Fact Check : Sara On Her Mother’s Death From Vaccine AEFI

A lady called Sara claimed in a viral video that her mother’s death was caused by her COVID-19 vaccine!

I will examine her claims one by one, and show you what the FACTS really are!


Sara : My Mother’s Death Was Due To Vaccine AEFI

Malaysia’s Freedom Movement posted a video called “AEFI Victim #1 : Sara’s Story on Facebook” on 19 October 2021, in which a woman called Sara claimed that her mother’s death was due to vaccine AEFI.

People shared it on WhatsApp, and even the “Lizard Man” David Icke posted an article about her story.

In case you have not seen it yet, here’s the video.


Truth : Sara Is Wrong, Her Mother’s Death Not Due To Vaccine AEFI

When I watched the video, I immediately spotted many problems with Sara’s story. Here is a quick summary of the facts :

  1. Her mother had NO adverse effects to the two COVID-19 vaccine doses she received.
  2. Her mother got infected with COVID-19 before she was fully-vaccinated.
  3. Her mother obviously had breathing difficulties. She was on supplemental oxygen, and later a full-face oxygen mask.
  4. Wearing a face mask does not impede breathing, especially when her mother is being given oxygen.
  5. COVID-19 can cause myocarditis, with 16X higher risk than the general population.
  6. Dexamethasone reduces the risk of dying from COVID-19, but can cause bacterial infections, so antibiotics are also given.
  7. COVID-19 vaccines are not experimental because they cleared their Phase 3 trials, and have been approved by health authorities.
  8. VAERS and Yellow Card reports are unverified and open to fraud and abuse, because anyone from anywhere can submit anything they want to these systems.

For those who prefer more details, I will now go through her points and show you what the FACTS really are…

Fact #1 : Sara’s Mother Had NO Adverse Effects To Both Vaccine Doses

In the video, Sara admitted that her mother had NO adverse effects to both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Yet Sara claimed that her mother’s death was due to the COVID-19 vaccine, a case of AEFI – Adverse Event Following Immunisation.

Getting COVID-19 after getting vaccinated is not AEFI. At most, it’s a vaccine breakthrough infection.

Read more : What You Need To Know About Vaccine Breakthrough!

Fact #2 : COVID-19 Vaccine Cannot Prevent Elderly People From Dying

Sara said that her mother told her that three fellow residents passed away within two weeks of their vaccinations.

That’s tragic, but did she expect the COVID-19 vaccine to somehow extend their lifespan?

COVID-19 vaccines are nothing more than self-defence classes for our immune system. They are not elixirs of youth, or magical potions. They cannot prevent elderly people from dying of natural causes.

The problem is Sara had NO PROOF that any death was even related to the vaccine. She just made the baseless claim to insinuate that the vaccine is dangerous.

The very fact that her own mother suffered NO adverse effect from both vaccine doses is PROOF that the vaccine is safe.

Fact #3 : Her Mother Caught COVID-19

Six days after her mother got her second dose, she tested positive for COVID-19. At that time, she was NOT fully-vaccinated.

Sara actually refused to let her mother be taken to the hospital for observation – a privilege that many COVID-19 patients were not accorded due to the lack of hospital beds.

Fact #4 : COVID-19 Patients Can Deteriorate

Sara claimed that her mother’s condition deteriorated after she was admitted to the hospital, insinuating that the hospital staff did something to her.

The truth is COVID-19 patients who were admitted for observation at Stage 1, can deteriorate over time. It does not mean that those who are hospitalised will automatically get better.

There is no treatment for COVID-19, so hospitals can only provide supportive care. But that includes oxygen supplementation and ventilation, which can help prevent patients from dying.

Sara’s mother deteriorated rapidly, and she passed away 6 days after she was admitted to the hospital.

Fact #5 : Her Mother Was Breathless

Sara said that her mother denied having any fever, cough or breathing difficulties, from the day she was admitted until the day before she died.

However, as Sara made that claim, she also shared a picture of her mother receiving oxygen through a nasal cannula!

Whatever Sara may claim – her mother had breathing difficulties. Sara actually admitted knowing this at around 4:55 in the video.

Her mother was not lying – she had no breathing difficulties because she was receiving oxygen through the nasal cannula!

On the 6th day, Sara’s mother was put on a full face oxygen mask. Sara even admitted at 8:52 in the video that her mother was breathing heavily. She also said that her mother had an O2 saturation of 82%, even with the full face oxygen mask.

Fact #5 : Face Mask Did Not Impede Her Breathing

Sara said it broke her heart to see that her mother was wearing a face mask over her nasal cannula. She questioned why her mother had to wear a face mask if she had breathing difficulties.

It may seem obvious to us, but it has to be said – her mother is breathing oxygen from the nasal cannula, so it does not matter if she’s wearing a face mask.

She claimed that the doctor could not give her a straight answer. Well, that’s hard to believe, since we have been told time and time again that COVID-19 patients should wear face masks to prevent OTHER people from getting infected.

Fact #6 : COVID-19 Can Cause Myocarditis

Sara makes a big drama about how the heart specialist, Dr. Wee, refused to be recorded during their phone conversation. She had her husband record the conversation anyway, despite being refused twice.

She claimed that Dr. Wee contradicted himself by saying that COVID-19 is mainly a respiratory disease and yet her mother has myocarditis.

The truth is viral infections like COVID-19 can cause myocarditis. In fact, COVID-19 patients are 16X more likely to develop myocarditis than the general population.

Fact #7 : Dexamethasone Saves COVID-19 Patient Lives

Dr. Wee told Sara that he administered dexamethasone to reduce the inflammation of her mother’s lungs.

Dexamethasone is the first drug to be shown to reduce deaths for COVID-19 patients who require respiratory support :

  • patients on ventilators : by one-third (33%)
  • patients receiving oxygen : by one-fifth (20%)

Sara’s mother was receiving oxygen through a nasal cannula, so administering dexamethasone would meet the proper standard of care.

Read more : Do NOT Self-Medicate Using Dexamethasone!

Fact #8 : Dexamethasone Can Induce Bacterial Pneumonia

Sara is correct that COVID-19 is caused by a virus, not bacteria. But the use of antibiotics is part of the COVID-19 standard of care.

Even though dexamethasone can save the lives of COVID-19 patients, it suppresses the immune system and can result in bacterial pneumonia.

Therefore, COVID-19 patients may be given antibiotics, either prophylactically to prevent such an infection, or as a treatment for a developing bacterial infection.

Fact #9 : Quick Research Cannot Beat Medical School

Sara said that she did “a quick research” and found out about the harmful effects of “these very potent drugs”.

I’ll not go to each claim she made, but I will point out that every drug has side effect, so pointing them out is irrelevant.

It is the doctor’s job to weigh the risk and benefit of each drug to decide WHEN to use them to treat their patients.

That’s why “a quick research” on the Internet cannot beat what doctors learn in years of medical school.

Fact #10 : COVID-19 Vaccines Are Not Experimental

In her police report against the Minister of Health and Director-General of Health, she claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine is still experimental and not approved by the FDA.

That’s TWO lies in a single sentence.

COVID-19 vaccines are no longer experimental, once they successfully cleared their Phase 3 trials and receive either an Emergency Use Authorisation or full FDA approval.

The Pfizer COMIRNATY vaccine, for example, received full FDA approval on 23 August 2021. The other vaccines will similarly receive their FDA approval after sufficient follow-up.

Read more : What’s Different Between Full FDA Approval vs. EUA for Vaccines?

Fact #11 : VAERS + Yellow Card Reports Are UNVERIFIED

Sara also makes the same old anti-vaccine claim about thousands of deaths and injuries being reported  in the VAERS and Yellow Card reports.

I have written multiple articles about this, which you can read below.

Here is a quick summary – the reports are UNVERIFIED and open to fraud and abuse. ANYONE from ANYWHERE can submit a report claiming ANYTHING they want.

As I have demonstrated before, you can report a death from any COVID-19 vaccine even if you did not receive the vaccine. Heck, you can even report a COVID-19 vaccine death even if you are not living in the US / UK!


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