 vaccines actually protect against melanoma?

Of course, not! But the CDC Wonder statistics definitely show that there has been no increase in deaths from melanoma since the COVID-19 vaccines were introduced.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Turbo Skin Cancer - Melanoma?!

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