How To Get FREE Sinovac Booster Dose Using Selangkah!

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The Selangor state government is offering FREE Sinovac vaccine booster doses under the Selvax programme!

Here is what you need to know about the free Sinovac booster dose using the Selangkah app!

Updated @ 2021-12-15 : Added the latest info, including a warning about rescheduling of appointments!


Sinovac Booster By Selvax : FREE For Selangor Residents

On 8 December 2021, the Selangor state government started offering FREE Sinovac booster doses under the Selvax programme.

These Sinovac booster doses are being administered at Selcare clinics and The KL Clinic branches all across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, at no cost to residents.

Note : On 15 December, the Selangkah team announced that they are rescheduling the booster dose appointments.

So please check your Selangkah app one day before the appointment, to see if there has been a change in the time slot.

Please go only at your appointed time, to avoid creating an unnecessary queue. And please make sure you maintain COVID-19 precautions at all times.

Free Sinovac Booster By Selvax : What You Need To Know!

Free Sinovac Booster By Selvax : What You Need To Know!


Sinovac Booster Dose : How To Get It FREE On Selangkah App!

This free Sinovac booster dose offer is open to all Selangor residents who received two Sinovac doses earlier, even those who did not receive them under the Selvax programme.

However, only 157,000 Sinovac vaccine doses will be available as booster shots, which could explain the long queues on the first day.

Earlier, you had to call up each clinic to arrange for an appointment. That has been superseded by registration through the updated Selangkah app using this method :

Step 1 : Install and open the Selangkah app.

Step 2 : In the main screen of the Selangkah app, tap on Selvax > Self Booking > Booster Dose.

Step 3 : Key in your personal information.

Step 4 : Verify the application using the OTP code.

Step 5 : Select the location and date of your preferred vaccination appointment

Step 6 : Key in the Voucher Code (see below) before you “check out”.

Step 7 : Bring the receipt for your appointment.

Please do NOT queue up like what happened earlier!

Free Sinovac Booster By Selvax : What You Need To Know! Free Sinovac Booster By Selvax : What You Need To Know!

Here is a list of available clinics and Voucher Codes :

Selcare Clinic Section 13, Shah Alam : SCSAS

Selcare Clinic Skypark Subang : SCSSS

Selcare Clinic USJ Sentral : SCUSJ

Selcare Clinic Puchong : SCPPS

Selcare Clinic Sentosa : SCSKS

The KL Clinic, Rohas Perks : TKCRP

The KL Clinic, Menara Hap Seng 2 : TKCHS

The KL Clinic, Menara Olympia : TKCMO

The KL Clinic, Menara Worldwide : TKCMW

The KL Clinic, Sri Ramp : TKCSR

The KL Clinic, UBN Tower : TKCUBN

Sinovac booster dose vaccinations will be carried out at these clinics from 9 AM until 5 PM, from Monday to Friday only.

Free Sinovac Booster By Selvax : What You Need To Know!


Free Sinovac Booster Dose By Selvax : Good Intentions, Terrible Idea

While I am cognisant of the Selangor state government’s good intentions, I frankly believe that this is a terrible idea.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that those who received two doses of the Sinovac vaccine get the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine as a booster dose instead.

The Sinovac CoronaVac has always been the least efficacious COVID-19 vaccine to be approved – at just over 50%.

On top of that, the recent RECoVaM study showed that the Sinovac vaccine’s protection against COVID-19 infections and hospitalisation drops dramatically after just 2 months!

That’s why CITF-B strongly recommended that Sinovac recipients take the Pfizer or AstraZeneca booster, and NOT a third dose of Sinovac.

In fact, Singapore considers people who took THREE doses of the Sinovac vaccine to be equivalent to those who took TWO doses of Pfizer / Moderna / AstraZeneca. It’s THAT bad.

Read more : Official CITF-B Booster Dose Recommendations!
Read more : Sinovac Vaccine Efficacy Rapidly Drops After 2 Months!

Sinovac Vaccine Efficacy Rapidly Drops After 2 Months!

Heterologous vaccination (mixing of vaccines) has already been tested in many countries and PROVEN to be safe and even more effective.

The only medical reason to take a third dose of the Sinovac vaccine is if you had an earlier allergic reaction to the Pfizer vaccine, and there is no better alternative available.

Malaysia is offering the AstraZeneca vaccine as an alternative to the Pfizer vaccine, and it is a far SUPERIOR vaccine to Sinovac. So if the Pfizer vaccine scares you too much (thank you, fake news!), then get the AstraZeneca vaccine instead.

I have personally advised all of my family and friends NOT to take the third dose of the Sinovac vaccine, and opt instead for the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine for their booster dose.

The choice is yours. But please make that choice based on hard facts, and not fake news.


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