12 Vaccinated UK Citizens Died From COVID-19 : The Truth?

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Is it true that 12 fully-vaccinated UK citizens just died from the Indian (Delta) variant of COVID-19?

Find out what the FACTS are, and what it REALLY MEANS.


12 Vaccinated UK Citizens Died From COVID-19 : The Big Scare!

A Metro UK news report has gone viral with its scary title – 12 people who died with Indian Covid variant in UK were fully vaccinated.

It was widely shared on WhatsApp as evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are useless against the Indian (Delta) variant of COVID-19.

12 Vaccinated UK Citizens Died From COVID-19 : The Truth


12 Vaccinated UK Citizens Died From COVID-19 : The Truth!

The article itself isn’t wrong, but it does not accurately tell the story.

Not that it really mattered – most people only read the title, and never bothered to read the article.

Almost one third of people in the UK who have so far died from the Indian variant had received both their vaccinations.

Just weeks before England aimed to scrap coronavirus regulations for good, the variant – now officially named ‘Delta’ – has caused cases to soar, sparking fears of another wave of the disease.

But infection numbers are not necessarily what will delay ‘Freedom Day’ on June 21, as scientists will analyse the number of people being hospitalised and dying from the virus.

A new report from Public Health England (PHE) shows out of the 42 British people known to have died with the Delta variant, 12 of them (29%) were fully vaccinated with two doses.

Fact #1 : COVID-19 Vaccines Are Highly Effective Against Delta Variant

In the 14 June 2021 press release, Public Health England pointed out that their new analysis showed for the first time that “2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective against hospitalisation from the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant.

  • the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is 96% effective against hospitalisation after 2 doses
  • the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is 92% effective against hospitalisation after 2 doses

Yet, Metro UK chose to highlight the fact that 12 UK citizens died from the Delta variant, even pointing out that 29% of those who died were fully vaccinated.

12 Vaccinated UK Citizens Died From COVID-19 : The Truth

Fact #2 : Far More Unvaccinated People Would Have Died From COVID-19

COVID-19 has a mortality rate that ranges from 0.25% to 10%, with an average of about 2.2% (as of 11 June 2021).

As of 13 June 2021, the United Kingdom fully vaccinated 29,973,779 people.

If those 29.9 million people were not vaccinated and were all infected, some 659,000 people would have died from COVID-19 (based on the average mortality of 2.2%).

Of course, the true number of deaths prevented is also based on the prevalence of COVID-19 in the population. Not everyone will be infected after all.

Public Health England estimated that vaccinations have prevented at least 14,000 deaths in people age 60 years or older. That’s not including people younger than 60!

So when anyone “warns” you about 12 fully-vaccinated people dying from COVID-19, remember that FAR MORE would have died if they were not vaccinated.

UK vaccination numbers 13 June 2021

Fact #3 : Vaccine Breakthrough Infections Are Inevitable

COVID-19 vaccines are like training boot camps for your immune system, giving it an opportunity to learn how to defeat the real SARS-CoV-2 virus.

They greatly protect you from severe disease and prevent death, but even the best COVID-19 vaccine cannot 100% protect you from getting infected.

Vaccine breakthrough infections are inevitable, because even the best COVID-19 vaccines offer “only” 94% to 95% protection against infections.

Fact #4 : Vaccine Breakthrough Infections Can Be Prevented

Vaccine breakthrough infections can be prevented by achieving herd immunity, and maintaining COVID-19 precautions.

Even though COVID-19 vaccines will fail to adequately protect some people, transmission of COVID-19 is blocked by other vaccinated people in the community.

This herd immunity provides indirect protection, not just against vaccine breakthrough infections, but also for people who cannot be vaccinated yet – children, people with severe allergies, etc.

COVID-19 vaccine herd immunity explainer

Until we achieve herd immunity, we must all practice the usual precautionary measures against COVID-19, even if we are fully vaccinated.

That is why it is critical that we continue to maintain COVID-19 precautions even after we are fully vaccinated.


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