How Social Contact Spreads COVID-19 + Creates Clusters!

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People still don’t understand how social contact can rapidly spread COVID-19, when they take such great care in making sure no one is sick at their wedding / party / meeting / place of worship.

Find out why you should avoid ALL SOCIAL CONTACT during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what happens if you don’t…

How Social Contact Creates COVID-19 Clusters


How Social Contact Spreads COVID-19!

The COVID-19 coronavirus spreads through droplets that are expelled by people breathing or talking near you. Those droplets will also contaminate any surface they fall on.

That’s why it’s important to wear a face mask, and wash your hands with soap or hand sanitiser.

But there is only so much you can do, because COVID-19 can also spread through people who look and feel perfectly healthy.

That is what doctors refer to as asymptomatic / presymptomatic transmission, and the reason why COVID-19 is so dangerous.

Shopping crowd

Temperature checks at malls and other public spaces are useless, as they have no fever or any other visible symptoms. It takes just one asymptomatic / presymptomatic person to spread COVID-19 to dozens of people, particularly in crowded conditions.

That’s why measures like social distancing or home quarantine are being adopted.  They are designed to limit or eliminate social contact, to break the chain of infection.

You cannot infect anyone, and no one can infect you, if you don’t come in contact with anyone! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!


Why Social Contact Is Dangerous In COVID-19 Pandemic

Charts recently released by the Malaysia Ministry of Health show how COVID-19 clusters are created by social contact with a single infected person.

93 New COVID-19 Cases From A Single Wedding

This cluster is a great example of how infections COVID-19 really is. A single infected person attended a wedding, and ultimately caused 93 other people to be infected!

  • At the wedding, the index case infected 30 people!
  • Some of those infected cases then infected 40 more people in the 2nd generation.
  • In the 3rd generation, a further 12 people were infected.
  • In the 4th generation, 3 more were infected.
  • Finally, in the 5th generation, another 8 people were infected.

COVID-19 Bangi wedding cluster 04-08

111 New COVID-19 Cases From A Single Church Conference

This cluster when the index case attended a church conference in Kuching. This cluster is a lesson in how infectious COVID-19 really is.

  • In the 1st generation, the index case infects just one person.
  • In the 2nd generation, that second case infects TWENTY TWO (22) people!
  • Some of the 2nd generation went on to infect FORTY THREE (43) people in the 3rd generation!
  • A further 29 people were infected in the 4th generation.
  • In the 5th generation, another 13 people were infected.

As of 8 April 2020, two patients in this cluster have died, and another four are in the ICU.

COVID-19 Kuching church cluster 04-08

40 New COVID-19 Cases From A Single Traveller

This cluster was created by a single person travelling from Italy.

  • This index case infected one person in the 1st generation.
  • That person, however, infected 5 other people in the 2nd generation.
  • One of the 2nd generation infections went on to infect 25 people in the 3rd generation!
  • A further 6 people were infected in the 4th generation.
  • Finally, 3 people were infected in the 5th generation.

Even though there are just 41 people in this cluster, 5 people died (12.2% mortality rate), and 2 are still in the ICU.

COVID-19 Kuching Italy cluster 04-08

26 New COVID-19 Cases From A Single Teacher’s Meeting

This is a new sub-cluster that was created by a single person from the infamous Tabligh religious congregation that has so far spawned 1770 cases as of 11 April 2020.

The person (Case 448) attended a school meeting, ultimately creating a cluster of 27 cases.

  • The index case infected 6 people in the first generation.
  • Three people from the first generation then infected 14 people in the second generation, one now in the ICU.
  • In the third generation, a further 6 people were infected, one now in the ICU

COVID-19 Rembau sub-cluster 04-08


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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