Is Australia Building mRNA Vaccine Cardiac Arrest Registry?!

Is Australia building the world’s largest sudden cardiac arrest registry to solve the mystery of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine sudden cardiac deaths?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Australia Is Building mRNA Vaccine Cardiac Arrest Registry!

People are sharing a post on X (formerly Twitter), which claims or suggests that Australia is building the world’s largest sudden cardiac arrest registry to solve the mystery of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine sudden cardiac deaths!

It’s a very long post, so feel free to skip right to the next section for the facts!

William Makis MD : Australia is building World’s Largest Sudden Cardiac Arrest Registry to solve the “mystery” of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Sudden Cardiac Deaths

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Truth : Australia Sudden Cardiac Registry Not Related To mRNA Vaccine!

This appears to be yet another example of FAKE NEWS circulating on X (formerly Twitter), and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Australia Cardiac Arrest Deaths Unchanged For 40 Years

According to the 9News article that was the basis for this claim, more than 25,000 Australians experience a cardiac arrest every year. What the viral post does not mention is that this has been going on for many years, and certainly long before COVID-19 vaccines were approved.

In fact, the incidence of cardiac arrest deaths has remained “largely unchanged in the past 40 yearsaccording to the End Unexplained Cardiac Death (EndUCD) organisation:

The UCD under 50 death rate has remained largely unchanged in the past 40 years.

Cardiovascular deaths have declined dramatically fro Australians over the age of 50, driven by the message of healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise. Unfortunately these factors do not provide protection against UCD under 50.

Fact #2 : Australia Cardiac Arrest Deaths Not Attributed To mRNA Vaccines

The same 9News article pointed out that doctors have been unable to determine the cause of up to 40% of these sudden cardiac arrests. However, it never once mentioned mRNA vaccines as a cause.

In fact, the 9News article shared the story of Bryan Maris who died suddenly in his sleep from a cardiac arrest. His sudden cardiac arrest death was not attributed to the mRNA vaccine, but was attributed to a genetic condition called Brugada syndrome, which can cause fast, irregular heartbeats.

His wife, Jessica Maris, said that a simple electrocardiogram at the right time could have saved her husband’s life. Their son, Jack, also had Brugada’s syndrome, which was detected in a screening after his father died:

Jack has been identified as having Brugada thanks to the screening that took place because of Bryan; I would’ve loved to have identified Bryan; and not needed to have had a sudden cardiac arrest in the family to be able to identify when a family member is at risk of sudden cardiac arrest

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Fact #3 : CODEX-SD Isn’t First Australian Cardiac Arrest Registry

The CODEX-SD Registry may be the world’s largest cardiac arrest registry, but it isn’t the first cardiac arrest registry in Australia.

The EndUCD Registry started operation in 2019before the COVID-19 pandemic, and about two years before the first mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 was ever approved!

That’s because many Australians have been suffering from cardiac arrests every year, long before mRNA vaccines were invented.

Fact #4 : US CARES Registry Started In 2004

Unexplained sudden cardiac arrest deaths have long afflicted people all over the world, long before any mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 was ever invented, never mind approved.

In fact, the US CDC and the Department of Emergency Medicine at Emory University established the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) in 2004, as a way to better improve the survival of cardiac arrest victims.

The truth is – sudden cardiac arrest isn’t something new. It has been killing people long before COVID-19 vaccines were invented.

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