Malaysia Kicks off Ivermectin Trial For COVID-19 Patients!

Malaysia just kicked off an Ivermectin trial for high-risk COVID-19 patients!

Here is what we know about Ivermectin and the new I-TECH Study!


Ivermectin : Why The Interest In Malaysia?

Ivermectin is an US FDA-approved broad-spectrum anti-parasitic agent, that is on the WHO List of Essential Medicines.

In use since 1981 against parasitic diseases like onchocerciasis, strongyloidiasis and helminthiasis, it has a known safety profile, and is relatively cheap.

It is also routinely used to treat parasitic worms in animals, and is used as a prophylaxis against heartworm in dogs.

Recently, the Malaysia Ministry of Health came under pressure by an unknown NGO who called themselves CIVDAC – Coalition on Integrity of Vaccines & Drugs Against COVID-19.

While their claims were debunked, it appears that the Malaysia Ministry of Health is opting to allocate precious resources to counter CIVDAC claims that they are not looking into Ivermectin seriously.

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Malaysia Kicks off Ivermectin Trial For COVID-19 Patients!

On 6 June 2021, the Malaysia Ministry of Health announced that they started an Ivermectin trial for high-risk COVID-19 patients called the I-TECH Study.

The I-TECH Study is a multi-centre open-label randomised controlled trial conducted by the Institute for Clinical Research (ICR).

The name I-TECH is short for Ivermectin Treatment Efficacy in COVID-19 High-Risk Patients was approved by the Medical Research and Ethics Committee (MREC) on 25 May 2021.

It is being carried out by infectious disease physicians at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun in Ipoh and a team of specialists and Clinical Research Centres at twelve MOH hospitals.

This study will enrol a total of 500 subjects from 50 years and older high-risk patients, who were admitted to MOH hospitals with mild or moderate COVID-19 symptoms (Stage 2-3).

They will be given either an Ivermectin treatment with a specific dose and specific duration, or the current standard of care alone.

This will allow the ICR to determine the efficacy of Ivermectin in preventing the progression of COVID-19 to severe disease (Stage 4-5), and the mortality outcomes.

The ICR has setup a Data Monitoring Board (DMB) consisting of independent infectious disease physicians, clinical trial pharmacists and methodological experts to safeguard the trial patients.

The I-TECH Study started with the First-Patient-In on 31 May 2021, with a total of 8 patients enrolled by 6 June 2021. They expect the study to be completed by September 2021.


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