Surviving COVID-19 Does Not Make You An Expert!

Surviving COVID-19 is something to cheer for, but it does not make you an expert on beating the coronavirus!

Find out why it is dangerous to listen to COVID-19 messiahs preaching fake cures!


Some People Think Surviving COVID-19 Makes Them Experts!

Surviving severe COVID-19 is a traumatising experience, and talking about it is often cathartic for these survivors.

However, some COVID-19 survivors have been using their “survivor status” to promote fake cures for COVID-19.

Most notably are a Dr. Kenny Yong, and a Lillian, whose voice messages about surviving COVID-19 have gone viral recently.

I will show you why they are NOT telling you the truth about surviving COVID-19!


Why Surviving COVID-19 Does Not Make You An Expert!

Surviving COVID-19 does not require special skills or abilities. Often, it is a combination of age, co-morbidities, access to medical assistance, and yes, luck.

Yet a special few believe that surviving COVID-19 gave them special insight into how to prevent and treat COVID-19.

This is dangerous, because the tips and cures they promote are often FALSE or MISLEADING.

If their health tips and cures worked, would they have ended up with severe COVID-19 requiring hospitalisation and resuscitation?

It is precisely because they FAILED to work, which is why they ended up with severe COVID-19!

Let’s take a look at two examples – Dr. Kenny Yong, and Lilian.

Dr. Kenny Yong

Dr. Kenny Yong’s call to fame is based on surviving Category 1, Category 4 or Category 5 COVID-19 (he cannot seem to decide which).

He called the doctors who treated him arrogant for not accepting his medical advice on how best to treat him and his mother for COVID-19.

Ironically, they both ended up in the hospital after he self-medicated them both with ivermectin and other alternative treatments like high-dose vitamins, ultraviolet blood irradiation and even ozone therapy… and FAILED!

Instead of seeking medical help as soon as things got worse, they only sought help more than a week later when they were both breathless.

In the end, his mother died of COVID-19, and Dr. Kenny Yong himself only survived after being resuscitated on four different occasions.

Dr. Kenny Yong and Dr. Vijaendreh Subramaniam

Dr. Kenny Yong now believes that he is a Messiah chosen by God to teach us how to defeat COVID-19 like he did.

He is no Messiah. In fact, he is an object lesson on how NOT to treat or prevent COVID-19.

He refused to get vaccinated, and falsely blamed his own mother for infecting him and his family with COVID-19 from the Sinovac vaccine, which is impossible.

And when they both got infected, he put both their lives at risk by self-medicating with ivermectin and other alternative treatments.

They were only admitted to the hospitals when they “crashed” on Day 8, after a week of alternative treatments. This clearly shows that ivermectin and all those alternative treatments they took were USELESS!

Yet, he continues to promote ivermectin, and calls the doctors who treated them “stupid”, “assholes” and “royal circus clowns”.

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Lillian is a fan of Dr. Kenny Yong, who gave her testimony on the efficacy of ivermectin in the DrKENNY CoVid19 SURVIVOR Q&A WhatsApp group on 11 August 2021.

She revealed that her family took “ivermectin, 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C” to protect themselves from COVID-19 when her eldest son tested positive for COVID-19.

Nevertheless, the rest of her family became infected – both Lillian and her husband as well as their two younger sons.

Despite continuing to take “ivermectin, 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C“, now to treat COVID-19, Lillian and her husband took a turn for the worse.

Only when they became breathless about a week later, did they seek medical attention. They were taken to the Serdang Hospital, where they were given oxygen.

Four days later, they transferred to ICUs in private hospitals, where they were still breathless and required high-flow oxygen support.

They continued to take 3 capsules of ivermectin every day, but this time, Lilian claimed that they worked and she recovered after 14 days in the private hospital.

Lillian gave her testimony to support the use of ivermectin, but frankly, she serves as an object lesson on how NOT to treat or prevent COVID-19.

Just like Dr. Kenny Yong, they chose to self-medicate with ivermectin and supplements, and only sought medical help when they were both breathless.

At that point, their lungs were damaged and they required high-flow oxygen. It took them more than 2 weeks and many days in expensive ICUs to recover from COVID-19.

Does that sound like ivermectin helped at preventing or treating COVID-19? Or does it look like a complete failure?

Don’t tell Lillian that. She continues to believe that taking ivermectin saved their lives.

I feel so sorry for the doctors and nurses who actually saved their lives. And not forgetting the high-flow oxygen that kept both Lillian and her husband alive.

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