Fact Check : Dr. Kenny Yong On How To Survive COVID-19

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Dr. Kenny Yong is a COVID-19 survivor who is preaching fake and unproven cures.

Find out why he’s putting people’s lives at risk, and WARN your friends!


Dr. Kenny Yong : Rise Of An Antivax Doctor

Dr. Kenny Yong rose from obscurity to a social media celebrity of sorts, after releasing an audio message claiming to be a COVID-19 survivor who was chosen by God to teach us how to survive it too.

He now runs both a Telegram group, as well as a WhatsApp group, where he promotes fake or unproven treatments like ivermectin, as well as vaccine antibody tests, while sharing anti-vaccination videos and opinions – the irony of which is lost on his followers.

Fact Check : Dr. Kenny Yong On How To Survive COVID-19

In this voice message, he explained how his mother was vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine that resurrected like a zombie, and infected him and his whole family.

That is an outright lie because the viruses in the Sinovac vaccine are completely dead, but people still believe his lies. Even today, he continues to peddle that lie.

Fact Check : Dr. Kenny Yong On How To Survive COVID-19

Ironically, he self-medicated himself and his mother with ivermectin and other alternative treatments like high-dose vitamins, ultraviolet blood irradiation, stem cells and even ozone therapy… and FAILED!

Instead of seeking medical help as soon as things got worse, they only sought help more than a week later when they were both breathless.

Even though they both managed to get beds in hospitals that were filled to the brim, Dr. Kenny Yong berated the doctors arrogant for not giving them both his preferred “alternative treatments for COVID-19”.

In the end, his mother died of COVID-19, and Dr. Kenny Yong himself only survived after being resuscitated on four different occasions.

Fact Check : Dr. Kenny Yong On How To Survive COVID-19


Dr. Kenny Yong : COVID-19 Survivor Peddling Falsehoods

Despite failing to treat himself or his mother with his alternative treatments, Dr. Kenny Yong believes that he is a Messiah chosen by God to teach us how to defeat COVID-19 like he did.

He is no Messiah. In fact, he is an object lesson on how NOT to treat or prevent COVID-19.

He refused to get vaccinated, and falsely blamed his own mother for infecting him and his family with COVID-19 from the Sinovac vaccine, which is impossible.

And when they both got infected, he put both their lives at risk by self-medicating with ivermectin and other alternative treatments.

They were only admitted to the hospitals when they “crashed” on Day 8, after a week of alternative treatments. This clearly shows that ivermectin and all those alternative treatments they took were USELESS!

Yet, he continues to promote ivermectin, even though it FAILED to prevent his entire family from getting COVID-19, and when they all got infected, FAILED to prevent both him and his mother from getting severe COVID-19.

And he calls the doctors who treated them “stupid”, “assholes” and “royal circus clowns” – the same doctors who saved him from dying FOUR TIMES.

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Dr. Kenny Yong and Dr. Vijaendreh Subramaniam
Dr. Kenny Yong and Dr. Vijaendreh Subramaniam of MAECC

Let me be VERY CLEAR about why Dr. Kenny Yong is not being honest with us, and why he’s peddling dangerous falsehoods :

  1. Inactivated virus vaccines cannot be resurrected. The Sinovac vaccine, for example, is made by using a chemical to scramble the virus’ genetic code, leaving its carcass to serve as the vaccine.
  2. It is impossible for his mother to get COVID-19 from her Sinovac vaccine. It is also wrong for him to blame her for infecting him and his family.
  3. He falsely claims that natural immunity works better than vaccines – 50% of survivors 65 years or older can get reinfected, for example.
  4. He almost died 4 times getting that natural immunity, and his mother died.
  5. Ivermectin has not been shown to work against COVID-19 outside of a lab. In fact, the latest clinical studies show that it offers no clinical benefit against COVID-19, and it doesn’t stop transmission either.
  6. He also falsely claimed that it’s wonderful to take 15 ivermectin tablets – a senior citizen overdosed and fell unconscious!
  7. The other alternative treatments he tried has not been tested or found to work against COVID-19 – stem cells, high-dose vitamins, ultraviolet blood irradiation, ozone therapy.
  8. The FLCCC is a fringe group of doctors that promotes alternative treatments for COVID-19, that they themselves did not even test in any trial to prove that they work!

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Dr. Kenny Yong : Voice Recording + Summary

Here is Dr. Kenny Yong’s viral voice message, followed by my brief summary :

  • He claimed that his mother was infected by COVID-19 from the Sinovac vaccine, and she in turn infected him and his family.
  • He started feeling “not good” from 1 – 3 July 2021
  • His PCR test came back positive for COVID-19 on 3 July 2021
  • Day 1 to 6 : He was “doing ozone [therapy], high-dose vitamins (including Vitamin C), ivermectin, ultraviolet blood irradiation and ozone step 1 and step 2 major autoimmune therapy
  • He and his mother (who also tested positive) were doing well from 3 – 7 July 2021, and they implanted 100 million units of stem cells
  • Nevertheless, both of them took an acute turn for the worst on Day 7, and “crashed” on Day 8.
  • He claimed that they both belong to a special “Day 8 deterioration” group that requires steroid treatment at the hospital.
  • His mother was admitted to the Sungai Buloh Hospital on 9 July, and was doing okay until 11 July.
  • But he claimed the hospital gave his mother the “wrong steroid”, claiming that she should have been given methylprednisolone from Day 1, as recommended by FLCCC.
  • He claimed that in her last 5 days at the Sungai Buloh Hospital, his mother had “Happy Hypoxia” with SpO2 of 52%, but they deprived her of a ventilator.
  • He also claimed that his mother was yelling for a ventilator for those 5 days but passed away on the morning of 16 July 2021.
  • He also complained that his family was not allowed to visit his mother while she was in the hospital.
  • Dr. Kenny Yong himself was admitted to the Sungai Long Hospital where he was given Clexane, a low-molecular weight heparin, for 15 days to treat COVID-19 hypercoagulability.
  • He claimed he was doing well but then “crashed” because they were giving him the “wrong steroid” – 80 mg of dexamethasone for the first four days, instead of methylprednisolone as recommended by FLCCC.
  • He claimed he stopped breathing for 4 times during his hospitalisation on 15 July, after which they switched him to 180 mg of methylprednisolone for the next 4 days, which he said turned things around.
  • Even though he was in the ICU, he claimed he was able to smuggle vitamin C, zinc, sodium bicarbonate, all of which he put into his own drip.
  • So he claimed that he was not saved by the hospital’s intervention, but his own treatments.
  • He also claimed that he was chosen by God to explain everything to other doctors and people how to treat COVID-19.
  • He called the DG Health of Malaysia and his doctors and specialists “stupid”, “assholes” and “royal circus clowns”.
  • He finally recovered and tested negative for COVID-19 on 21 July 2021.


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