ProtectHealth : No More Walk-In For Vaccine Booster Shots!

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You are NO LONGER allowed to walk-in for your COVID-19 vaccine booster shots, effective IMMEDIATELY!

Here is what you need to know!


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The COVID-19 vaccine booster shot campaign in Malaysia got off on a slow start, with many people not turning up for their appointments.

But when the Omicron variant was discovered, and started spreading across the world, people started panicking… and getting on standby lists.

Due to the increased demand, vaccination centres started offering walk-in booster shots, but that eventually led to massive queues – which are obviously a BAD IDEA during a pandemic!

In this viral video, you can see a tightly-packed crowd queuing up for the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot at an off-site vaccination centre in Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya.


ProtectHealth : No More Walk-In For Vaccine Booster Shots!

On 3 January 2021, ProtectHealth – the government-owned corporation managing the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK) – said that they will no longer allow walk-in queues for the booster shot, effectively immediately.

This decision came after many vaccination centres across the country were swamped with long queues for the COVID-19 booster dose.

You will now have two options for the COVID-19 vaccine booster dose :

  1. Wait for your booster dose appointment, which will be sent via SMS or MySejahtera
  2. Register for the COVID-19 vaccine standby list, and wait for their call.

Please DO NOT go to the vaccination centres (PPVs) and queue up for your booster dose!

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