Fact Check : Fridge Magnet Cancer Warning By Princeton Uni!

Princeton University is warning people about the cancer risks that the humble fridge magnet poses.

Find out if Princeton University’s fridge magnet cancer warning is real, and what the facts really are!


Fridge Magnet Cancer Warning By Princeton University!

This fridge magnet cancer risk warning by Princeton University has been circulating for years on social media – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp – and even via email!

A number of researchers at Princeton’s University have discovered something scary!.

For several months, they were feeding two groups of mice: the first group with food kept in a refrigerator, and the second group with food kept in a refrigerator as well but with several decorative magnets on the door.

The objective of this experiment was to see how electromagnetic radiation (that coming out from the decorative magnets on the door) affect food items.

Amazingly, rigorous clinical studies stated that the group of mice that consumed the “radiated” food had as much as 87% higher probability to get cancer than the other group of mice.

Inexplicably no Governments or health associations/institutions have given any statement on this regard. However and just in case, is recommendable to remove any decorative magnet from refrigerators, and put it far away from any food.


Fridge Magnet Cancer Warning By Princeton University : TLDR Summary

As shocking as it may seem, this fridge magnet by Princeton University is yet another fake news zombie – it keeps coming back after you kill it…

There is no such study, and magnetic fields do not cause cancer. In fact, magnetic fields protect against radiation – the Earth itself is protected by a massive geomagnetic field.

So don’t let this zombie hoax put a dent in your creativity. Have fun decorating your fridge door with decorative magnets!


Fridge Magnet Cancer Warning By Princeton University : The Facts!

For those who want to learn more about why fridge magnets don’t pose any harm, here are the facts…

Fact #1 : There Is No Such Study

There is no such study by Princeton University, or any other university for the matter, on the cancer risks of a fridge magnet.

Fact #2 : Magnets Don’t Produce Radiation

Magnets do not produce any form of radiation, unless they have radioactive contaminants. They only produce a magnetic field.

Fact #3 : Magnetic Fields Protect Against Radiation

Magnetic fields deflect charged particles, including radioactive alpha and beta particles.

That’s how the Earth’s gigantic magnetic field protects it against solar and cosmic radiation.

Fact #4 : Fridge Magnets Are Weak!

Fridge magnets use permanent magnets with rather weak magnetic fields. If you slam the fridge door hard enough, some may even fall off!

Even placing anything thicker than a piece of paper between the magnet and the fridge door is often enough to prevent the fridge magnet from sticking to the door.

Fact #5 : There Are Already Magnets INSIDE Every Fridge!

Why worry about decorative fridge magnets when your refrigerator itself uses magnets to keep the doors closed? Their electric motors also use magnets that generate electromagnetic fields.

Those magnets are not only closer in distance to the stored food, they are also much stronger than any decorative magnet you will ever come across!

Fact #6 : Even Super Strong Magnets Are Safe

Magnetic fields should not be confused with radiation. They have no discernible or permanent effects on the human body.

In fact, we use extremely large and powerful magnets in MRI machines, which are extremely safe to use – barring the presence of magnetic substances in the body (implants, tattoo inks).

Fact #7 : Magnetic Field Strength Decreases With Distance

The strength of any magnetic field decreases with distance. The further away you are from the magnet, the weaker the magnetic field.

Remember the door to your refrigerator? That alone ensures that any fridge magnet is too far – at least a few inches – to have any effect on the contents of the fridge.

Fact #8 : The Fridge Door Acts As A Shield

Just in case you are super paranoid, we should point out that a fridge door made of ferromagnetic material will act as a shield against a magnetic field.

How do you know your fridge door is ferromagnetic? Simple – if you can stick your fridge magnet to it, it is ferromagnetic.

If you can’t stick your fridge magnet to the door, well, then you have nothing to worry about, right? 🙂


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