Magnet Challenge : Real Reason Why Things Stick To You!

People are taking the magnet challenge to prove that the COVID-19 vaccine have turned them into human magnets!

Let me show you the real reason why things are sticking to them, and why it has nothing to do with magnets!


Magnet Challenge : COVID-19 Vaccine Makes You Magnetic!

Many people have taken the Magnet Challenge – a social media challenge to share photos or videos of objects sticking to your body after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The idea is to prove that COVID-19 vaccines contain undisclosed magnetic substances, or are changing our DNA and turning us into… Magneto?

Here are just a few examples of people sharing how they can now stick objects to their bodies after getting vaccinated against COVID-19.


Magnet Challenge Is BS : Real Reason Why Things Stick To You!

The way the Magnet Challenge is being performed by people on social media is WRONG.

If you really want to prove that the COVID-19 is turning you into a human magnet, try the Tech ARP Magnet Challenge.

The truth is the COVID-19 vaccine is not making people magnetic. Here are the FACTS…

Fact #1 : Things Stick To Unvaccinated People Too

Dr. Lim Swee Siang, who runs Klinik Lim S2 in Seremban 2, has been helping me get to the bottom of this “mystery”.

As a frontliner, he was fully vaccinated long ago, so his wife volunteered to be our guinea pig as she is not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Interestingly, she not only has the ability to attach a metal spoon to her arm, she could also attach a plastic spoon!

Try it on your unvaccinated friends. You may be surprised but they will also exhibit the same ability to stick objects to their arms!

Fact #2 : Magnets Only Stick To Skin When It’s Flat

We used a round fridge magnet, and it would only stick when we pressed it into the skin firmly on its flat side.

It would drop off if we tried to place it on its edge. It doesn’t even have the least bit of attraction to the skin.

That’s why I advocate using ball magnets for my science-based Magnet Challenge.

If you really became magnetic because of COVID-19 vaccines, ball magnets will stick to you just as well as flat magnets.

Fact #3 : Non-Magnetic Things Stick Too!

One flaw with the Magnet Challenge on social media – they never test with non-magnetic objects.

As part of my science-based Magnet Challenge, we tried to stick non-magnetic objects to our arm and forehead as well.

Guess what – non-magnetic items like credit cards, SD cards, USB adaptors – stuck to our arm and forehead!

As Dr. Lim’s wife demonstrated above, you can even stick a plastic spoon to your arm!

Fact #4 : Humans Have Sticky Skin

The truth is humans have sticky skin, through a combination of sebum and sweat secreted by our skin.

That is why plastic items readily stick to our skin, especially if it is light and has a large flat surface.

Washing the area, even with soap, before doing the Magnet Challenge doesn’t work either, because damp skin is even “stickier” – just like how suction cups work better with a little water.

That is why these objects only stick to your bare skin, never on the clothed parts of your body!

Fact #5 : Magnets Can Work Through Cloth

As I explained in my science-based Magnet Challenge, a true human magnet would allow magnetic objects to stick through cloth.

I tested it out using the fridge magnet, and found that it would only stick to the bare skin of our arms. If we pull down our shirt’s sleeve, the magnet wouldn’t stick at all.

But if I place the same magnet under the sleeve, I can now stick any magnetic objects to it even there is cloth in between them.

This proves that the objects are not sticking to us because we are magnetic, but because we have sticky skin.

You can try it out yourself using thinner barriers like a piece of paper or plastic. All these objects will suddenly lose their ability to stick to you.


Don’t Believe Me? Try My Magnet Challenge!

You do not have to believe me. You can try it out yourself.

Just don’t follow the Magnet Challenge on social media, which is designed to fool you into thinking that you are magnetic.

Try my science-based 7-step Magnet Challenge :

  1. Do the test before and after vaccination.
  2. Get a magnet of any kind. Even a cheap fridge magnet will do.
  3. Prepare both magnetic and non-magnetic objects.
    – magnetic objects should NOT have a flat surface
    – non-magnetic objects should be light and preferably have a smooth and flat surface
  4. Gently place the objects on your skin. Do NOT press them into your skin.
  5. Use the magnet on your skin and feel if it attracts or repels
  6. Pull the magnet from your skin and see if it pulls your skin towards it
  7. Place the magnet on a clothed part of your body

For the full guide, please see How To Check If You’re Magnetic With COVID-19 Vaccine?


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