Why This Man Received A FAKE COVID-19 Vaccination!

The viral video of a man receiving a FAKE COVID-19 vaccination is actually REAL!

Take a look at the viral video, and a video of what subsequently happened after the fake COVID-19 vaccination, and find out WHY he was given the fake shot!


This Man Received A Fake COVID-19 Vaccination!

After we debunked the fake COVID-19 vaccine injection in Malaysia, we were asked to investigate the viral video of a man in a red Levi’s t-shirt getting a fake COVID-19 vaccination.

After investigating the video, we can confirm that the man did indeed receive a fake COVID-19 vaccination.

In the video, the doctor / nurse can be seen inserting the needle into his shoulder, and then removing it without pushing the plunger in.

If you look closely at the black plunger head, you can see that it never moves in the video.


Why This Man Received A FAKE COVID-19 Vaccination!

So why did this man receive a fake COVID-19 vaccination? Was this doctor or nurse an antivaxxer?

Or is this part of a government plan to give people a false sense of hope after running out of COVID-19 vaccines?

Here is what we know so far…

Fact #1 : This Happened In Ecuador

For the record, this video was not recorded in India or Malaysia, or heck – anywhere in Asia.

It was recorded at the Mucho Lote Vaccination Centre in Guayaquil, Ecuador on Sunday, 25 April 2021.

Fact #2 : The Man Was NOT Supposed To Be Vaccinated

From what we can gather, this 54 year-old man was not supposed to be vaccinated.

He allegedly bribed the nurse to cut the queue, essentially getting his COVID-19 vaccination ahead of his turn.

However, the nurse gave him a fake injection instead, literally poking a needle in his shoulder without actually injecting anything.

This is likely because vaccine doses are extremely limited, and would be under close supervision. A missing dose would have been noticed.

Fact #3 : They Were Caught + Arrested

According to Primicias, they were both caught, and the man was escorted out of the vaccination centre. The nurse, however, was arrested on the spot.

The Ecuador Minister of Health, Dr. Camilo Salinas Ochoa confirmed the case, stating that they identified “the nurse and the patient”.

The Ecuador Secretary General of the Presidency, Jorge Wated Reshuan confirmed that the nurse was arrested.

The man who recorded the video of himself receiving the fake vaccination was also arrested.


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