Should You Accept Prefilled Vaccine Syringes?

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Are prefilled vaccine syringes safe, or should people demand that they be filled on the spot?

Find out if you should be worried about prefilled vaccine syringes!


Prefilled Vaccine Syringes : What’s The Deal?

Over the last few weeks, there have been reports of vaccine underdose or even empty vaccinations!

Some may be misunderstandings (reading LDV syringes wrongly, for example) or even fake news, several have been confirmed to be true.

That has led many people to snub prefilled vaccine syringes, even insisting that doctors fill a new syringe directly from the vaccine vial in front of them.

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Why Do They Use Prefilled Vaccine Syringes?

First, let us understand why vaccination centres are now using prefilled vaccine syringes.

Prefilling vaccine syringes is actually a rather common practice these days all over the world, because :

  • it allows for faster and safer vaccinations
  • it allows for an extra dose to be extracted from each vial
  • it reduces mistakes

Faster + Safer Vaccinations

The process of preparing a syringe takes time, and must be done carefully, to avoid wastage and needle stick injury.

Prefilled vaccine syringes allow the vaccination staff to quickly administer the dose, without wastage and lower risk of needle stick injury.

Should You Accept Prefilled COVID-19 Vaccine Syringes?

Allows For Extra Doses

Every vial of vaccine contains a little extra vaccine to account for wastage during extraction and injection.

By using low dead volume (LDV) syringes and careful extraction, vaccination centres can extract an extra dose from every vial.

The Pfizer vaccine vial, for example, officially contains five doses. But careful extraction and injection using an LDV syringe allows health authorities to get six shots from each vial.

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Reduces Mistakes

Some vaccines requires careful preparation before the doses can be extracted. Prefilled vaccine syringes reduces mistakes that can happen during this process.

The Pfizer COMIRNATY vaccine, for example, requires careful dilution and cannot be shaken. So it makes sense for the vaccines to be diluted and prepared by a dedicated team.

On 9 May 2021, a lady in Italy accidentally received all six doses of the Pfizer vaccine after the nurse mistakenly gave her an undiluted dose.

Such mistakes can be avoided if overworked vaccination staff are not required to prepare the vaccine, extract it and administer it.


Should You Accept Prefilled Vaccine Syringes?

YES! You should DEFINITELY accept prefilled vaccine syringes.

Prefilled vaccine syringes are perfectly normal. They are not a sign of fraud.

Just make sure you check the volume inside the syringe before injection, and make sure it’s completely empty after injection.

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LDV Syringe : How To Read The Volume Correctly?

The fear that you may receive a fake COVID-19 vaccination is real, but it is POINTLESS to insist that the doctor or nurse extract the dose from the vial in front of you.

Not only does it complicate their job, it doesn’t prevent fraud at all.

If an unscrupulous vaccinator wishes to give you a fake injection, he/she can easily extract the dose from a vial filled with saline, and you will be none the wiser.

And please know that you have the right to record a video of your vaccination process.

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