Retiree Hospitalised After Taking Ivermectin For Just 2 Days!

A 65 year-old retiree was hospitalised after taking ivermectin for just 2 days!

Find out what happened, and why you should not take unproven cures for COVID-19!


Retiree Hospitalised After Taking Ivermectin For Just 2 Days!

A 65 year-old retiree in Singapore became the latest casualty of the ivermectin insanity.

Madam Wong Lee Tak was convinced by two members of the Church of the Risen Christ to purchase and take ivermectin to protect herself against COVID-19.

After taking just four 3 mg tablets for two days, she fell very ill, complaining of :

  • dizziness
  • vomiting and nausea
  • loss of appetite
  • severe joint pain
  • tiredness
  • inability to stand and walk

Her daughter, Vanessa Koh, admitted her to the Sengkang General Hospital, where she is now in stable condition.

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Church Members Convinced Retiree To Take Ivermectin!

At first, Vanessa thought her mother was suffering side effects from the Sinopharm vaccine that she received more than a week ago.

She told The Straits Times that it took months to convince her mother to get vaccinated, because her close friends from the Church of the Risen Christ told her that the mRNA vaccine was against God.

One church member, Clara Ng, even said that those advising Madam Wong to get the vaccine should “shut their mouth” unless they can “ask Jesus to tell me personally, that he commanded / ask me to go ahead and take the vaccine“.

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In the end, her mother acquiesced to get the Sinopharm vaccine, instead of the more efficacious Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine.

While looking after her mother, she found out why – messages on her mother’s phone revealed that her friends from the Church of the Risen Christ were actively trying to stop her from getting the more efficacious mRNA vaccine.

One of the Risen Christ Church members, Clara Ng, even told her, “don’t ALLOW SATAN to win!!!” by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

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The Risen Christ Church members also advised her to buy and use ivermectin instead, with one church member selling them in boxes of 1,000 ivermectin tablets for S$110 (about US$81 / £59 / RM338)

When confronted, her mother admitted she purchased nine boxes of ivermectin from that church member, which she hid in her study room.

It should be noted that in Singapore, ivermectin can only be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner. It cannot be sold over-the-counter, or on the Internet.

Another church member then shared the dosage reference for taking ivermectin, that was taken from the FLCCC I-MASK+ protocol, which has never been tested in any clinical trial.

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Vanessa also shared that two of her mother’s church friends – Judy Koh and Clara Ng – convinced her mother that :

  • the mRNA vaccine was against their religion (it’s not), and that Jesus would reach out to them if they are allowed to take it
  • on finding out that her mother was going to get the Sinopharm vaccine, telling her that she will not go to Heaven if she takes the second dose.
  • taking ivermectin will help to purge the vaccine and COVID-19.

Shockingly, none of her mother’s church friends contacted her or her mother after she was hospitalised.

Her mother was also removed from the church Telegram group, and her conversations there erased.

So Vanessa went on Facebook to write about her mother’s experience, and to warn people about COVID Know-It-All experts :

To all of you out there who feel that you know better than the doctors because of google, DON’T. There is nothing more disrespectful than trying to do someone else’s profession, when you are severely unqualified – and that applies for not just Judy, Clara but also shamefully, my mom.

Discuss with your family, no matter how you feel your good friends are better because they are more pious. Because sitting outside the A&E was not Judy Koh or Clara Ng. It was Vanessa Koh. Because sitting outside at the taxi stand hospital is not Judy Koh or Clara Ng. It was Vincent Koh. Because sitting at the admission counter paying for the bill is not Judy Koh or Clara Ng. It was Vanessa Koh.

Do not let the Judy-s and Clara-s in your life overlook the people that truly matters.



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