Fact Check : Did Gwen Casten Die Of COVID-19 Vaccine?!

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Did Gwen Casten – the 17 year-old daughter of US Representative Sean Casten, die from the COVID-19 vaccine?!

Take a look at the viral claim by tech millionaire Steve Kirsch, and find out what the facts really are!


Steve Kirsch : Gwen Casten Died Of COVID-19 Vaccine!

Tech millionaire Steve Kirsch is back with yet another COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy, after claiming that the vaccine caused Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis!

This time, he claims that Gwen Casten – the 17 year-old daughter of US Representative Sean Casten, died from the COVID-19 vaccine!

His article is extremely long-winded as usual, so let me just share with you part of his summary. But I recommend you just skip to the next section for the facts.

US Congressman Sean Casten’s 17-year-old daughter Gwen Casten died in her sleep on June 12, 2022.

Healthy young kids rarely died in their sleep before the COVID vaccine rolled out.

I don’t know of a single doctor who has even heard of this happening prior to the COVID vaccines rolling out. Now it is the “new normal.”

Fact Check : Did Gwen Casten Die Of COVID-19 Vaccine?!


There Is No Evidence Gwen Casten Died Of COVID-19 Vaccine!

As usual, Steve Kirsch jumps to conclusion that the COVID-19 vaccine killed Gwen Casten, based on ZERO EVIDENCE.

Despite writing such a long article, he offered NO EVIDENCE that Gwen Casten died from the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Did Gwen’s father say so? Nope! He said she died from a cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Did Gwen Casten’s autopsy report say so? Nope!
  • Did anyone reveal Gwen Casten’s cause of death? Nope!

Read more : Why Gwen Casten’s cause of sudden death was NOT vaccine!

Now, I will go through the key conjectures he made, and show you why they are literally… bullshit.

Claim : Healthy kids do not die in their sleep unexpectedly for no reason.
Verdict : False
Fact : Children who appear perfectly healthy can and do die for no known reason.
Fact : Such unexplained deaths in children are common enough that there is a term for it – Sudden Unexplained Death In Childhood (SUDC / SUDIC).
Fact : In 2018 alone, the US CDC reported that 392 children died suddenly without a clear cause of death in the United States.
Fact : Nearly all children with SUDC were sleeping before becoming unresponsive, and were in state of usual good health.
Fact : SUDC is most prevalent in toddlers (1-4 years old) and children in their late teens (15-19 years old).

Claim : The COVID vaccine is the most likely cause for any child who has been vaccinated with the COVID vaccine and later dies in their sleep.
Claim : Before COVID vaccines started rolling out, healthy kids dying in their sleep was never an issue.
Verdict : Both False
Fact : Gwen Casten’s cause of death is currently unknown. Unknown means it’s not yet known. It doesn’t mean she died from the vaccine.
Fact :
 The United States alone reported approximately 400 cases of SUDC every single year, before COVID-19 vaccines were invented or administered.
Fact : SUDC statistics for England and Wales from 2011 to 2020 showed NO INCREASE in SUDC cases, clearly demonstrating that COVID-19 vaccines did not increase the prevalence of SUDC.

Fact Check : Did Gwen Casten Die Of COVID-19 Vaccine?!

Claim : Six young people died in their sleep right after vaccinations, so Gwen Casten must have died from vaccine.
Verdict : Unverified + Irrelevant
Fact :
The examples Steve Kirsch provided are either anecdotal, or have not been proven to be caused by COVID-19 vaccines.
Fact : Death from vaccine side effects can be proven. Vaccine-induced myocarditis, for example, has distinct histopathology findings that are different from typical myocarditis.
Fact : Gwen Casten first received her COVID-19 vaccinations in May 2021, and likely received her second dose in June 2021, followed by her booster dose in November 2021. So she died 6-7 months after her last vaccination.
Fact : Vaccine side effects occur in the first 2-3 days. Even adverse effects like myocarditis and VITT occur within days of receiving the vaccine.

Claim : Mysterious deaths do not happen to the unvaccinated.
Claim : Mysterious deaths never happened before COVID vaccines were rolled out.
Verdict : Both False
Fact :
Sudden unexplained death in children (SUDC) occurs at a rate of 0.7 per 100,000 every single year. In other words – over 50,000 children die every year for unknown reasons, in their sleep, even though they are in good health, long before COVID-19 vaccines were invented.

Claim : Mysterious deaths usually happen very shortly after the COVID shot.
Verdict : False
Fact : Gwen Casten died 6-7 months after her last vaccination, so by Steve Kirsch’s own definition, her death had nothing to do with COVID vaccines.
Fact : Mysterious deaths have occurred in children before and after COVID vaccination… and long before the COVID-19 vaccines were invented.


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