Singapore Autopsy Of COVID-19 Patients Fact Check!

Did Singapore conduct an autopsy that confirmed COVID-19 is not a virus, but a bacterium that causes blood clotting?!

Take a look at this new viral message, and find out what the FACTS really are!

Updated @ 2021-09-13 : Updated with Chinese version, and some small updates.
Updated @ 2021-08-23 : Updated with additional information.

Originally posted @ 2021-06-10


Claim : Autopsy In Singapore Confirmed COVID-19 Is Not A Virus!

This new WhatsApp message claims that an autopsy in Singapore has finally proven that COVID-19 is not a virus, but bacteria that causes blood clotting!

It’s rather long, so skip to the next section for the facts!

Singapore has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (post-mortem) for a Covid-19 corpse. After a thorough investigation, it was. discovered that Covid-19 does not exist as a virus, but rather a bacterium that has been exposed to radiation and causes human death by coagulation in the blood.

Covid-19 disease has been found to cause blood clotting, which causes blood clotting in humans and causes blood clotting in the veins, which makes it difficult for a person to breathe because the brain, heart and lungs cannot receive oxygen, causing people to die quickly.


Singapore COVID-19 Autopsy : Same Bullshit, Different Country

If you thought this viral message was familiar, that’s because it’s the SAME BULLSHIT that went viral earlier, just swapping out Russia for Singapore and some other changes.

Like 95% of viral messages on COVID-19 – this is yet another piece of FAKE NEWS based on some facts.

Let’s examine each claim and find out what the facts really are!

Fact #1 : First COVID-19 Autopsies Were Conducted In China

Wuhan was the epicentre of the COVID-19 epidemic in China, and it was there that the first patients died, and where the first autopsies were conducted.

A forensics team from the Tongji Medical College of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology conducted the first autopsy of a COVID-19 patient on 16 February 2020.

By 24 February 2020, they conducted a total of nine autopsies – the results of which was published in the Journal of Forensic Medicine.

Fact #2 : There Is No WHO Protocol Forbidding Autopsies

There is no WHO protocol that forbids autopsies of any person who died from COVID-19, or any other disease.

The World Health Organisation is an international advisory body. It has no power over individual countries, and therefore, cannot ban post-mortem autopsies in any country.

In fact, the WHO itself published guidelines on how to perform autopsies and manage the bodies of dead COVID-19 patients.

Fact #3 : COVID-19 Is Caused By SARS-CoV-2 Virus

COVID-19 is technically not a virus.

COVID-19 is the disease caused by a new coronavirus, which was initially called 2019-nCoV, before being officially named as SARS-CoV-2.

Fact #4 : SARS-CoV-2 Is A Real Virus

We know that the SARS-CoV-2 is a real virus, because Chinese scientists isolated it and with the help of the University of Sydney in Australia, released a draft sequence of its genome on 10 January 2020.

The complete genome of approximately 30 kilobytes in length was published on 3 February 2020.

You can look at the entire SARS-CoV-2 viral genome that was released by Chinese scientists here.

SARS-CoV-2 genome diagram. Credit : Rohan Bir Singh, MD

Fact #5 : A Virus Is Not A Bacterium

Any half-decent student of biology can tell you that a virus is not a bacterium. They are completely different.

A virus, for example, is not even a living organism. It is just RNA or DNA encapsulated within a protein or lipid shell, and can only replicate within a host cell.

A bacterium, on the other hand, is a single-celled microorganism that can multiply by itself. It is also much more complex, with intracellular organelles and even extracellular appendages.

SARS-CoV-2 – the COVID-19 coronavirus – is a virus, not a bacterium.

Fact #6 : Apronik Does Not Exist

The drug, Apronik, that was mentioned in the viral message does not exist!

Fact #7 : There Is No Cure For COVID-19 (Right Now)

As of 13 September 2021, there is no cure for COVID-19. Only vaccines that can help prevent it.

Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, or anti-coagulant medication cannot cure COVID-19.

Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin cannot cure COVID-19.

Both aspirin and paracetamol are painkillers, and they won’t cure COVID-19.

Fact #8 : Low Dose Aspirin Does Not Prevent COVID-19

100 mg is actually a low dose for aspirin, which is normally given in the form of 325 mg or 500 mg tablets to adults.

Many people already take low-dose aspirin (also called baby aspirin) – usually 81 mg – to reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes.

However, that has not prevented any of them from being infected with COVID-19.

Fact #9 : COVID-19 Can Cause Blood Clotting

COVID-19 can cause a hypercoagulable state, in which a severe inflammatory response triggers localised blood clotting which can become generalised.

It is especially common in severe COVID-19 disease, and has nothing to do with a bacterium, or radiation.

When a COVID-19 patient presents with blood clots, they are treated with blood thinners like aspirin and heparin.

Now that you know the truth, please SHARE this fact check with your family and friends, so they won’t get fooled by this fake news.

COVID-19 is a dangerous disease. Protect yourself and your family – get vaccinated against COVID-19!


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