Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Injection In Malaysia Debunked!

A video of a lady receiving a fake COVID-19 vaccine injection in Malaysia went viral on social media yesterday.

Take a look at the FULL VIDEO, and find out why this is yet another fake story on social media!


Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Injection? What’s Going On?

There have been stories and even videos of fake COVID-19 vaccinations, purportedly by healthcare workers who are anti-vaccination.

Yesterday, a short video of about 24 seconds went viral on social media, especially WhatsApp.

It showed a nurse failing to give an elderly lady her COVID-19 vaccine injection, by removing the syringe without pushing the plunger in!

On closer examination, you can see that the syringe actually detached from the needle, which the nurse then removed.

The video is sometimes accompanied by an audio message, of a man who claimed that he is a friend of the man heard on the video.

He claimed that his friend’s mother did not receive her COVID-19 vaccine injection, and warned that there have been many cases of fake vaccinations like this.


Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Injection In Malaysia Debunked!

It was obvious from the video that the syringe detached from the needle, and therefore the shot was wasted.

It would have been obvious to everyone there, and the nurse would have to redo the vaccination.

However, this case would have been impossible to debunk, if we did not have the full video which we fortunately we able to obtain today.

The original viral video only showed the first vaccination attempt. The full video showed that a different nurse then attempted the vaccination again.

In these screenshots of the video above, you can see that the nurse inserted a new syringe and needle, checked for blood before pushing the plunger in completely (note the position of the black plunger head).

So this is definitive proof that there was no fake injection of the COVID-19 vaccine, at least not in this case.

The first vaccination attempt failed, but there was a second vaccination attempt which succeeded. She received her COVID-19 vaccination.

The original shorter video and the accompanying audio message are FAKE NEWS.


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