Fact Check : Video Of Prof. Jacob Giris On COVID-19 Vaccine

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Did Professor Jacob Giris admit on video that the COVID-19 vaccine cannot prevent severe COVID-19 disease?

Take a look at the viral video, and find out what the facts really are!


Video : Prof. Jacob Giris Says COVID-19 Vaccine Cannot Prevent Severe COVID-19!

Antivaxxers have been sharing a video of Professor Jacob Giris (whom they wrongly call Yaakov Jerris) speaking on Israel’s Channel 13 news.

They claim that the video is proof that Professor Giris admitted that the COVID-19 vaccine cannot prevent severe COVID-19 disease.

Here is an example of the kind of comments accompanying the viral video :

In Israel, 80% of severe COVID cases are fully vaccinated,” Ichilov Hospital director, Professor Yaakov Jerris told Channel 13 news TV, “Vaccine has no significance when it comes to severe illness“.

Fact Check : Video Of Prof. Jacob Giris On COVID-19 Vaccine


Truth : Prof. Jacob Giris Was Quoted Out Of Context

The video is genuine, but what Professor Jacob Giris said in the Channel 13 news interview was taken out of context.

Whether that was intentional or not, I do not know. But I do know now that it was WRONGLY / FALSELY reported as evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine does not work.

The Channel 13 news segment was in Hebrew, which I did not understand. So I roped in a native Hebrew speaker to check it out for me, and this was the opinion :

The translation and explanation in the articles you sent were taken out of context.

He was saying that for critically ill people with existing health conditions, the vaccine is less relevant. In his hospital, most COVID-19 patients are much older and come in with co-morbidities.

He was not against the vaccine, he was just saying that it was less relevant for this particular group of patients.


Let me emphasise this – Professor Giris was telling Channel 13 that the COVID-19 vaccine had “no significance” because most of his patients were elderly, and coming in sick from another disease, with co-morbidities.

Those factors are why they developed severe COVID-19 disease, not the fact that they were fully-vaccinated.

This actually matches what he stated just days earlier (27 February 2022) on the official hospital Facebook page.

  • most patients are coming into his hospital for other conditions, and incidentally found to have COVID-19
  • the mortality rate is very low
  • COVID-19 is often not the cause of death for his patients
  • the public should not panic

He posted in Hebrew, which does not translate well using machine translation, so I had to correct some of the grammar to make it readable :

Hi, this is Prof. Jacob Giris, the Director of Internal Medicine Department and COVID-19. My team and I have been on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 since the second wave.

I read the news about the mortality reports, hospital wards that are full of patients and expert alerts to postpone the cancellation of isolation for children and I would like to give you a snapshot of the situation in my department here in Ichilov.

This wave is different from the previous waves. The patients that arrive are coming in because of other diseases and not because of the Omicron variant. The rate of turnover in the ward is like that of a movie – every day ten patients are admitted and discharged on average.

Most of them come to get treatment for some other disease. The mortality rate is very low, and even when it happens, the Omicron variant is not the cause of death.

Prof Yaakov Jerris Said Vaccine Can't Prevent Severe COVID?

In fact, I remember much more turbulent times, where we suffered especially violent outcomes like 4 waves ago. This wave, what’s different for me is that I treat a wider variety of internal diseases and we are all suffering from isolation.

I felt compelled to give you the real picture of the situation in the field, give the public confidence and prevent unnecessary fear. We should not only strengthen internal medicine measures during difficult times, or when there is an epidemic, but as part of a national plan.

Until then, have fun with the children who need to see the spectacular sights of snow and breathe the fresh air outside in our beautiful country. Have a peaceful, white weekend.

The truth is – antivaxxers are intentionally quoting the video out of context, to falsely suggest that the vaccines do not work.

COVID-19 vaccines have been proven, over and over again, to greatly reduce hospitalisation and death.

For more details, you can read my exhaustive fact check of the false claims about what Professor Jacob Giris told Channel 13.

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