Fake COVID Vaccination With Syringe / Needle Switch?

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Did doctors fake COVID-19 vaccination on TV by switching the syringe or needle, so that politicians and dignitaries are not harmed by the dangerous vaccine?

Find out what’s going on, and what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Fake COVID Vaccination With Syringe / Needle Switch?

Right after the historic first COVID-19 vaccination in Malaysia, conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers immediately pounced on the video as evidence of fraud.

They are claiming that the Prime Minister of Malaysia did not actually get injected with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, and it was all just a show.

Their evidence? Screenshots showing that the nurse used a syringe with a blue needle to extract the vaccine, but the Prime Minister was injected with a syringe with an orange needle!

Suara Rakyat even posted about this, with helpful infographics, asking (with our English translation) :

Draw using BLUE syringe
Injected using AMBER syringe?
Hopefully, the government especially the MINISTER OF HEALTH MALAYSIA Adham Baba explains to the people and country, why there is a change in the syringe when the COVID-19 vaccine was injected into Muhyiddin (the Prime Minister).
Does the COVID-19 vaccine injection process in Malaysia really require two different syringes?

Sedut guna picagari BIRU,
Suntik pakai picagari AMBER ?
Harap pihak kerajaan terutamanya MENTERI KESIHATAN MALAYSIA Adham Baba jelaskan kpd rakyat & negara, kenapa ada perbezaan picagari semasa proses suntikan vaksin COVID-19 terhadap Muhyiddin?
Adakah proses suntikan vaksin COVID-19 di Malaysia mmg perlukan dua picagari yg berbeza?

COVID-19 vaccination different syringe needles post

Many people have expressed their confusion and curiosity to us, asking :

  • Is it true they switched the needle or syringe?
  • Why did they switch the syringe or needle?
  • What’s the difference between the two colours?
  • Was it just a show? A fake vaccination?

Let’s check out what the facts really are!

Fake COVID Vaccination With Syringe / Needle Switch?


They Did NOT Fake COVID Vaccination With Needle / Syringe Switch

First, let us clearly state that there is no evidence they faked the COVID-19 vaccination with a needle or syringe switch.

Here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : It Is SOP To Switch Needles

It is standard operating procedure to switch needles during ANY vaccination.

A needle is used to draw the vaccine from the vial, and it is replaced with a different needle before the vaccine is injected.

Why? For a couple of reasons :

  • a larger bore needle can be used to better draw the vaccine from the vial
  • a smaller bore needle can be used to inject the vaccine with less pain
  • the first needle will be blunted when inserted into the vial, and will have residue on the tip
  • using a fresh needle to administer the vaccine ensures that the tip is sharp and residue-free, for less pain

The process was the same for the Prime Minister, as it was for the Director-General of Health and the other four people, who were the first to be vaccinated in Malaysia.

Fact #2 : A Fake Vaccination Would Not Require A Switch

If they wanted to fake the vaccination for show, they would not bother to switch the needles.

After all, the vial does not even need to contain the vaccine, just saline. It would have made for more compelling TV.

The very fact that they followed SOP to switch needles before administering the vaccine shows that this really isn’t a fake vaccination.

Fact #3 : Orange Is ISO Code For 25 Gauge Hypodermic Needle

Orange (or amber) is the ISO colour code for the 25 gauge hypodermic needle, while Blue is the ISO colour code for the 23 gauge hypodermic needle.

So the nurse was merely following the correct SOP of drawing the vaccine using the larger bore 23 G blue needle, and replacing it with the smaller bore 25 G orange needle to inject into the Prime Minister’s arm.

The colour code chart shared by Suara Rakyat is not of the ISO standard. It could be something manufacturers used prior to IOS standardisation, or for non-sterile / non-medical needles.

ISO Needle Gauge Color Code Chart

Fact #4 : 15 Gauge Needle Not Used For Intramuscular Injection

This is a picture of a 15 gauge arteriovenous fistula needle. Can you see just how large it is?

Not only does it look conspicuously much larger than the needle going into the Prime Minister’s arm, you can tell that it would have been a painful experience!

That’s why 15 gauge needles are NOT used for intramuscular injections. In fact, the most common needle used for intramuscular injections is the orange 25 gauge needle.

Such large bore needles are only used for dialysis or IV transfusions, to allow for high flow rates.

15 Gauge Arteriovenous Fistula Needle

Fact #5 : Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Is Safe

The only reason to fake this vaccination is if the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe.

The REALITY is that, as of 25 February 2021, more than 218 million doses of this Comirnaty vaccine (codenamed BNT162b2) had been administered across 99 countries.

And it has been proven safe with inconsequential side effects for the vast majority of people.

So there is simply no reason for anyone to fake a vaccination with this particular COVID-19 vaccine.


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