Ivermectin + Supplements : Better Than COVID-19 Vaccines?

The FLCCC is promoting the use of ivermectin and supplements over vaccines, to protect against COVID-19.

Find out what whether ivermectin and supplements really work better than vaccines against COVID-19!


FLCCC : Ivermectin + Supplements Better Than COVID-19 Vaccines

On 21 June 2021, MAECC (Malaysian Alliance for Effective COVID Control) held a press conference, claiming that ivermectin works and can control COVID-19 in 6 weeks.

You can read my fact check of the MAECC expert panel @ MAECC Ivermectin Briefing : Control COVID-19 In 6 Weeks?

The MAECC briefing started with a pre-recorded briefing by Dr. Paul E. Marik on ivermectin’s efficacy against COVID-19.

He describes how his I-MASK+ and MATH+ protocols focus on pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis and early treatment on COVID-19.

For prevention of COVID-19, Dr. Paul Marik is recommending that we take these medication :

  • Ivermectin : 0.2 mg/kg on day 1, day 3 and then every 4 weeks
  • Vitamin D3 : 1,000 to 3,000 IU every day
  • Vitamin C : 2,000 mg every day
  • Quercetin : 250 mg every day
  • Zinc : 50 mg every day
  • Melatonin : 6 mg every night

For early treatment of COVID-19, the doses go way up :

  • Ivermectin : 0.2 mg/kg on day 1 and day 3
  • Vitamin D3 : 4,000 IU every day
  • Vitamin C : 4,000 to 6,000 mg every day
  • Quercetin : 500 mg every day
  • Zinc : 100 mg every day
  • Melatonin : 10 mg every night
  • Aspirin : 325 mg every day

Dr. Paul Marik then shared this slide on WHO VigiAccess, to demonstrate what he called “misinformation” on the safety of ivermectin.

When it came to the COVID-19 vaccines, he claimed they resulted in over 5,000 deaths (the 1,928 deaths in the slide was apparently outdated).


Ivermectin + Supplements : Better Than COVID-19 Vaccines?

Do ivermectin and supplements really work better than COVID-19 vaccines? Let’s consider these facts…

Fact #1 : Dr. Marik Misrepresented VigiAccess Data

Let’s start with the slide that Dr. Marik used to prove that ivermectin is safer than COVID-19 vaccines.

He claimed that the WHO VigiAccess system showed that ivermectin resulted in only 16 deaths, while COVID-19 vaccines caused over 5,000 deaths so far.

That’s completely false.

The WHO VigiAccess system just collects data from pharmacovigilance surveillance systems like the US VAERS and the UK Yellow Card.

Those are open reporting systems, where anyone from anywhere can report any side effect without verification.

I wrote about them earlier (here, here, here), showing how I can create fake adverse effect reports in VAERS and Yellow Card.

It is irresponsible and wrong to claim that COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous using unverified pharmacovigilance reports by the public.

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Fact #2 : FLCCC Protocol Doesn’t Use Ivermectin Much

Despite FLCCC’s promotion of ivermectin, it doesn’t actually figure much in their I-MASK+ protocol.

For prophylaxis, ivermectin is only taken once every 4 weeks! Even if you were exposed, you only take ivermectin for two days!

On top of that, ivermectin is only used at its standard dose of 0.2 mg/kg, when the latest Lancet study using TRIPLE that dose for 5 days straight showed “no difference” in clinical outcomes.

The bulk of the I-MASK+ protocol involves eating lots of supplements on a daily basis.

If ivermectin really works against COVID-19, wouldn’t it figure much more in their protocol?

Fact #3 : Vaccination Far EASIER Than Daily Supplements

The FLCCC calls for people to take ivermectin like a monthly supplement, together with large amounts of vitamin D3, vitamin C and other supplements every single day!

And for how long does FLCCC expect people to pop these pills? Until the pandemic is over? That could be months!

It would be far EASIER to simply get vaccinated. Most COVID-19 vaccines require two doses, but some require only one dose.

Would you prefer to just get one or two injections, or consume 5 to 6 pills every single day, until the pandemic is over?

Fact #4 : Vaccination Far CHEAPER Than Daily Supplements

COVID-19 vaccines are provided FREE of charge in most countries around the world, whereas supplements are certainly not free. Neither are they cheap!

Sure, anti-vaccination proponents claim that COVID-19 vaccines are expensive, and ultimately the people end up paying for it.

But exactly how expensive are COVID-19 vaccines? And how do they compare against the ivermectin + supplement course that FLCCC is advocating?

I took a look at the supplements Dr. Marik showcased in his video to work out their costs :

  • Nature Made Vitamin D3 (1,000 IU, 300 softgels) : US$10.29
  • Nature Made Vitamin C (500 mg, 150 tablets) : US$11.66 (up&up brand not available)
  • Vital Quercetin (250 mg, 100 capsules) : US$29.10
  • Windmill Zinc Sulphate (50 mg, 90 tablets) : US$7.45
  • Now Foods Melatonin (3 mg, 180 capsules) : US$9.92

Ignoring the cost of ivermectin (since it’s so rarely used and you can’t buy it over-the-counter), here is my comparison of the COST of the I-MASK+ prophylaxis protocol versus a selection of COVID-19 vaccines :

Prophylaxis US Price
FLACC I-MASK+ $0.90 per day
$27 per month
$328 per year
AstraZeneca Vaccine (2 doses) $8
J&J Vaccine (1 dose) $10
Moderna Vaccine (2 doses) $30
Pfizer Vaccine (2 doses) $39

As you can see, the supplements that FLCCC is promoting cost more than COVID-19 vaccines after just 1-2 months!

So it really doesn’t make financial sense to choose daily supplements over COVID-19 vaccines.

In fact, the table above shows that it is not the pharmaceutical companies making the big bucks through vaccines, but the SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY making money hand over fist!

Fact #5 : Vaccines, Not Ivermectin, Proven To Protect Against COVID-19

We already have prophylaxis for COVID-19 – vaccines. They are cheaper and more convenient than popping pills every single day.

So there is simply no reason to advocate for ivermectin as prophylaxis. More so when vaccines have been proven to protect against COVID-19, while ivermectin has not!

The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, for example, were shown in large Phase 3 trials involving over 70,000 people, to offer 94% to 95% efficacy against symptomatic COVID-19.

The latest Lancet study on high-dose ivermectintriple of what FLCCC is advocating – showed no difference in clinical outcomes!

I should also point out that FLCCC has not run any clinical trial to test and confirm the efficacy of their I-MASK+ or MATH+ protocols.

So why bother with ivermectin that has not yet been proven to work? Just stick with COVID-19 vaccines that have already been proven to be safe and effective, cheaper and far more convenient!


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