Malaysia To Vaccinate 80% Adolescents By March 2022!

Malaysia aims to vaccinate 80% of adolescents before they start the new school year in March 2022!

Find out how they plan to achieve that!


Malaysia To Vaccinate 80% Adolescents By March 2022!

On 15 September 2021, the Malaysian government announced their aim to vaccinate 80% of adolescents before they start the new school year in March 2022.

To this end, they created CITF-A (COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force-Adolescent) to set the policies and coordinate the implementation of the adolescent vaccination plan.

The adolescent vaccination program will offer the COVID-19 vaccine to adolescent 12 to 17 years old, but will prioritise 16 and 17 year old adolescents and those with co-morbidities.

The program will also include students in private education institutes, teenagers in protection or rehabilitation institutes, as well as adolescents who are homeless, undocumented migrants and foreigners.


How Malaysia Will Vaccinate 80% Adolescents By March 2022!

For Institutes : Vaksin-Anak-Ku Portal

The Ministry of Health have developed a Vaksin-Anak-Ku (My Child’s Vaccine) portal for institutions to use.

All schools, educational institutes, public and private protection and rehabilitation institutes are requested to register their establishments in this portal.

For Parents : MySejahtera Registration

Parents and guardians will need to register their children as Vaccine Dependents in MySejahtera.

This will allow these adolescents to receive their own COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate later.

Vaccine Offered : Pfizer Comirnaty

Malaysia will offer adolescents the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine, which was approved on 15 June 2021 for children of 12 to 17 years in age.

Like adults, they will be given two doses for maximum protection against COVID-19.

Three Vaccination Methods

Adolescents in Malaysia will receive the COVID-19 vaccination through three different methods :

  1. Scheduled outreach program to the school by a vaccination team that can comprise of government employees, private medical practitioners or medical NGOs.To make it easier for students who are sitting for major exams in full or daily boarding schools, they will be given appointments for the first dose at a private clinic or school nearest to their homes, followed by the second dose in their boarding schools or where they had their first dose (if their schools remain closed).
  2. Adolescents with co-morbidities will receive their COVID-19 vaccination in the clinic or hospital that is treating them for their pre-existing diseases.
  3. Adolescents who cannot be present with their parents or guardian will be given appointments at the nearest private clinic through MySejahtera.

CITF-A Target : 80% Vaccinated By March 2022

CITF-A is targeting to give 60% of adolescents 12 to 17 years of age at least 1 dose of the vaccine in November 2021.

And they aim to fully vaccinate 80% of all adolescents in Malaysia before the new school year starts in March 2022.

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