How Malaysia Manages PPE Supply To Combat COVID-19

PPE supplies are extremely limited across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Malaysia is no exception.

Find out how Malaysia is making sure there is enough PPE to protect our healthcare workers!


Why There Is A Shortage Of PPE In Malaysia

Thanks to the Movement Control Order (MCO), Malaysia has flattened the curve, ensuring that our healthcare system is not overwhelmed.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health have also been proactive in creating spare capacity, even creating a temporary COVID-19 hospital, and marshalling volunteers.

However, like many countries in the world – they have trouble sourcing for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to protect healthcare workers, announcing recently that they are running short of 3 critical PPE types.

PPE are also consumables, which means there must be steady and reliable supply, or even the best-stocked healthcare service in the world will run out eventually.


PPE Strategy In Malaysia

To avoid running out of PPE, the Malaysia Ministry of Health is procuring PPE in bulk at central and state levels.

They are also working closely with the National Security Council, National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) and other central agencies to ensure that issues relating to the supply chain issues are specifically addressed.

They are also minimising the need for PPE by the public through the Movement Control Order (MCO), and business reengineering. Hospitals and clinics have also been realigned to prepare special COVID-19 and green zones, as well as adopt more judicious use of PPE.

Here is a summary of their strategy.

  1. Coordinate the PPE supply chain – centralised procurement and monitoring of effective PPE usage
  2. Minimise the need for PPE – through quarantine and business reengineering to reduce exposure to infection
  3. Rational use of PPE – PPE should be judiciously used based on the risk of exposure



PPE Monitoring + Management In Malaysia

To monitor and manage the stock levels and consumption rates for the different PPE types, the Malaysia Ministry of Health uses a simple online reporting and database system.

This system is administered by officers at all State Health Departments, hospitals and District Health Offices (including all health clinics under the respective District Health Office).

The responsible officers in each state will key in data on a daily basis, and the information is used to rapidly mobilise stocks to hospitals that require them.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health also provided this list of names, telephone numbers and email addresses of the responsible officers in each state that can assist the public, as well as healthcare workers, in providing feedback on shortage of any PPE.

Upon “immediate verification”, these officers can rapidly mobilise available PPE stocks to address a shortage, based on needs and priorities.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

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