Fact Check : Immunity DROPS For 46 Days After Vaccination?

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Will our body’s immunity be REDUCED for 46 days after COVID-19 vaccination?

Take a look at the latest viral warning, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Immunity DROPS For 46 Days After Vaccination!

This piece of medical advice is being shared on WhatsApp, warning that our body’s immunity will DROP for 46 days after COVID-19 vaccination.

It’s a very long message, so skip to the next section for the facts…

Very important info !!! to stay alive
🟥🟨🟥 非常重要的信息!!!为活着

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There are also some people who know that their immunity will be lower after vaccination. However, they have misunderstood the length of the low immunity period, and some think it is only a one short week. It is this misunderstanding that leads them to an early death.
也有一些人知道接种疫苗后免疫力会降低。 然而,他们误解了低免疫力期的期限,有人认为这只是短短的一周。 正是这种误解导致他们早逝。

The information I gleaned from WhatsApp is that for one and a half month (46 days) after the vaccination, we have to be extra careful to avoid being infected, because our immunity will be lower than usual. China’s Zhong Nanshan once said that after we are vaccinated, it takes up to three months to improve our immunity, and it is after three months is that we are safest.
我从WhatsApp上得到的信息是接种疫苗后的一个半月(46天),我们要格外小心避免被感染,因为我们的免疫力会比平时低。 中国钟南山曾经说过,我们接种疫苗后,最少需要三个月的时间来提高我们的免疫力,三个月后才是最安全的。


Truth : Immunity Will NOT Drop For 46 Days After Vaccination!

Like 95% of viral messages on COVID-19 – this is yet another piece of FAKE NEWS based on some facts.

Let me go through the claims and share with you what the FACTS really are. Please share this with your family and friends!

Fact #1 : Immunity Does Not Drop With COVID-19 Vaccination

You may feel a bit sick after your vaccination. That is not evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine has reduced your body’s immunity.

That is your body’s natural reaction, when your immune system gets triggered by the viral antigens delivered by the vaccine.

As your immune system learns to make antibodies against these antigens, it grows stronger, not weaker, against COVID-19.

So the claim that COVID-19 vaccination reduces your body’s immunity by 46 days is FALSE.

Fact Check : Immunity DROPS For 46 Days After Vaccination?

Fact #2 : Full Immunity Takes Time

It is true that full immunity takes time – often two weeks after the second dose is taken (for a 2-dose vaccine).

The second dose is designed to kick the immune system into high gear, basically telling it – “Warning, this is not a one-time attack! COVID-19 can come again!

This not only triggers the immune system to create more antibodies, it also activates your memory cells to “remember” SARS-COV-2 for faster recognition and antibody production in the future.

That is why it is important to complete both doses of a 2-dose vaccine, and continue to practice COVID-19 precautions until your body has enough time to build its defences.

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Fact #3 : It Does Not Take 3 Months To Improve Immunity

Dr. Zhong Nanshan – China’s top respiratory disease physician – never claimed that it will take up to 3 months to build the body’s immunity after COVID-19 vaccination.

On 1 April 2021, he told Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV that COVID-19 vaccines using the inactivated virus technology – like Sinovac and Sinopharm – usually takes 40 days to trigger enough antibodies to prevent infection.

Not only is 40 days not 3 months, his comments were regarding inactivate virus vaccines, not mRNA vaccines like Pfizer or Moderna, or viral vector vaccines like AstraZeneca.

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Fact #4 : You Can Get Infected After Vaccination

It is true that you can get infected with COVID-19 even after completing your vaccination. However, that is not because COVID-19 vaccines reduce your immunity.

These vaccine breakthrough infections are expected, because vaccines cannot guarantee complete protection.

Even the best COVID-19 vaccines – from Pfizer and Moderna – can only prevent 94%-95% of COVID-19 infections. That means 5% of those who are fully vaccinated using these vaccines will still get infected.

That does not mean vaccines are useless. COVID-19 vaccines are not meant to prevent all infections. They are meant to prevent SEVERE DISEASE and DEATH!

If you get infected with COVID-19 after vaccination, you will likely get a mild disease, or it may even be asymptomatic!

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Fact #5 : We Must Maintain COVID-19 Precautions After Vaccination

Vaccine breakthrough infections can be greatly reduced once herd immunity is established.

In addition, vaccinated people who get mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 infections can still spread COVID-19 to other people.

So we must CONTINUE to take COVID-19 precautions, even after we are fully vaccinated.

This will help protect both the unvaccinated from getting infected, and the vaccinated from breakthrough infections.

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